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It's hard on Pards

It's hard on Pards

Peter Beagrie says it's wrong that a clash of personality may have forced Alan Pardew out of Southampton.

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Ricky Hobbs (Southampton fan) says...

The body language between Pards & Cortese from day 1 was wrong, the dismissal is poor timing for the club & has resulted in 2 awful games since. I believe Pards fate was secured last season by failing to reach the play offs but having started this season with him at the helm we should have given him until xmas. Too many names in the frame for the job for my liking but it is essential we appoint someone quickly to get some feel good factor back in the stadium & into the team. Cortese reminds me of Lowe - no good. Let¿s hope he does the decent thing & doesn¿t land us with a failed skate!!

Posted 18:01 7th September 2010

Peter Wesley (Southampton fan) says...

From what has been said there were ''Real Reasons'' to do with personal conduct ....apparently Cortese interviewed most of the players before the dismissal. Apparently when/if the truth comes out, we will have a full understanding of the sudden and illogical dismissal! We can only hope that our great club takes on somebody worthy of the position. General consensus id O,Neil (in our dreams) Shearer a close second Eddy Howe close third, Phil Brown if not these three!

Posted 13:42 3rd September 2010

Martin B (Charlton Athletic fan) says...

The Southampton board might be wise not to put their faith in Pardew. Charlton backed his judgment to the hilt and gave him a lot of money to replace Curbishley''s team with his own players. He was not to blame for relegation from the Premiership but an expensive team which should have been challenging hard to get back there finished mid-table and were relegated the following season, a disaster for the club''s finances. It has been left to his former no.2 Phil Parkinson to get Pardew''s many expensive flops off the books and build a new team from free transfers and loans.

Posted 03:55 3rd September 2010

Robert Rowsell (Southampton fan) says...

It''s frankly quite ridiculus to me, that fans like the previous poster should speculate like the media does, as they are are no better placed to know what happened than a journo. It''s a matter of days since the manager who i''m sure would have taken us up this year was sacked, and seems that certain fans ie: prev poster would believe fergie was leaving utd for st marys if that mini mussolini told them it were true. Saints are in the position and division they are in because too many saints fans sat by and naively believed the last wolf in sheeps clothing (Lowe) and it''s as if some people learn nothing from past mistakes !! Chairman Nicola Cortese IS BAD NEWS .... Only a man as arrogant and self important as he or Rupert Lowe would sack the most popular saints boss in years and actually consider replacing him with most saints fans worst nightmare a failure and ex -pompey boss.

Posted 00:32 3rd September 2010

Yossarian Docker (Southampton fan) says...

Nichola Cortesse is an idiot, and sacking AP and the coaching staff at this moment is just another example of the Saints CEO''s inability to run as successful football club.

Posted 22:25 2nd September 2010

Saints Optimist (Southampton fan) says...

I think the fact that he was sacked so soon after a 4-0 win and without a replacement speaks absolute volumes in my eyes. Cortese doesn''t come across as a nieve business man, infact i espect whenever he saw a weak leak in a business he would replace immediately. The way in which Pardew was sacked to me points to an incident that has happened at some point. We have all probably heard rumours now and ones that are potentially libellous so i will not go into details. Add to this the resignations of staff at Staplewood lately hinting towards a hard working relationship with alan and it makes you look at it in a different slant. Another point is the fact that it has been reported that it was Markus that wanted rid of Pardew and not Cortese. To me this just smells of another stick to beat the current chairman with, yes he has made some bad decisions but the more i think about this dismissal the more it looks like immediate action needed to be taken instead of a thought out process to replace a manager not well liked. Will the truth come out eventually ? Probably not, however i think at times it pays to take an objective look and reporting rather than jumping on the bandwagon.

Posted 21:29 2nd September 2010

Nicky Shakespeare (Southampton fan) says...

From what I have heard (If it''s right - I wont pass judgement until the truth outs) then Nicola Cortese did the correct thing! Either way, it''s time to move on and try and ignore all the rumours. We support the team, NOT the manager and I hope all this worry and stress that SFC have been through in the past month is behind us

Posted 19:02 2nd September 2010

Farley Rusks (Portsmouth fan) says...

nevermind stains fans atleast Paul Heart could do a nice little job for you. (like take you down!!) haha PUP

Posted 18:57 2nd September 2010

Bella C (Southampton fan) says...

I think a lot of people will be eating their words about Pardew''s sacking when the truth eventually comes out. If AP was so hard done by, why the deafening silence? I suspect that there will be reasons that would get you sacked on the spot from any football club.

Posted 17:17 2nd September 2010

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