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Capital punishment

Capital punishment

Merse is not looking forward to the North London derby as he predicts the weekend's results.

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Dany S (Arsenal fan) says...

On Arsenal vs. Tottenham ... i beg to differ ... yes Arsenal got weaken ... given how superior they are previously vs. Totenham, if anything it will be just making it on par ... it won't be as easy as it used to but it won't be walk in the park for Tottenham as people might thought.. it should be a cracking game .. i still fancy Arsenal got a 2-1 win

Posted 11:07 30th September 2011

The Hound (Arsenal fan) says...

I'm afraid I disagree with you on the north london derby. It should be an even contest at WHL and Arsenal might even sneak in a win! Yes, Tottenham have a good team but I think you're grossly underestimating Arsenal here. Barring CM where Modric is undoubtedly better than Ramsey/Rosicky, Arsenal are more than a match for the Totts and RVP over Ade any day of the year!! 3-2 win for the Gunners!!

Posted 10:53 30th September 2011

The Catcher (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Paul, i think you are wrong about the Spurs v Arsenal game , i think it will be 4 v 0, hope you enjoy the day. Come On You Spurs. !!!!!!

Posted 10:16 30th September 2011

Emmanuel Aiyesimi (Chelsea fan) says...

Good analysis and verdict

Posted 09:35 30th September 2011

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