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So much at stake

So much at stake

Merse says Man Utd v Chelsea isn't just about the title - it could decide the relegation scrap too!

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Adam Pearson (Chelsea fan) says...

Ryan Beattie if you look at the form guide of last 5 premier league games, I think you will find we have won all 5 so how can you say that? We beat West brom in those 5 games, out go them, Everton lost to Man Utd, Fulham drew to Wolves and Liverpool drew with Arsenal. Mysterious. Well done Merse, this muppet trying to pick out mistakes in your blog and he's completely wrong. Haha.

Posted 17:10 6th May 2011

Ancel Sinaswee (Manchester United fan) says...

With Chelsea having to win, Manchester United will be confident that they have players who are quick and can hurt Chelsea whenever they commit players forward. That will be the key game time decision for Carlo Ancelotti, whether to give a little more protection in midfield being wary of the counterattack or if to go with his best attacking lineup. No matter how both teams play it, this should be a wonderful game.

Posted 15:43 6th May 2011

Robert Gaunt (Manchester United fan) says...

man utd are going to win not draw coz utd have better home and away wins against other premier clubs in england and at european clubs inculding that shalke fc thrashing which man utd won that match and cheslea have no chance they'll always under pressure whether it's injury, suspenion or more headaches for the cheslea fc boss i think cheslea should stop whinning and start playing football coz one day man utd fc are going to score 5-0 or something and that's great from a team like man utd coz by the time they have landed 3-2 players at old trafford there will be more old trafford respective victories

Posted 15:35 6th May 2011

Nigel Cooper (Chelsea) (Chelsea fan) says...

Ryan Beattie do your research b4 you make statements like yours. Chelsea have won 8 and drawn 1 of their last nine games noone else comes close in the premiership which is why Merse has said so!!! Chelse to win 2-1 again. For all you united fans going on about lucky chelsea decisions I can only point out stick on penalty decisions against us against Tottenham or against uited in CL at the bridge or home against Liverpool and also you didn't have rooney sent off against Blackpool Vidic not sent off last week and that dodgy goal you were given against Tottenham at OT so all teams get good ones and bad ones like the match at OT last year Drogba offisde Macheda punches ball into the net with his hand. Lets just enjoy the game may the best team win and hope that neither team wins due to a webb mistake ( I suppose that might be asking a lot though).

Posted 15:05 6th May 2011

Neil Ferguson (Chelsea fan) says...

Realistically, not only do Chelsea have to win, but they have to do so by 2 clear goals and that's a very tall order indeed. If one assumes (big assumption in this topsy turvy season) that both Chelsea and MU win their next games against Newcastle and Blackburn and by the same margin, then unless Chelsea go into the final round of matches with at least a +4 goal margin, the title goes to MU. Chelsea will be very lucky to even beat Everton by a single goal but it's not hard to imagine MU scoring a hatfull against Blackpool. It's MU's 19th title I'm afraid.

Posted 14:27 6th May 2011

William Greig (Manchester United fan) says...

Chelsea have found a bit of form of late, granted but their defence still looks very shaky to me . I have a feeling that the combination of Valencia, Rooney & Hernandez will prove too much for the chelsea back four, and i fancy united to win comfortably 3-1.

Posted 14:17 6th May 2011

Adam Pearson (Chelsea fan) says...

I agree massively with you Merse as always. Got to be optimistic and say I think we'll win. However, a 1 goal margin still could quite easily not be enough to win the title on goal difference. I'd fancy us to beat Newcastle by 2 or 3 at home and maybe snatch a 1 goal win away to Everton, but United could quite comfortably beat Blackpool by 5 and Blackburn by 3 (without underestimating these teams that is - of course they could nick points off either of us). However if we score early, United will have to attack and that will play in to our hands. 3-1 Chelsea I think.

Posted 13:40 6th May 2011

Ryan Beattie (Birmingham City fan) says...

The two best teams in England at the moment? I think you'll find Liverpool, Everton, Fulham and WBA are the four best teams in the Premiership at the moment which is the best league in England so how do you work that out?

Posted 13:06 6th May 2011

Adeniyi Obankie (Chelsea fan) says...

I just have a question, can't chelsea go on 4-3-3 information wit the present of "Torres" ?? Mol- Tor- Dro

Posted 11:45 6th May 2011

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