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Warnock for Whites?

Warnock for Whites?

Peter Beagrie asks if Neil Warnock will want to fill Simon Grayson's shoes at Leeds?

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Bungy Williams (Leeds United fan) says...

GRAYSON: Likeable bloke and did a reasonable job. Never really consistent and allowed team to let themselves down too often to get too much applause from me. But I cant knock him too much cus his heart was in the right place. Warnock bites and kicks backsides...I think he's better prepared to squeeze a little blood out of the current team and get results without too many changes. 'WARNOCK ALL THE WAY' to end this season

Posted 12:39 6th February 2012

Jason Burnside (Leeds United fan) says...

Grayson was a good manager 50% win ratio but he went as far as he could the team needs a breath of fresh air. Warnock would be great but papa smurf wont put his hand in his fat pocket for him. personally i would give Redfearn a chance be most probly be Di Matteo with the chelsea links and all........

Posted 01:19 4th February 2012

David Butler (Leeds United fan) says...

Where do you start with any Leeds team from the last ten years, they have all been great players but if they were in a team of 1. A chairman that agrees to spend over his wage budget just because the manager says we need this player, not good business if you ask me, especially if your trying to get the club back to a very good run business? I'm confused Bates, if you start with getting arid of some of the pointless players out of the 30 odd we have then you might even break a profit, eh? Selling Howson, think your not telling us all something there, he was the captain and it's better for a club that's looking at getting promoted that he must go, again confused! Bates I think you need to be a little bit more transparent, I thought that was one of the first rules of management.... The club is far from been a team right now! Get it sorted Bates or I think you might be looking at the EXIT door too!

Posted 22:57 3rd February 2012

Jamie Sirett (Leeds United fan) says...

simon has done a great job at leeds but felt it was starting to crumble towards the end with some bad results. Players linked to go elsewhere and random loan signings at periods as effected the team spirit what was installed 3 years ago. He should be proud of his achivements like beating manchester utd at old traffold and gaining promotion to the championship but feel he took us as far as he could. Neil warnock would be nice but i feel that bates likes someone who is a yes man and not opinionated like choice is warnock but feel it will be an old chelsea lad like roberto di matteo.

Posted 17:02 3rd February 2012

Matthew Corner (Sunderland fan) says...

Personally, I think Bates knew who Grayson's succssessor was about a week before he sacked him, you don't drop your manager at such a crucial stage in the season unless you've got somebody else lined up, as soon as Warnock left QPR, I reckon Bates got him on board, got rid of Grayson a week later, and by Monday Warnock will officially have the job - he doesn't want to be seen to be making deals with Bates over Grayson's job so soon. Very shrewd, however, if I am right, and it is Warnock, there is a glimmer of hope for Leeds this season.

Posted 16:33 3rd February 2012

Bert Dervish (Leeds United fan) says...

let Redfearn have a chance his done wonders with bringing the youth players up. We will see this weekend i guess

Posted 12:10 3rd February 2012

Dave Swain (Leeds United fan) says...

Mr Peter Beagrie, I disagree with your comment about Grayson doing an outstanding job. Firstly, Like most fans I supported Grayson when he first joined, but Grayson inherited Maccas team. We were 11 points clear of second place, then we started slipping backwards and Grayson didn't know how to halt it. Had that season been 2 games longer then we wouldn't have got promoted. Grayson didn't get us promoted in my opinion, the players saw their last chance and only just scraped through in 2nd place. We were in playoff positions first season in CCC, again we started slipping backwards and dipped out on promotion and a playoff position. This season, same thing began to happen, but I first saw it in L1 and knew writing was on wall back then. He got rid of the majority of Maccas players only to replace them with freebies and loanees, not to mention lesser quality than he got rid of. He's killed the ER Fortress reputation, he couldn't read a game, didn't know anything about tactics, couldn't recognise good players, didn't know his best 11 after 3 years, couldn't motivate or enthuse the players, he lost the players confidence, therefore the dressing room too. Without the majority of Maccas players this season, I said this is the season Grayson will show his worth, or show what he's not worth. The latter won out. He's a liar, deceitfull, is dishonest with fans and always blamed the players, never himself. So Mr Beagrie, could you please explain where you think Grayson has done an outstanding job, cos I just can't see it.

Posted 09:37 3rd February 2012

Phil G (Sunderland fan) says...

A disgracefull sacking and shows what papa smurf (bates) knows about football! Rumours about bruce and warnock? Bruce a clueless tactician and money waster and warnock experience with promotion so take your pick?

Posted 23:58 2nd February 2012

Mike G (Leeds United fan) says...

Can't argue with that. Personally I think if Warnock was offered the job he would jump at the chance. Potentially the biggest job of his career. Ken Bates Chairman and Neil Warnock Manager - let the fireworks begin!

Posted 17:55 2nd February 2012

Justin Mitchell (Leeds United fan) says...

Nice article. I think it will be difficult for Leeds to take Warnock considering the salary he was on at QPR. However, Warnock's record in the Championship surely puts him at the top. My bet is on Robert Di Matteo due to his Chelsea links and close relationship with Bad Santa.

Posted 17:01 2nd February 2012

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