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The QPR question

The QPR question

Peter Beagrie applauds Norwich and feels it would be unfair if QPR don't join them in the top flight.

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Dave Kelly (Wigan Athletic fan) says...

can anybody tell me what is the difference in what QPR have done? compared with what West Ham did with Tevez etc, bearing in mind what that apears to have cost Shef Utd. Advice to QPR sign an high profile ex international player onto youre board of directors.

Posted 09:43 6th May 2011

John Thornton (Swansea City fan) says...

The argument that QPR deserve to go up is irrelevant. Hartlepool got docked 3 points for an innocent clerical error leading to the fielding of an ineligable player. As mentioned above so have Hereford and Torquay. There must be consistency in the decision. He was not eligable to play up until January of this year so the only fair punishment should be a 46 points deduction. A huge fine would have no impact on QPR. Rules are there for a reason and should be followed regardless of wealth or style of football or even if my one year old son said goal as his first words in a 4-1 win.

Posted 22:29 5th May 2011

Paul Nathan geary (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

The only solution that preserves the integrity of the League competition in the event of a guilty verdict for a serious breach of the rules is for QPR to be crowned Champions but declined an invitation to join the Premiership. The clubs in the play off positions after this weekend should then play off for two promotion places, either over two legs or as two single ties at Wembley or Millennium Stadium if the two Welsh clubs draw each other. Any other verdict involving a gerrymandering of the final points total is grossly unfair on the other 23 clubs, their fans and sponsors who have competed over the season and paid their money in good faith. Lets us hope that the FA for once put the interests of the innocent parties first and repay their good faith, rather than bring this years competition into disrepute by making an arbitrary. points adjustment that fudges the issue and changes the final standings of those clubs who qualify for the play off places after 46 matches.

Posted 22:14 5th May 2011

Lenny Henry (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

If their is an issue with points deduction, Why not let them be promoted and put the deduction on at the start of next season?? Warnock went nuts when at sheff utd when west ham had the whole tevez affair and wanted them relegated.. Amazing how now he is involved in a club doing it he says nothings been done wrong.. gotta love the man lol

Posted 21:01 5th May 2011

Jeff Mccullagh (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

firstly can i thank all the good well wishers , well done to norwich on an excellent season . secondly all you people who say dock em points throw the book at em , we have been charged yes but that doesnt make us guilty of anything. have you actually taken time to read into the case in depth and all the aspects of it , i doubt it. and all you cardiff fans who are saying we should be shot . could you only be doing this cos youre in 3rd place and its a bit of sour grapes . anyway the case will now be decided after friday , we will be lifting the cup at loftus rd on saturday and this only says one thing CHAMPIONS, if the fa were going to dock us points they would not allow us to do this or a law suit would be on the cards . INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

Posted 20:50 5th May 2011

Nick Martin (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

there seems to be a lot of sour grapes from play off teams & chelsea now theres a shock ! we (QPR) fully deserve our place in the prem so cardiff & chelsea (who tapped up ashley cole) deal with it....

Posted 20:19 5th May 2011

Andrew Hadley (Cardiff City fan) says...

I am a cardiff city fan and whilst we have thrown away our opportunity of automatic promotion, gaining it at the expense of another team being punished would leave a bitter taste but rules are there for a reason. The rest of the clubs have played by the rules with the exception of Hereford and Torquay and they were duly punished, so why should QPR not be punished? I quite agree with Daniel Foster who said that they should be docked every point they earned for each game that Faurlin played in. Its tough but if its not stopped now then lets just ignore all the rules and then see what happens to the 'Beautiful Game'

Posted 19:44 5th May 2011

Ian Johnstone (Ipswich Town fan) says...

How would a financial penalty be any punishment at all, when their breach of the rules has got them promoted to the premiership and around £40+ as well as parachute payments if they are relegated, thereby putting them on an even better financial footing than the rest of the clubs in the championship

Posted 19:06 5th May 2011

Daniel Mceniry (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

I think we should be given our top flyte status as we won the league well we were top from day one and there is noone more deserving then the QPR fans after watching years of rubbish this is our year and it would not be fair to lose it because of the men upstairs its the fans and players who will be effected by this would norwich want to be champs when they haveny earned it u R'S

Posted 19:00 5th May 2011

Del Wright (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Funny how many Cardiff fans are having a moan isnt it? If QPR get found guilty, then whatever way it goes, we will take the punishment. It still doesnt cgnage the fact that we were / are the best team over the whole season, been top since November and won it outright. Cardiff moaners.....turn your heads and look at yourselves :) 3 down after 20 minutes in a make or break game at home?? You dont and never have done this season ever deserved to go up...rofl

Posted 18:50 5th May 2011

Ricky Thompson (Liverpool fan) says...

