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Harsh-Lee treated?

Harsh-Lee treated?

Peter Beagrie was shocked by Lee Clark's sacking - and also by the reaction of Huddersfield fans.

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Danny Grant (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

As a huddersfield fan i understand Dean Hoyle's decision as he's spent alot more money than most championship managers! The club has been like a revolvoing door for players. People like Donal Mcdermott and Robbie Simpson have come and immediettley gone. It seems impossible for clark to sign some good centre midfielders as he says that anton Robinson is a good player but has only started half a dozen times. There were more resons for Lee Clark to go than stay. We need a more expirienced manager like Neil Warnock. Who wouldn't want to work for a trusting chairman with a bag load of money.

Posted 09:58 18th February 2012

John Buckley (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

I first attended a Huddersfield Town game in 1969,and since that initial successful feeling watching the likes of Frank Worthington and Jimmy Nicholson,I have experienced lots of disappointments along the way e.g. Relegation from Division 1 to Division 4 in 4 seasons,but the sacking of Lee Clark,who has been our most successful manager for many years is at the top of the list. This sacking cannot be purely about results on the field so maybe it is about looking toward next season when a club's wage limit is capped,and at Huddersfield we have the largest squad in the division,and if promotion isn't achieved this season,then we will have a mass exodus of players going on to better positioned clubs,leaving HTAFC in potential freefall again.Perhaps Dean Hoyle no longer has faith in Lee Clark's ability to achieve promotion,but with a long way to the end of the season and an almost nailed-on Play Off spot,if not automatic promotion,I can only assume that there is much more behind this story than the fans will ever know,because I cannot think of a more appropriate manager to take over from Lee Clark and achieve more than has been achieved so far by him. Every fan is entitled to his/her opinion,but how many more managers are we going to have at HTAFC before one is lucky enough to steer us out of this very difficult division? When at the end of this season when Huddersfield do not achieve promotion,EVERYONE will blame Lee Clark for not achieving promotion the previous two seasons,and not Dean Hoyle for not having the courage to wait until the season's finale. This is Lee Clark's team,and there is no way it will perform any better for someone else at this stage of the season. I FOR ONE WISH LEE CLARK GREAT SUCCESS WITH WHICHEVER CLUB IS LUCKY ENOUGH TO EMPLOY HIM!!

Posted 20:50 17th February 2012

Stephen Booth (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

The writing has been on the wall for a while now. Dean Hoyle stated last summer that top two was the only option for this season. At the beginning of January he said there would be no signings in Time to go? Yes I think so, two years ago we played expansive football, but in recent times Lee Clark put too much emphasis on the unbeaten run, especially during the first half of the season, desperate to not get beaten. Wins is what we need to go up, but instead we have 13 draws, ELEVEN of those from winning positions, and 3 from being two goals up. Yes its good not to lose but the players look too frightened of losing to go out and play to their capabilities. If we dont go up Rhodes and Hunt will surely follow Pilkington and Peltier out of the club.

Posted 19:01 17th February 2012

Chris Morris (Liverpool fan) says...

Might as well just go and sack every other manager in the league, what an awful decision. If you can't please your chairman and fans after losing only 3 games in 55 then what else can you do. Sitting comfortably in the play off positions as well, used to be my favourite league 1 team who I always kept an eye on, but now I hope whoever takes charge doesn't take them up. Time for a reality check

Posted 18:25 17th February 2012

Granville Hall (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Peter, Do you need to hear more? The chopping and changing of players led to no consistancy or confidence. Would I have backed them for promotion with Lee Clark in charge - No. Will we get promoted now? - possibly if we get a bit more steel and organisation. There are capable players at Town.

Posted 18:03 17th February 2012

Tom Lloyd (Newcastle United fan) says...

As a Newcastle fan I have watched Huddersfield as I like to follow explayers. I'm shocked at the reaction by fans about this sacking as, lets be honest, Huddersfield arent a massive club. He has a great record. Every team go through a bad spell and its times like these they should be backed by everyone involved with the club. Who do they expect to get? Warnock, McCarthy both couldn't cut it in the PL.

Posted 17:00 17th February 2012

Trev Brook (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

For a chairman to give an inexperienced manager buckets full of cash for signings is madness, im hoping the chairman learns from his mistake too! Please bring in someone with experience Dean!

Posted 15:24 17th February 2012

Ray Bray (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Lee Clarks team selections had become a joke. Since Jan 2009 to present day we have had 44 different players in the squad. You could count the number of times the same starting eleven played consecutively on one hand. The amount of funds he has had can only be described as incredible. Dean Hoyle has supported him throughout but there comes a time when enough is enough. People talk about our unbeaten run but do you know what, it may come as a surprise to many people who keep quoting "The Run", it's points that make prizes. It's points not unbeaten runs which gets you promoted. So, please give it a rest with the "Run". Huddersfield Town under Dean Hoyle is seeing the best times for many seasons. The fans back the Chairman 100%. He pays the bills and he calls the tune, not you or I. Lee Clark once said, "Which team I put out is mine not theirs". So is the case for the Chairman to select a manager. You have to watch the team play week in week out before you can make a comment, you don't. You look at the figures but not how they were achieved. Start supporting Huddersfield Town then you can feel as if you have the right to make a comment.

