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Peter's dream team

Peter's dream team

Some controversial choices make Peter Beagrie's Championship XI for the 2008/09 season.

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Callum Bracey (Cardiff City fan) says...

i think that it should be brian jensen,roger johnson,danny fox,kilgallon and st ledger midfield we would have lee carsley robbie blake wade elliot and routledger upfront i would have jason scotland and ebanks blake

Posted 12:18 3rd October 2009

Adam Searle (Plymouth Argyle fan) says...

My fellow Plymothians make me laugh, Paul Gallagher? he scored a few goals but half the time it looked like he couldn't be bothered, only player with half a chance was Marcel Seip, agree with the many, many, many shouts for Kieran Westwood, everytime i've seen him he's been class.

Posted 01:02 10th June 2009

Alan Lamb (Cardiff City fan) says...

Please to see McCormack in the team, but id rather have jason fat boy Scotland in the team of season, beter all round striker i think, also Roger Johnson is missing player of championship

Posted 18:56 8th June 2009

George Gourdoulis (Liverpool fan) says...

I reckon Scotland had a alright season, Larsson And Brucie

Posted 12:01 8th June 2009

James Tweddell (Sunderland fan) says...

I cannot beleive Chris Eagles isnt in this side, he had a great season! Greg Halford also put in consistent match winning performances for Sheffeild United and needs to come back to Sunderland. Jordi Gomez also deserves a place in the side, god knows why he's in the championship?

Posted 11:26 8th June 2009

Joe Stewart (Charlton Athletic fan) says...

exscuse me nicky bailey was outstanding

Posted 15:35 5th June 2009

Matt Van den hoek (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Andy londergans been solid all season whats happening here ??

Posted 11:57 5th June 2009

Damian Cox (Preston North End fan) says...

Prestons back five should all get a mention , they have been overworked all season because of our very average midfield. Special praise for keeper Andy Lonergan,probably one of the best shot stoppers in the country, just needs to command his box better then international football beckons.

Posted 19:09 4th June 2009

Huw Kinsey (Cardiff City fan) says...

I am a Cardiff City fan and i think that Roger Johnson and Joe Ledley should be in the team for sure Johnson is alot better than St Ledger and Ledley is better than Wade Elliot simple. I would just like to say that the departure of Roberto Martinez from Swansea is so funny because now i think they will lose the energy he brought to the team also if not Ledley in the team then why not Bodde he was class before he got injured

Posted 18:41 4th June 2009

Stefan Preeb (Plymouth Argyle fan) says...

i cant believe we sold ebanks blake! with him and all our other players, norris, halmosi, capaldi, we could be going for play offs :(

Posted 12:54 3rd June 2009

Rhys Williams (Cardiff City fan) says...

i definately think roger johnson should of been in there,also joe ledley and kevin mcnaughtan deserved to be in there,rhys bluebird fan!come on city top six next yr!

Posted 19:09 1st June 2009

Gary Wooldridge (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

I cant beleive you would even consider hennessey, I dont miss many games and beleive me he is a shadow of Ikeme and Murray (when fit). There are so many better keepers in this league, Maik Taylor obviously wins by a country mile, followed by Hannerman and maybe Beeeaaasst! I honestly think if we wouldve carried on like we did for the first 10 games then we wouldve have 8 players in this squad! But we slowed down and started grinding out results. . . Good luck for every team in the championship next season!

Posted 17:54 1st June 2009

Paul Cafe (Charlton Athletic fan) says...

we have not had a great season mainly due to poor attack and defence but we have had 3 greay exeptions so where is jon joe shelvy-ok maybe he is a bit young at the moment but nick baily should be there and definatly zheng zhi

Posted 11:48 1st June 2009

Chris Howes (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

The trouble with having Michael Kightly is that he was never near 100% after Reading at Molineux so for the majority of the season we missed his true potential but in those first few games we absolutely squashed the opposition. Overall I think Matt Jarvis had a better season but both of them could have been left out. As for Ebanks-Blake and Foley, they are something else and had to get in the team of the season! Some of the performances that Foley put in were so good that on several occasions I could not imagine how a full-back could have a better game, Barnsley at home being the prime example and that's why I voted for him for Wolves player of the season. Ebanks-Blake can turn a game on his own and a number of times at Molineux this season when there was a goal towards the North stand you could bet your house that the PA would start playing KC and the Sunshine Band! Onward and Upward!

Posted 22:36 28th May 2009

Stefan Broadhead (Sheffield Wednesday fan) says...

As a wendysdayite i may be seen as a bit biased however when there is no lee grant (scouted by cappello) or PFA player of year tudgay then it is a bit of a rubbish team. After watching temas home and away my team is: Grant(sheff wed) RB:Nauhgton (blades) CB'S:Johnson + Craddock (cardiff and wolves) LB: Fox (Coventry) RW:Jamal Campbell Ryce (barnsley) LW: (

Posted 16:33 28th May 2009

James Fletcher (Hull City fan) says...

Im a Hull City Fan. I think though one player who isn't in there should get a massive pat on the back is JASON SCOTLAND. He has placed swansea city on the right tracks to championship sucess and if there chairman puts good funding into the club Then swansea city could have a excellant couple of seasons ahead of them.

Posted 00:28 28th May 2009

Phil Smith (Southampton fan) says...

What about Kelvin Davis? What about Chris Perry? What about Saganowski? Southampton do not deserve to be where they are now. You talk about Maik Taylor who you could say is very inconsistent, I have never heard of Kevin Foley but i am sure that everyone has heard of Chris Perry

Posted 00:22 28th May 2009

Sam Lockwood (Coventry City fan) says...

can't believe that gunnarsson , westwood or dann is not in the team - peter only picks the players from the teams in the top 5 - at least 4 cov players should be there. also jason scotland( swansea) or nicky bailey (chartlon) arent in either.

Posted 17:27 27th May 2009

Peter Hickey (Doncaster Rovers fan) says...

why no players from the best footballing side in the division ?.Doncaster rovers

Posted 13:51 26th May 2009

Mark Cutts (Sheffield United fan) says...

what about paddy kenny?? most clean sheets this season!! think tommy spurr could be in there aswell and thats coming from a blade. kyle naughton also deserves a mention

Posted 13:14 26th May 2009

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