Some comments on here are funny... Cardiff & Leeds fans saying they should deduct maybe because Cardiff will then get 2nd ? lol .... Leeds even if they lose 15 points you aint getting in play-offs so better luck next year LOL... Norwich fans will not want it because if QPR do and Norwich get title well lets just say people will know that the title doesnt belong to them i believe a fine would do and if you want points off then let them start premier league on -15 lol :)

Posted 16:41 5th May 2011

Andy Pike (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Has anyone considered the possibility that after the enquiry there will be no points deduction and no fine because the Rangers are innocent of all charges. God, some of the people on here would make terrible jurors if they based their decison on the charge rather than the evidence. Lets wait and see (and pray) that there is no case to answer.

Posted 16:28 5th May 2011

Jon Vickers (Leeds United fan) says...

Throw the book at QPR. As far as im concerned, why shouldn't they be punished?! As a leeds fan i recall we were docked 10 points, which relegated us to league 1, and were slapped with a subsequent 15 point deduction the following season. QPR, you broke the rules, you deserve what is coming to you no matter how well you have played this season. MOT

Posted 16:23 5th May 2011

Nat Moleski (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

To all you pessimists ready to give judgment before the fa have given judgment on any facts (not presumptions of others) "It aint over till the fat lady sings" lets just wait and see as we all know we have had a blinding season!

Posted 15:45 5th May 2011

Chris Mcnally (Leeds United fan) says...

Nobody moaned when Leeds were deducted 15 points which cost them promotion a couple of seasons ago.... If they've broken the rules they they should whatever penalty is deemed appropriate, its irrelevant that they have already won the league.

Posted 15:27 5th May 2011

Steve Williams (Cardiff City fan) says...

QPR should be docked points, simple. They have boken FA rules and a fine will do nothing in penalising them as the owner could pay a fine from the money from under his matress !. The guy is a crook, he was found guilty in the F1 saga and now this. If they dont get points deducted a new precedent will be made basically saying if you cheat your ok, we wont dock you points. Feel sorry for the likes of Luton who got spanked twice with points deduction. When the Tevez saga blew up I remember Warnock saying 'they should be docked points', now he says 'oh no dont dock points it's not fair' (soon changed his tune has'nt he) My opinion is not becasue I support Cardiff, we blew our chance ourselves simple. I do wonder though if it was a welsh club in the same situationas QPR would we get away with it. I think we all know the answer to that one :-)

Posted 14:32 5th May 2011

Oli Monks (Middlesbrough fan) says...

I think with the fine form that you mentioned, Tony Mowbray warrented a nomination for Manager of the Month, considering that he's used nearly the same team that slumped under Strachan. Looks promising for next season though! Glad to see Norwich get promoted and despite the last result, would love to see Cardiff go up too, they have been up there consistently and deserve more than most, a chance in the Premier League. As for the QPR situation, it's appalling. The timing of the decision has been so late it leaves the practical implication of whether to stop QPR being promoted or not. If this had been sorted at the start of the season or even at the beginning of the year, it would still leave a large number of games for QPR to recover their position and give them some sort of control over the situation. I'm expecting a points deduction but I really hope it doesn't stop QPR from being promoted, what a farce that would be.

Posted 14:04 5th May 2011

Craig Buller (Swansea City fan) says...

Congratulations Norwich on promotion , james leeds fan I agree fully with the points deduction but as for the season leeds were deducted 15 points I think you will find we still would have finished above you by a point .Any way wembley here we come "jack army"

Posted 13:29 5th May 2011

Lee Austin (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Being a Rangers fan and playing for there youth team as a kid i am disapointed in some of the comments posted ok we may have broken the rules to do with this player but at the end of the day all he wanted to do was play for us he and Warnock are not the problem its our club and there agents we all know that agents act different when they come from South America i only hope the FA are lieniant with us p.s lets hope the BAGGIES get relegated next season

Posted 13:16 5th May 2011

Alison Shanahan (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

This is to ALL football fans - whoever you support - we ALL feel the passion and what we are going through this week at QPR is absolute torture - and unfair on the fans. we have waited so long for this - let us start the party, please. Week after week my young son stood freezing on the terraces watching QPR defeats, over the past 3 years, but never giving up hope. Please FA, don't break our hearts.

Posted 13:11 5th May 2011

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