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Paul Merson says Nigel Adkins should 'feel sick' after Southampton axe

Paul Merson says Nigel Adkins should 'feel sick' after Southampton axe

The way Southampton have treated Nigel Adkins is disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

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Cliff Roe (Portsmouth fan) says...

Well said Paul, you are spot on. I thought they had got rid of the jokes when Lowe left, but no, they have got another one now.

Posted 20:48 18th January 2013

Basheer Al salabi (Southampton fan) says...

complete joke. its come at the wrong time and to make matters worse this new manager is a nobody. hes got a lot of pressure on him now to convince us hes good enough to manage our club not a great start so far, he cant even speak english!

Posted 20:31 18th January 2013

Richard Emery (Southampton fan) says...

A saints fan since the mid 70s, so i have witnessed a few ups & downs. this is a new low. Even Rupert Lowe wasn't this ruthless. Watch out Cortese! You shouldn't under estimate true fan power.

Posted 19:53 18th January 2013

Jamie Robinson (Southampton fan) says...

Got to be honest, this baffled me and i fell for Adkins but all those fans saying they are going to sign Adkins name and boo Cortese on Monday this aint going to help us one bit, fact is thanks to Adkins we are out of the relagation zone at the moment and we all have to get behind the team. Cortese is very thick skinned and no matter how much boing you all do he aint going to change his mind. I for one will not question Cortese and his dissisions after what he and the Liebherr family have done for my club. So come on Saints fans lets get behind the team and the new manager on Monday, whats done is done.

Posted 19:22 18th January 2013

Dan Owen (Tranmere Rovers fan) says...

Well said Paul. Couldn't agree more. Can't wait to watch Soccer Saturday and hear Geoff Stelling, Le Tiss and the rest of you sticking up for Mr Adkins. Sorry Saints fans but I kind of hope you go down to teach Mr Cortese a lesson he will never forget and fully deserves.

Posted 18:42 18th January 2013

Richard Woodyard (Manchester United fan) says...

i ve just read the new saints manager has been reseaching southampton for weeks!!!! so the chairman has been looking for a new manager for a long time! thats a disgrace and dam rit mean and horrible.

Posted 18:15 18th January 2013

Michael Harris (Southampton fan) says...

I agree with David Gooch. I won't be going to another game this season. I'm sick of lining the pockets of clowns like Cortese. People will say that you should be loyal to the club etc but a stand needs to be made and it's only the fans that can do it. Abramovich, the Venky's, the new Forest owners, they're just ripping the heart out of the game and yet another bright English manager loses his chance to manage in the Premier league. This is a disgusting decision and I can only wish Nigel Adkins the best of luck..

Posted 18:04 18th January 2013

Simon Lown (Portsmouth fan) says...

I'm a Pompey fan who works in the Southampton Area, so i can't wait to get back to work and find out the rumours about why he was really sacked. Rivalry aside. Adkins has done an almost unbelievable job at St. Marys. 2 promotions in 2 years, turning them around to a respectable position this season, coming back from 2 goals down against the European Champions, and thats not good enough? Ok, he has spent about 30m on players, but they need time to gel. There must be another reason. Bad decision Saints.

Posted 17:27 18th January 2013

Nige Batten (Southampton fan) says...

I can't put into words how shocked I am at this decision. Nigel Adkins has been the best thing to happen to the club since the Fa Cup win over Man utd all those years ago. How you can sack a manager and replace him so quickly when the team is performing well is beyond me. I thought Southampton had finally resolved its issue of sacking managers every season. I wish Nigel Adkins well for the future and hope he can return to management at a club that will treat him as he deserves. Thank you Mr Adkins. I have enjoyed your time at St Mary's.

Posted 17:06 18th January 2013

Nick Morgan (Everton fan) says...

Disgraceful decision,i'm an everton fan but i am totally disgusted and agree with Merson totally.I hope they stay up for the fans but i can't see it now.This new manager can't even speak english!.

Posted 16:52 18th January 2013

J Mac (Liverpool fan) says...

Totally terrible decision, where is the loyalty? I don't support the saints but Nigel was doing a great job. I actually think that they will go down now and I'm sure the players are wondering what just happened.

Posted 16:51 18th January 2013

Ed Thompson (Liverpool fan) says...

Shame on u Southampton FC. I am not even a supporter and this is disgraceful. Your manager has just pulled you out of the relegation zone with only 2 losses in 12 games. Hope the owners are left with majore egg on their face and not the fans and players. D I S G R A C E F U L ! ! ! ! ! !

Posted 16:05 18th January 2013

David Lunt (Manchester City fan) says...

Well said Paul I feel very sad for this man hasn't done a lot wrong. He seems like a genuinely nice guy I hope he gets back into management soon

Posted 15:44 18th January 2013

Jack Cormell (Aston Villa fan) says...

Totally agree Paul, absolutely shocking decision by the Southampton hierarchy!

Posted 14:38 18th January 2013

Paul Rowley (Manchester City fan) says...

What an absolute joke Man City fan me but what do they expect when we was up and down thats what we used to do I remember sackin Peter Reid joke

Posted 13:36 18th January 2013

Jake Wilson (Southampton fan) says...

To be honest I think the sacking was an absolute joke. No reason for it to happen, so a total joke.

Posted 13:31 18th January 2013

Andrew Baxendale (Arsenal fan) says...

Absolutely disgraceful. Having been away from the premier league for over 6 long years, you would think they would be greatful for a long awaited and welcome return. Do they suddenly think they'll get into a european position now Adkins is gone, dellusional.Good luck to him in his next job, he won't disappoint.

Posted 13:23 18th January 2013

Adam Whitehouse (Birmingham City fan) says...

Considering that I am a birmingham fan so my main focus is obviously the championship, I thought the Adkins sacking was shocking when I seen it. Yes they had a bad start, but in recent games they've really turned things around and become a well drilled, hard to beat team. That's the problem with football now, no manager is given a chance. I'd love Adkins managing birmingham because southamptons recent performances really shown his quality. Bring him to blues!

Posted 13:21 18th January 2013

David Gooch (Southampton fan) says...

Gutted for Nigel Adkins, good manager, I won't go to another game and ask other saints fans to do the same. I was at Stoke and heard the fans sing his name. This club now seems to be a toy for the chairman, I feel sick that our club has come to this. It was a great adventure Nigel from Walsall to Peterborough to a snowy St Andrews you have never let us down. Thanks

Posted 13:15 18th January 2013

Barry Colmer (Liverpool fan) says...

A complete joke and injustice. And then we all wonder why there are'nt enough English managers qualified for the national job!! It is clearly too fashionable for clubs to employ from abroad regardless of their leagues and more importantly achievements. It was the same with Harry Redknapp at Spurs. He should have been England manager and if you asked all the players in the premier league, they would agree. Good luck to you Nigel

Posted 12:51 18th January 2013

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