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The QPR question

The QPR question

Peter Beagrie applauds Norwich and feels it would be unfair if QPR don't join them in the top flight.

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Dave Ward (Portsmouth fan) says...

I can remember lots of nasty comments regarding Pompey having points deducted last season. Surely its about time the FA look at how clubs are run rather than dishing out deductions that only hurt the fans. Good luck to QPR fans hope you don't have the FA spoil your party.

Posted 13:10 5th May 2011

Andy Harris (Norwich City fan) says...

I would like to make 2 points. Firstly my belief that Paul Lambert should be manager of the month. My reason is simple, he has kept his head and maintained a "feet on the ground" mentality of all his players during what is a very nervous time. Norwich have gone out on the pitch week in week out and have performed with a pretty ruthless attitude of getting the job done. He hasn't mouthed off all season, just stating take each game as it comes and we will see where we end up. His professional approach has deflected the pressure from his players and allowed them to go out and play. If he does win it he will be very deserving. On the QPR subject I have a different view to most. I believe a point deduction should happen, but perhaps only enough for them to win the league by 1 point, provided they beat Leeds on the last day. It gives them the chance to prove their position, post decision. Additionally I would fine them heavily, and where my way of thinking is different is that they would not be officially allowed to be classed as champions, would not receive the trophy and would only be classed as a promoted club. That way the club are punished financially and points wise, cannot go down in history as champions, but does not punish the QPR fans who do not deserve to support their club all season and have the opportunity to support their team in the premier league. I feel this would be a decision the majority would accept

Posted 12:38 5th May 2011

Matthew Rees (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

The FA last week were described by the Governments Minister for Sports and Media as not fit for purpose. Today or tomorrow it will become clear that the FA have presumed guilt by QPR in the transactions that bought Alejandro Faurlin to QPR. The Independent disciplinary Commission comprising two FA Discipline committee members, a QC employed by the FA and an ex-football player or Manager whose career took place under the control of the FA will apparently find a judgement independently. Taking that as the basis of finding a balanced and cogent view of an issue that should have been dealt with in 2009 by the FA, one would have to say i find it hard to say that QPR could be considered the party accused of breaking administrative legislation. This is the organisation that made a judgement on the Tevez affair that when it had to be dealt with in a civil court the plaintiff was awarded £25 million and costs....just how far could they get it wrong.. £100 million. Over the next few hours or days, i hope we will see the Premier League and the Football league begin to realise how much the FA is holding back Football both in the professional and amateur games. There maybe questions regarding Gianni Paladini's reliability as a director of a Limited Company but that is not the FA's issue, i suggest the Inland Revenue might have more relevance. The incompetent investigating the unintelligible seems the case here, the FA have flung a broad spread of charges at QPR and Paladini in the hope that something may stick, i suspect its all going to slide off and the FA will be found walking around in their own muck pretty soon. Paladini is a fool, and probably should be retired from the board or sent to Holloways garden, the FA should look in their own greenhouse start acting in the Football Fans interests, the interests of the national professional and amateur game. This has been a FA face saving affair..POINTLESS!!

Posted 12:38 5th May 2011

Daniel Foster (Arsenal fan) says...

*IF* exaggerating the transfer fee is all QPR are guilty of, then yes that's no big deal. But considering they have seven charges against them, it sounds to me a bit more serious that than. Again, *IF* it turns out that player was illegal, then I think QPR will get off lightly - because as far as I'm concerned if that's true, they should be deducted every single point they gained from every single match he played in. Considering he's played 40 games this season (so actually Peter Beagrie, he is clearly one of their most important players) that would pretty much take them down to zero and relegate them to league one. And it doesn't matter that he's not as good as Messi, if that was the defence, then it could apply to literally every player in the world. "Oh we broke the rules but we didn't sign the best player in the world so its okay". I don't think so.

Posted 12:10 5th May 2011

Robert Benjamin (Hereford United fan) says...

Hereford United were deducted three points for a minor technicality over a loan player. That could have and almost did cost them their league status. Surely if justice is seen to be done QPR should be treated with similar stringency relative to their 'misdemeanour'?

Posted 12:08 5th May 2011

Valentino Rossi (Derby County fan) says...

To be fair, QPR don't deserve the deduction because they have worked so hard from the very first game and this Faurlin guy...I didn't know who he was untill this whole problem so he can't be that big of a deal

Posted 11:58 5th May 2011

Perry Mccarthy (Cardiff City fan) says...

i am a cardiff fan: HEREFORD & TORQUAY were docked points already this season ! if QPR are not given the SAME punishment, do those teams get the points back,TORQUAY could miss the playoffs by the ONE POINT they lost !! RULES ARE FOR ALL, NOT JUST THE RICH !!

Posted 11:19 5th May 2011

James Reilly (Leeds United fan) says...

