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Six of the best

Six of the best

Peter Beagrie names his top six Championship players of the season so far. See if you agree.

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Sonny Coleman (Coventry City fan) says...

Aron Gunnarsson how is he not there he is amazing by far the ebst in the championship this season also Kieran westwood and i agree on danny fox.

Posted 12:12 7th March 2009

Ben Coates (Birmingham City fan) says...

Pretty fair selection of players, i'd say. Glad to see Tommy Smith in the top 6, he deserves it, he's such a workhorse, and it shows that you pay attention to the entire league rather than just the "big clubs" in the top half. A couple of names I expected to see on your special mentions list though; Chris Eagles of Burnley (outstanding attacking player, could easily hack it at mid-table Premiership level), Angel Rangel of Swansea (looks like an incredibly tidy player, showed some real skill against Fulham in the FA cup a few weeks ago), Jermaine Johnson of Sheffield Wednesday (quick, skillfull, powerful - all the qualities I like to see in a good winger) and Cameron Jerome (despite being consistently left out of a team in which he is clearly the most attractive attacking outlet, he still gives 110% for however long he is on the pitch and God knows he has to with Marcus Bent playing alongside, the only criticism being that he hasn't scored as many goals as an out-and-out striker should, but that's more down to the system that McLeish uses him in, and certainly not for lack of trying.) Quite surprised that any Blues players got honourable mentions, although Phillips was probably inevitable, what with his goals being the sole reason we've reached such undeserved lofty heights. I've not been terribly impressed by Carsley this season, he's been solid enough, but I guess I was expecting more as he is a Premiership quality player (same goes for Bowyer), they really should step up their games, it looks like they're just doing the bare minimum for the league they're in.

Posted 08:28 7th March 2009

Sarah Pritchard (Birmingham City fan) says...

I have to say your top 6 are spot on but if I could just throw one more name in the hat - our very own Liam Ridgewell. Consistent through out the season he is an insperation to all young players. Well done Alex for another entertaining season.

Posted 01:10 7th March 2009

David Neves (Derby County fan) says...

Tommy Smith = quality! worst mistake Derby made, getting rid

Posted 19:04 6th March 2009

George Mcdermott (Preston North End fan) says...

I seem to notice peter that you have left out the main player in not just at PNE but around the world, this player that you seem to have missed out is Jon 'Beast' Parkin. I think you should change your mind on who is the top player in the championship.

Posted 18:57 6th March 2009

Allen Kerr (Swansea City fan) says...

What about Leon Britton fantastic so far this season and deserves just as much a mention as Scotland and Gomez .

Posted 18:47 6th March 2009

Andrew Sargent (Coventry City fan) says...

Nice to see Danny Fox mentioned in the other contenders, though I'm sorry to disagree with the Sheffield Wednesday fan who thinks that they have the best goalkeeper in the Championship. Kieron Westwood IS the best keeper in the Championship and is even better then many keepers in the top flight, hes performances against the likes of Birmingham have been nothing but unbelievable and thats why hes been recieving interest from the Premiership. Also Aron Gunnarsson seems to be a machine! and would have been nice to see him in the selections. From a neutrals perspective the selections like Scotland and Ebanks-Blake are spot on!

Posted 18:03 6th March 2009

Ian (wolves) (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

I agree with your top 6 Peter, I'd also like to give a mention to our Mr Consistant and player of the season "Kevin Foley" one of the best RB's in the country, just hope Wolves get promotion and manage to keep hold of another superb youngster.

Posted 16:45 6th March 2009

Jamie Crosby (Coventry City fan) says...

ARON GUNNARSSON!....probabley one of best midlfielders in the country not just championship. He simply has everything.

Posted 16:10 6th March 2009

Chris Mchardy (Manchester United fan) says...

Must say that I believe the six chosen have been brilliant over the course of the season (although I do have my reservations about Tommy Smith). Other contenders would surely have to include Chris McCann who has been absolutely superb for Burnley for this season. Indeed, I believe Everton amongst other clubs are watching the youngster. In addition surely Noel Hunt, in his first season down south following his spell at Dundee Utd, is in with a shout. Others I would look to include would be - Brain Stock at Doncaster and Ross McCormack (Cardiff) should also get special mentions.

Posted 15:54 6th March 2009

Jc Hinton (Crystal Palace fan) says...

as an eagle, i would of seen fonte and mccarthy as top 6 and would of put most of the wolves team in there as they have played the better football all season

Posted 13:44 6th March 2009

Will Randle (Norwich City fan) says...

Great choice but one key player missing for me, Lee Croft. Has been immense in the yellow and green this season and his wonder strike against Ipswich alone merit's enough to stick him in the best Championship XI. Has been on fire this season and wouldn't be surprised if a mid-table Prem team went in for him this summer although I would obviously love to see him sign a new deal at City.

Posted 13:36 6th March 2009

Ryan Shaw (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Our lads have been fantasticthis season despite the slight slump in performances. But i hink i had to give credit to a few teamsof the chasing pack ecspecily Swansea & Burnley. Swansea have some great talent in Jason Scotland & Yordi Gomez, But for me Bunley have one of the bet teams in the lague with the like of chris eagles,Wade Elliot and martin paterson whoi have ee so impressed with when i hae seen them both of them teams play sme fantastic football and in my opinion deserve a play off spt come end of the season. Come on You Wolves !!

Posted 13:26 6th March 2009

Alan Who (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Hi Peter. Agree with your choices of Kightly and Ebanks Blake but I personaly would also suggest Kevin Foley who this season has been reliable solid and consistant. Big Kev has my vote as player of the season.

Posted 12:52 6th March 2009

Pete Day (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

I think the biggest omission from your 6 of the best has to be JOe Ledley from Cardiff . Some of the his performances this year have been awesome to say the least . He deserves to be on a bigger stage and probably will be next year with or without Cardiff

Posted 12:01 6th March 2009

Lee Craddock (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Good choice of players Peter, especially from Wolves! Another player of ours you could have mentioned would be Kevin Foley. He isnt spectacular every week, but is the real mr dependable of the wolves side, giving solid performances every single week. Infact, he is my tip for our player of the season.

Posted 10:58 6th March 2009

Jin Khangura (Reading fan) says...

Hi Peter, I think Kevin Doyle should be in the top 6. Fair enough Reading had been in some poor form until Tuesday night, but so were wolves and Ebanks-Blake has made it in to your top 6? Fair enough he has scored slightly more goals than doyler, however I think Doyle's all round team play has been better than Ebanks-Blake. Come on you Royals!

Posted 08:52 6th March 2009

Joe Thomas (Sheffield United fan) says...

i reckon that sheffield united will get automatic promotion back to the prem. what do u think.

Posted 21:28 5th March 2009

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