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Paul Merson says Benteke and Suarez exits would cause huge damage

Paul Merson says Benteke and Suarez exits would cause huge damage

Aston Villa took a chance on Christian Benteke last summer and put a lot of faith in him - and less than a year later he's asking for a transfer.

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Ashleigh Hardeman (Aston Villa fan) says...

i think benteke has got caught up in the heat of the moment and thats why he asked for a transfer i think if he sits down with paul lambert and his agent i think he will realise we are the club for him and he should stay with the claret and blues where he belongs

Posted 14:56 12th July 2013

Felix Adane (Liverpool fan) says...

There is absolutely no way Arsenal will pay even the minimum 40 mil to secure Suarez. Their highest transfer purchase is last years 16.5 mil purchase of Santi Cazorla. Are they really going to spend 40 mil on one player...please!! I agree that without Suarez we are unlikely to get 4th, however if he does go and we spend the transfer money on 2 good attacking players...who knows? I secretly think that could be better for us than relying so heavily on one player. One things for sure, we absolutely can't waste the money on a player like Carroll!!

Posted 13:04 12th July 2013

Ross Gibbon (Arsenal fan) says...

At last, a collumist worth reading. Always great to hear Merse' view even though his score predictions can be coupon busters on weekends. And he is spot on with the above. I hope Merson has plenty to say ahead of the season.

Posted 02:51 12th July 2013

Nez Naz (Weston-S-Mare fan) says...

Take the money & ship him out!

Posted 00:15 12th July 2013

Ben Egerton (Aston Villa fan) says...

Mersons says how do you replace Benteke? Villa already have with Helenius who scored in his first appearance! In Lambert we trust!

Posted 23:16 11th July 2013

John Smith (Liverpool fan) says...

Don't you underestimate this Liverpool team, even Suarez stays or go we are going in the right places. In the worst case scenario that Suarez leaves we will obviously replace him, Liverpool played some terrific football second half of the season- if we can add to that two or three quality players and consistency; then we are on course to top 4.

Posted 23:16 11th July 2013

Jamie Ranford (Liverpool fan) says...

I don't think Suarez leaving Liverpool is like Alex Ferguson leaving Manchester United mate........

Posted 17:43 11th July 2013

Colin Doran (Liverpool fan) says...

I disagree with what's being said here about Suarez's integral role at Liverpool. Mersin here is essentially saying that without him, Liverpool are going to repeat the perfectly average season had this year. Of course, Suarez is one of the top players in the world and would be a massive contribution to Liverpool's hunt for a top 4 finish, but if you look at Liverpool's performances at the end of last season, WITHOUT Suarez, itsquite clear to see the team did not fall apart, and still looked very very strong. And considering the additions already made this tranfer window, with the youth prospects at the too, I think it's quite clear to see that, with or without Suarez, Liverpool are going to be a very strong squad this season!! I would like to argue that losing Phillipe Coutinho or Daniel Agger would be far more detrimental to Liverpool's season than losing Suarez, and if you actually think about it, you will realise how true this is!! He's a top player, but the team would not fall apart without him.

Posted 17:39 11th July 2013

Marc Thedog (Liverpool fan) says...

I agree that both Suarez and Benteke would be Huge losses to Liverpool and Villa, any club who loses arguably their best player is always going to find it tough to replace them. However i completely disagree with the suggestion Suarez coud end up at Arsenal. Arsenal is a great team and a massive club, to me it seems almost like a side step though. The prospect of playing for the likes of Real Madrid, Bayern or even Chelsea must be more appealing, he would be on higher wages and to be brutally honest have a better chance of winning trophies and being successful. As a Liverpool fan I would obviously be disappointed to see him go, hes a great player and without him I can't see us even mounting a serious challenge to the champions league places unless some more quality is brought in, but sadly the reality is until the club can get back to the champions league it's always going to be a struggle to hold onto top players

Posted 17:32 11th July 2013

Adam Clarke (Liverpool fan) says...

Villa lost, Milner, O'Neill, Downing, Young, Barry, Dunne, Collins, Warnock whatever, people have said Villa will go down for years, they're still here, not to mention they have Helenius, so jog on Merson.

Posted 17:24 11th July 2013

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