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The QPR question

The QPR question

Peter Beagrie applauds Norwich and feels it would be unfair if QPR don't join them in the top flight.

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David O'brien (Liverpool fan) says...

Congrats to norwich on getting promoted... nice to see the canaries back in the top flight, nice to see wes houlahan in the team too hope he gets his chance next year... be great for the irish team! And to Qpr , if what luke lally says that the rules didn't come in till 2010 and they signed him in 2009 case closed qpr champions! But i'm not sure about that! Any way i dont see what the big deal is having 3rd party ownership... i live in sao paulo at the moment and that happens with all the top youngsters in south america, and if fifa and uefa dont have a problem with it why should the f.a. And why not players these days are like a bussines so why cant they be owend? They are like a francise anyway..... and you have your company owner that wants the best for himself and the best for himself is more money for the player! sounds familier ah yeah agents the same thing....... and nicola anelkas brothers are a perfect example. the only problem and its not much of a problem with 3rd party ownership is say you sign tevez for a season [west ham].... you need to pay his wages and pay say 5m to have him for the year then he gets sold to utd for say 20m 4 year contract west ham get no money, the 3rd party man gets 25m, tevez gets his wages now here is what happened at utd i reckon is that utd wanted to offer tevez a new contract, but couldnt, because his 4 years were up and he goes back to his 3rd party man so if utd wanted him they would have to resign him for another 4 years say another 20m or more! but i dont mind that thats just business, and football like it or not is a business.

Posted 18:46 4th May 2011

Alex Wilkie (Liverpool fan) says...

Why should QPR be docked points when West Ham were not for teh same problem (Tevez/Mascharano). If they are it weems the FA is one rule for the Premiership one for every other league. Double Standards.

Posted 17:39 4th May 2011

Mark Youngs (Norwich City fan) says...

Simeon Jackson the goals speak for themselves POM Paul lambert manager of the month & year & a special shout out to Delia best football club owner in the country

Posted 17:34 4th May 2011

Steve Heath (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

If you look at the vast majority of fans' response across all the media, most agree that a) this has all been a huge balls up by the FA and b) QPR, and their fans especially, should not be punished. Oh, and I couldn't help but laugh about the Chelsea fan criticising us for signing a player illegally! Talk about pot and kettle, coming from the worst run club in football. If he was so illegal, why do the FA allow him to carry on playing???

Posted 17:22 4th May 2011

Declan Devine (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

What I find strange over the FA - QPR issue is that we signed Faurlin in 2009, and now at the end of the 2010 -2011 season the FA still have not sorted out the issue. QPR have been the best team in the league by far, they deserve the title, they have had no advantage over other teams because of the Faulin deal, the title has been won fairly. While Norwich fully deserve promotion and I believe they were the second best team without doubt they do not deserve the title and it would be a scandal if points are taken off QPR to hand it to them or indeed promote Cardiff In 2009 when Faulrlin was signed there was no third party rule if QPR broke a rule then it should have been sorted out then not now.

Posted 17:12 4th May 2011

Robert M (Norwich City fan) says...

I am so damned proud of my football club, Norwich City. They have achieved success with virtually no money to spend and heavily in debt. Unlike many other 'big' clubs, they have tried to pay their debts off and not go into adminstration, thereby screwing all the local small businesses to which they owe money. Amazingly, clubs who have done this have often come out of it with wealthy investors and a massive transfer fund, because, after all, who wants to invest in a poor, little country club that is trying to do the decent thing. Paul Lambert is not just Manager of the Month, he is Manager of the Season. Furthermore, Norwich were able to fill their ground even in when they were relegated. They didn't have to be successful to draw in their loyal supporters -unlike some others! It's a lovely time now of 'just enjoy', not worrying about other clubs, being out of our depth next season and so forth. It's a proud moment for a great club.

Posted 16:59 4th May 2011

Darren Sidell (Norwich City fan) says...

If Simeon Jackson fails to win the Championship award after scoring 8 goals in the month, including 2 hat-tricks, to send his team to the brink of promotion then the panel must think Lionel Messi is rather average too.

Posted 16:46 4th May 2011

Geoff Griffiths (Middlesbrough fan) says...

As if Tony Mowbray is not even nominated for manager of the month.... 'One loss in eleven' like Beag's said. This is promotion form.

Posted 16:39 4th May 2011

Tom Blazak (Norwich City fan) says...