QPR should be dock points the fully 15 or even 25 rules are rules. dont matter if they have played nice football. leeds got docked 25 in all, (ten the season the went down & 15 the next season)which cost leeds the title. so dock then....

Posted 10:20 5th May 2011

Jeremy Davis (Norwich City fan) says...

Well done Norwich...QPR should not be docked any points as they have worked hard and deserve to be the champions.It would be the crulest thing for the fans...If hoever they end up second after points deduction Norwich should refuse to take the trophy and give it to QPR...

Posted 05:37 5th May 2011

Changchun Martin (Manchester United fan) says...

QPR if guilty must be consistantly dealt with. I personally don't like the points deduction punishment as the fans and usually the players have done nothing wrong - only a few misguided individuals in their club management. It also should have been dealt with much quicker and QPR will be fortunate that if a points deduction does happen and they lose out on direct promotion - they still will have a chance in the play-offs. Dundee in Scotland got a 25 point deduction this year and have survived the drop but have no chance for promotion but would have won their league if they hadn't lost 25 points. So QPR are lucky if they are punished but still have a chance.

Posted 03:25 5th May 2011

Richard Wragg (Nottingham Forest fan) says...

i hope they treat qpr the same has all the other teams that broke the laws of the game sad but has to be done

Posted 00:11 5th May 2011

M C (Barrow fan) says...

If the FA had known about this case since September 2010, then the FA should have a good long look at themselves. IN ANY ORGANISATION, (in this case the FA), if a problem comes to light, it should be addressed and resolved ASAP before it gets totally out of control so that once resolved, all interested parties can commence with their tasks and targets. Once resolved, It gives any sort of management structure (and football being no different), the opportunity to address and to rectify any punishment or wrong doings, if any at all. In any management organisation you don¿t just look at what¿s happening now, you also look at near term targets and obstacles and how to achieve or overcome them. If QPR and other football clubs had known what penalties were to be implemented if any, (even Christmas is too long at 4 months) It would have given all interested parties the chance to address there games differently to rectify any punishment or wrong doings, if any at all. The FA must take some blame in the way they have let this situation grow ugly and possibly even further out of control by not addressing it ASAP. If common sense prevails, then the only fair way that the FA can come out of this scenario with any respect and their reputation still intact, would be to implement a suitable fine if the club are found guilty.

Posted 23:18 4th May 2011

Steve Scott-fawcett (Norwich City fan) says...

Norwich deserve their chance after such a great season. No question. I am a Norwich fan. I am, also, a fan of football. My comiserations to Cardiff - great effort all season and I really expect you guys to win the play-offs.As for the QPR debacle. Ok - punish the club with a fine and maybe 5 points deduction. However, I truly feel they deserve Premier status after such great consistency this season. As for the Title why not see what happens on the final day? The kind comments made by the Hammers fan are appreciated, thank you. Just hope we will see you at Carrow Road very soon. A great club and a friendly one too.

Posted 23:10 4th May 2011

Paul Collins (Arsenal fan) says...

can i just point out to the chelsea fan that chelsea illegally tapped up ashley cole from us which forced us into the sale of an unhappy player. dont talk about crimes which your club themself are guilty of! let qpr off they deserve to be in the premier league!

Posted 23:01 4th May 2011

Gary O'brien (Manchester United fan) says...

If QPR do not get promoted it will be a disgrace they have played so great football. If they have broke rules just fine them if they get demoted to the play offs it will be a injustice

Posted 22:55 4th May 2011

Bertie Bee (Burnley fan) says...

Rules are rules - breach them and there has to be a penalty and a deterrent to others or else everybody will do it. The timing of this is unfortunate to say the least but that cannot influence the decision.

Posted 22:22 4th May 2011

Ken Burns (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

QPR should have points deducted for cheating, as usual because they are a london club they will get away with it just as west ham did, TYPICAL!!!!. However, if they are in the play offs it couldnt happen to a more deserving manager, Neil Warnock. Us baggie fans have not forgotten the battle of Bramall Lane when he was deliberately telling players to feign injury to get the game abandoned, he is a disgrace !!! Boing ! Boing !

Posted 21:54 4th May 2011

Kevin Lindfield (Bournemouth fan) says...

Qpr deserve to go up. Commonsense should be used with no points deducted but a transfer embargo put on them instead.we had one and all transfers had to be agreed by the league so therefore no problems

Posted 21:02 4th May 2011

Richard W (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

in answer to owen p ,talk about the kettle and the pot, at least we are not run by a russian gangster who needs security and protection for all the deals he has done and people he has trod on, your" just a small town in fulham"

Posted 20:55 4th May 2011

Kevin West (Reading fan) says...

if QPR cheated. then they should get every thing they deserved......letting other teams in championship go up.. that play proper football

Posted 20:28 4th May 2011

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