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Peter's Top 10

Peter's Top 10

Peter Beagrie picks his top 10 football moments of the decade. What will be his number one?

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Victor Anderson (Liverpool fan) says...

Maybe not fair to have Liverpool in there twice but the FA cup doesn't get a mention at all and surely the best FA cup final of the decade was "the Gerrard final" in 2006 .... the winning goal just capped an amazing performance individually and a great game from boith sides

Posted 11:08 2nd January 2010

James Booth (Everton fan) says...

Remember the name, Waaaaayyynne Rooney! No space for Rooneys first Premier League goal, which just happened to be the one that brought the invincibles run to an end.

Posted 00:18 2nd January 2010

Scotty Levvi (Hull City fan) says...

Glad Hulls promotions there, it should be to

Posted 22:34 1st January 2010

Marty Blee (Chelsea fan) says...

What about the Chelsea Vs Liverpool match which ended up 4-4? Has to be in there!

Posted 15:04 1st January 2010

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