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Capital punishment

Capital punishment

Merse is not looking forward to the North London derby as he predicts the weekend's results.

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Simon Bainbridge (Liverpool fan) says...

Liverpool players that would get in the over rated Tottenham team: Reina Enrique Johnson Agger Gerrard Downing Kuyt Suarez Thats at least 8 that would get straight in to their first 11 and I could make cases for some others!! Yes Liverpool played badly and got a deserved 4-0 defeat,but that was after a sending off. We will see where the sides are come next May!

Posted 08:20 2nd October 2011

Daniel Stewart (Arsenal fan) says...

how can you say totenham will win, we a superior to them in every player position except vdv and bale, every othe position we are better then them at, you cant say about any of us winning against weakened opposition when you spuds fans scream about beating 10 men liverpool 4-0, get real and stop walking in the shadows of arsenal spurs, be happy with our leftover players like bentley and gallas, we do not need them but its clear you needs them to become half the shadow of arsenal. Arsenal to draw 3-3 or win 3-2

Posted 01:57 2nd October 2011

Jake Roseborne (Fulham fan) says...

LOL @ most of the arsenal fans on here how you can actualy think your team is anywhere near the standerd of last season or even the season before that. Your defense is nowhere near top 10 standerd let alone champs league as merse said dont be fooled by winning your last 3 games against rubbish opposition and bolton down to 10 men..your team is nothing without fabregas its been like that for years hes had to drag you out of big holes id go 3-0 spurs. but qpr to beat fulham? no chance

Posted 21:05 1st October 2011

Allen Smith (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

You gooners are delerious, have you even seen a spurs arsenal game in the last few season? You are going to get mauled! 3-0 COYS!!!

Posted 19:26 1st October 2011

Sean Mccotter (Arsenal fan) says...

sorry merse but i cant agree..i fancy 0-0 and i'd settle for that. and i bet arsene would too.

Posted 14:52 1st October 2011

Kamran Zaffy (Manchester United fan) says...

Most of the predictions made by merson a fair, but 2 games i think he will be wrong on is arsenal vs spurs i feel Arsenal will win 3-1 and the chelsea result will be a draw or loss because Bolton have a style that will trouble the blues.

Posted 13:38 1st October 2011

Hammaad Saeed (Liverpool fan) says...

Paul you've got the everton vs Liverpool prediction wrong everton haven't been on good form Liverpool on back of two convincing victories Liverpool are gonna win 3-1 easily

Posted 23:11 30th September 2011

Sam Marklew (Arsenal fan) says...

Finally Paul. An Arsenal fan who is being realistic. To all fellow Arsenal Fans out there, How can you still believe in the team. After some really poor performances this season. Yes we have won 3 in a row. But we have barely scraped them against Opposition that a couple of seasons ago we are hammering. I don't think we can win on Sunday. I'm going 3-1 Spurs aswell. I hope we can do it. But with the way things are going. I can't see us winning.

Posted 23:05 30th September 2011

Adam Brown (Stoke City fan) says...

Swansea won't win the least the Potters will get is a draw

Posted 22:58 30th September 2011

Grant Davies (Chelsea fan) says...

I agree with Paul that spurs will beat the gunners, but i do think it could be 4-0 to spurs

Posted 21:53 30th September 2011

Andy Thompson (Birmingham City fan) says...

I think Arsenal may nick it 1-0 or 2-1 just got feeling think they been underpressure and i think the players are starting to play for the team now scoring few goals think if norwich go into the game like basel or watch the match of basel i think they can upset man utd by drawing

Posted 21:12 30th September 2011

James Flynn (Manchester United fan) says...

good predictions, maybe a tad harsh on bolton and I think stoke will win

Posted 20:38 30th September 2011

Aramide Salako (Chelsea fan) says...

It is gonna be tough bt I think we would still run away with 2 - 0 scoreline.

Posted 13:46 30th September 2011

Eight Two (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Come on you Spurs!!! 5-1

Posted 12:48 30th September 2011

Makenzi Basira (Arsenal fan) says...

Paul I think you are wrong about the Spurs-Arsenal because I think Arsenal are starting to gel and most people are not yet convinced that they are now past their beginning of the season problems

Posted 12:40 30th September 2011

Ayella Emmanuel (Arsenal fan) says...

Well mr.merson with all due respect ARSENAL is ARSENAL even if we are at our weekest...i do not think tottenham are even going to get a goal against ARSENAL....they are going to get beaten miserably......come sunday you will take back the words you said in shame...Give arsenal time to get all their players back and you will see trouble for other clubs....the only thing that worries me about this team is injuries not the quality becoz we still have world class players...players who start for their national sides.....much as we criticise wenger but the fact is that he is the only visionary left in football, the one who can operate will the smallest budget available...non these top managers can get to where he has gotten with his small budget, besides i strongly agree when he says players price tags are being over inflated becoz before chelsea and man city came int football players like SAMBA or CAHILL would cost around 5m pounds but now their clubs demand 18m to 20m....time is going to come when money will not matter much to provide a fair competition then some managers may be jobless......thats why i never enjoy la liga..its a useless league for me, two clubs dominating both finacially and football wise....its a dead league....have a good time merson..

Posted 12:06 30th September 2011

Ali Ghanbari (Arsenal fan) says...

Hi Paul I think you are wrong too, Arsenal have got some major issues to address especially in defence - but main make-up of team is still very new and will improve with time. The GK and RVP have been phenomenal so far as they were last season and Spurs defence is not world class - Ledley King is ok but not same player and can see us getting goals. I think Arteta, Ramsey, Gervinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain & Song will be able to pick holes in Spurs defence!! I predict 2-1 Arsenal ;-)

Posted 11:57 30th September 2011

Michael Jeffrey (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

if the spurs play like they did against the scousers there only gonna be one winner COYS!!!!!!!!!

Posted 11:36 30th September 2011

Dave Dave (Arsenal fan) says...

Cheer up Merse, I for one am quite looking forward to going into this NLD as underdogs for the first time in my short lived memory. It will take a fixture like this to galvanise our team. My prediction? A no holds barred 3-4 COYGs!

Posted 11:27 30th September 2011

Gareth Haigh (Newcastle United fan) says...

Typical Merse! Once again you predict Newcastle to lose, I don't think you've got one of our results correct so far and long may it continue.

Posted 11:26 30th September 2011

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