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Big guns blazing

Big guns blazing

Merse expects Aston Villa to rack up another draw at QPR, and Sunderland to earn a point at Norwich.

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Jake Woodthorpe (Newcastle United fan) says...

As a Newcastle supporter, the prediction for us, it's hard to tell if thats is right. They have to good attackers like Yakubu and midfielders like Emerton, but our defence is on fire this season. Coloccini is outstanding at the moment, goals left right and centre for him, and excellent tackling abilities. Simpson is good down the wing and i think stevie taylor could do with improvment, but he is premier league class. Ryan is unstoppable at the moment, also Jonas, Obertan, Tiote and Cabaye are clicking like lego at the moment. Ba needs a full game to get back to top class quality, and Leon Best is amazing. I think giving a half to Sammy Ameobi would give him a little match experience and willl score. I predict 3-1 to toon army because of the midfield quality. COME ON YOU TOON!

Posted 10:41 24th September 2011

Chris Mccarthy (Norwich City fan) says...

just a message2 the southampton player who wrote that southampton are good enough for champions league.... think you need a reality test lol only begginning of season norwich did it can you????

Posted 10:19 24th September 2011

Muhammad Kamran (Arsenal fan) says...

I dont know which lesson he is talking about newcastle teaches Arsenal on the first day Arsenal was outstanding that day. He is critcizing Arsenal too much. I dont like him. Totenham will struggle win against 9 men is not the same against 11 merson.

Posted 06:46 24th September 2011

B W (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Don't forget Wigan won at WHL last season! I think this is a dangerous game for Spurs, still fresh off their high destroying Liverpool. Complacency kills.

Posted 17:10 23rd September 2011

Akash Gupta (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

wigan 0-4 spurs! thats not a surprise prediction for me! yes, spurs will surely be looking out for another clean sheet. plus adebayor is gonna look for a hat-trick this time. COYS

Posted 16:01 23rd September 2011

James Deane (Everton fan) says...

Paul, I think you're way out with that Everton/ Man City prediction. Watch out for the Toffees to stuff them tomorrow ! Everton win 2-1 COYB

Posted 15:57 23rd September 2011

Mr Neutral (Barcelona fan) says...

Mersons predicted some good outcomes, however i think the Man City game will be a hell of a lot closer than 3-0, City to scrape a win 2-1, and I think Stoke will go for the same tactics they did against Liverpool an get a 0-0 draw. Also sayin Spurs are bankers for 4th spot? Not a chance, okay they beat Liverpool as if they where a Sunday league team but i think over the course of the season Liverpool will be a lot stronger than them in the bigger games an think Liverpool will edge it, as for Arsenal and a 4th place finish if they dont get on their feat soon they can count themselves out.

Posted 15:31 23rd September 2011

Luqman Olamidare (Chelsea fan) says...

Chelsea is a good club with talented players but there is problem with our attackers. After having all posessions in 90 mins without good finishing, pls i want our strikers to shind their brains in the light of Drogba, Torres, sturidge, malouda(selfish boy), kalous etc. In tomorrow match, i want them to score 6 goals to nothingrrow match, i want them to score 6 goals to nothing

Posted 15:25 23rd September 2011

Sunil Bhat (Arsenal fan) says...

I can eat my own arm if Spurs win by that margin. Also, i think we have already dismissed Arsenal- ridiculous. Mark my words- come November and we all will be praising their style of play and saying who needs Nasri and Fab. Top 4 - defenitely yes. Title - No So yes they need to buy more in Jan to make sure that they are real title contenders. Just don't mention Spurs yet. Not at the expense of Arsenal - not yet Mersy babe

Posted 15:22 23rd September 2011

Lee Pickering (Arsenal fan) says...

As a Gooner living in the Wirral, my life has been a nightmare the last couple of months with Scousers, Evertonians and Mancs all giving me stick. I seriously hope that Arsenal can turn the corner this weekend but I have serious doubts that they will. A agree completely with Merse, why did we not sign Cahill when we had the chance. Why did we also wait until the last day of the window to do the majority of our business when it was obvious to everyone that Fabregas and Nasri were going? It is devastating to admit but AFC are now in the tier below the top 6 and will struggle to finish 7th this season. For the 1st time in years we will finish below Spurs and I cannot put into words how much that will hurt. To turn it around AFC need to get behind Wenger but he needs to reshape his support team. Bergamp should be bought in as his #2 and Bould should be promoted to the 1st team coach. We can't change the playing staff but a back room shake up may influence results until January where we can get the players we so desperately need.

Posted 13:27 23rd September 2011

Felix Nyanga (Manchester United fan) says...

i think man u will kill stoke, 2 -1 i beg to differ, i see a 4 - 1 or 5 - 1 nani is on fire i see him causing alot of fouls which will result in yellow cards and set plays which will result in plenty of goals for man u.

Posted 13:25 23rd September 2011

Mark Hyde (Everton fan) says...

Agree with the Man City v Everton result, but not the score. Be a closer 2-1, 1-0 affair. BTW, didn't West Brom also have a long hard Carling Cup match against Everton, which they lost? Kind of gets rid of that 'difference' really?!?!

Posted 13:11 23rd September 2011

Oyegbile Gabriel (Chelsea fan) says...

with a very impressive performance against Manchester United in the Premier League game and the good result from the young players that were introduced in Carlin Cup against Fulham. Chelsea will definitely continue in their good form against Swansea city on Saturday. Predicting Chelsea 5 Swansea City 1

Posted 12:37 23rd September 2011

Adam Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

4-0 to the Spurs Merse?! Nothing like setting us up for a big fall, especially when two games vs Wigan last season reaped a miserly one point. I'll take a scrappy 1-0 win or at worst a point up there anyday

Posted 12:34 23rd September 2011

Anonymous Anonymous (Wigan Athletic fan) says...

Merse has correctly predicted the Wigan score for the last 3 weeks. Hope it's not not the case tomorrow although i do think Spurs are a good team and now that Modric seems commited should finish fourth this season. As for Wigan i'd be happy with a draw for this game.

Posted 11:23 23rd September 2011

Daniel Ogden (Manchester City fan) says...

As i City fan i like you prediction, but im not so sure. We have the game against B M coming up, and tbh, Manchini's focus will be on that, and so will the teams. I think this weekend will finnish in a 2-2 draw. We dont know how to cope with all the games yet, which will be our downfall.

Posted 11:01 23rd September 2011

Spurs Lenny (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Wigan 0 v Spurs 4!?!? Are you feeling ok Merse? It's nice to here you say nice things about THFC for once, although I think the game may be a bit tighter than you predict, 2-1 I to spurs I reckon. As for arsenal, god alone knows what will happen if they concede the first goal against Bolton. Wenger keeps talking about mental strength and belief, but from where I'm standing Arsenal look devoid of both.

Posted 10:37 23rd September 2011

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