I can't believe what Norwich have achieved in 20months or so. August 2009 we sat bottom of the third tier in English football, our lowest point in more than 50 years. Now we just booked dates at Old Trafford, The Emirates, Stamford Bridge et etc next season. Paul Lambert is an absolute hero, but so are each and every one of our players, and each of the 25000 who turned up week in and week out when we were at our lowest ebb. Everyone is saying if we win the title it is tainted etc. Not so in my opinion, if QPR have cheated, they should be docked, clubs have been docked for similar (Swindon 1990 were relegated 2 divisions, Luton fined 10 points etc). If the FA had managed to sort this out in September, when it all came to light, instead of the end of the season, we'd all be sitting here saying how great Norwich have been, and they are deserving champions. Nobody claimed Forest's promotion was tainted when they went up in 2nd in about 2006/2007 - despite Leeds actually getting more points than them but having been deducted 15 at the start of the season. WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE!!!

Posted 15:42 4th May 2011

Peter Pan (West Ham United fan) says...

Im a big Westham United fan and id just like to say a big well done to Norwich City on getting promoted! hopefully westham will stay up and ill go and see them next season! COYI

Posted 15:41 4th May 2011

Dan Byrne (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Everyones having a say and all coming up with comments one after another thinking you know it all but know one knows thats why there is an investigation going on..... saying club cheated broke the rules how do you know that not even the FA know that.............

Posted 15:26 4th May 2011

David Fox (Cardiff City fan) says...

im a cardiff fan at the monent in europe beat wishes to norwich and qpr you both deserve promotion and well done

Posted 15:19 4th May 2011

Thomas Harvey (Norwich City fan) says...

qpr should be put into the play offs because they should of done this deal over faurlin in the first place. west ham . southampton. leeds and sheffield utd had similar points deductions why dont they get it

Posted 14:50 4th May 2011

Owen P (Chelsea fan) says...

QPR bought a player illegally....but still deserve to go up? That's setting a great example! Surely whether or not he 'has made the difference between winning and losing the Championship' is irrelevant. It is about as irrelevant as saying 'well the fans don't deserve it, nor do the rest of the players nor Warnock', cheating is cheating and it is QPR the club that should be punished and with a point deduction, because the club won't be affected by a financial fine. Cheating should not be rewarded with promotion.

Posted 14:25 4th May 2011

Ben Hopwood (Norwich City fan) says...

As a Norwich fan i cant remember being prouder than i currently am! OTBC! But in regards to QPR i have to say i would be mortified if this rediculous mess was hanging over what has been an increadible season....of course we would win the league if they get points deducted-but that wouldnt be right, i hope the suits making these decisions understand the true meaning of supporting a football club and do the right thing.

Posted 13:43 4th May 2011

Cameron Garbutt (Middlesbrough fan) says...

good to c scottie mac in the championship list but i would of thought tony mowbrey shud b considored we have not lost @ home 4 2 monthes

Posted 13:36 4th May 2011

Luke Lally (Queens Park Rangers fan) says...

Its good to read a comment in the media that does'nt sound like the ramblings of a rabbib dog. 3rd party ownership is odd in so far as both FIFA and UAFA have no problem with it yet the Premier League and the FA do. QPR were playing in the Football League at the time Faulin was signed in July 2009 and the Football League did not, as I understand it, introduce 3rd Party Rules until 2010. I also believe that the FA have to act a a "Clearing House" for overseas purchases. I just wish this were sorted out sooner, its as though QPR have been on "remand" for months awaiting this out come.

Posted 13:13 4th May 2011

Eric Witton (Norwich City fan) says...

OK, I'm biased, but it has to be Simeon Jackson and Paul Lambert! Nine goals in seven games from Jackson and four wins in a row (to earn promotion) masterminded by Lambert, has to make the difference between these two and the other contenders!

Posted 12:20 4th May 2011

Luke Plumstead (Norwich City fan) says...

Simeon Jackson for Championship player of the month and Paul Lambert for manager of the month! I know you might think I am just saying this as I am a Norwich fan but I think the way Paul Lambert has taken this club from bottom of League 1 to the premiership in 2 years is amazing. He just seemed to of changed the whole feel around the club and I think he is going to be one of the great managers in years to come, hopefully with Norwich City! OTBC

Posted 12:18 4th May 2011

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