Posted 14:26 17th February 2012

Robert Hadfield (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Constant squad tinkering + poor home form + questionable loyalty = job vacancy It could be argued our excellent Chairman has been overly patient and generous in his personal sponsorship of the former manager's judgment, tactics and behaviour.

Posted 14:00 17th February 2012

Ben North (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Lee Clark has taken the team as far as he can. Good luck to him in the future as i know he will be gutted at not finishing the job with us, but its his first job and he will learn from his mistakes. All pundits, so called experts and opposition fans are calling this mad and throwing stat after stat in our faces. However these same pundits and so called experts spend most of the time denouncing stats as only half the story and unreliable. So which is it? Yes clark sent us on a massive unbeaten run but how can you go 43 games unbeaten and not gain promotion are at least be a shoe in for promotion? The timing of the decision is questionable not the judgment.

Posted 13:35 17th February 2012

Darg Barnett (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Peter Almost every post on here sums it up for me: Inconsistent selection and tactics More concern on the opposition than the strengths of his own players Lack of creativity in medfield Reliance on Jordan Rhodes Poor attitude when linked to other jobs (starting with Leicester soeculation) Lee is committted, hard working and passionate - I'd also add honest but I would question his integrity in some aspects recently. Our chairman is not powr mad and is also very patient. He would not have done this unduly and without great consideration. There maybe much more to this than meets the eye. Hoping that we can still attain promotion but in my eyes we are no worse off as we weren't gauranteed promotion with Lee.

Posted 13:16 17th February 2012

David Lister (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

A shame that it hasn't worked out for Lee Clark at Huddersfield, but as a season ticket holder I've watched us go backwards this season - especially at home. The football has at times been dire. Lee Clark appeared to ditch his belief in a passing game when we got out-muscled by Millwall in the 2010 play-offs. There have been some very strange decisions this season - not least with the ceaseless rotation of a squad swollen by some generally pointless signings last summer. After close to 50 signings in three years Town are basically an ordinary side with an extraordinary striker. We have had 5 play off matches with Lee Clark in charge and have not won one of them outright. Time and time again we have been out-thought and out-fought when it comes to the big games. Sheffield United on Tuesday was just the latest.

Posted 11:51 17th February 2012

Cowshed Phil (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Peter, You say 1 defeat in 10, it was also just 4 wins in 14. Hardly automatic material. Sheff United also have two games in hand so if they win those, we are 10 points of second, despite Clark heavily spending during his 3 years at Town. He's signed 40 odd players, many of which will have been of great expense wages wise, and we've advanced no further than an asmatic ant with some heavy shopping. If it wasn't for Jordan Rhodes's sudden improvement ( a man Clark left on the bench for the second half of last season) we'd be mid table. Clark had also begun losing the plot off the pitch, picking arguments with local media. If he can't cope with a Radio Leeds presenter questioning his decisions how would he cope with greater exposure in a higher division? I think we're all glad he's gone. We're desperate for Neil Warnock to return.

Posted 11:26 17th February 2012

Scott Castle (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

It's hard reading things like this as a Huddersfield fan because it makes a mockery of my club, every newspaper columnist and every TV reporter has portrayed the sacking as ridiculous when it is in fact far from it. Clark took over in late 2008 and had half a season to get to know his players, he seemed to want to play a nice brand of football which was very refreshing. He was then allowed to spend large amounts of money and bring in his own players during the summer. What followed was a season of fantastic football, attacking, fast tempo, proper football - we got dubbed the Arsenal of League One. It wasn't to be though, and we were soundly beaten in the playoff semi's by a very strong Millwall team. What Clark needed to do seemed simple, add a bit of strength to the team and continue as we were, promotion surely had to be ours. What happened instead was Clark seemed to slowly lose faith in his own philosophy, we stopped playing football and turned to a dire standard of football - performances dropped and we started drawing matches instead of winning. This is where the unbeaten run started, with draws that really should have been wins. We were humiliated in the playoff final and then Clark spend big AGAIN in the summer. Arguments with players seemed common this season as many were cast aside for unknown reasons - Donal McDermott was sold mere months after being signed. Add to this continued poor performances and things were not at all right. We have been going stagnating - perhaps even moving backwards - for a year now. Any fan who goes week in week out will tell you the decision was the right one, and I always say the real fans know more than the pundits who aren't there every week. Lee Clark is a top bloke, but ultimately he achieved nothing at Huddersfield apart from not losing for a while.

Posted 10:37 17th February 2012

Andy Htfc (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

I watch every game home and away and i am just as shocked as most. I would say the only downfall for Lee is the size of the squad assembled and then not knowing what the best 11 is. Too many changes from week to week has cost him dear i feel.

Posted 08:52 17th February 2012

Richard Bell (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Clark did a very good job in his first 2 seasons but this season has seen a big step back in the way we are playing and in results. He has brought in over 40 players in the past 3 years and has spent a few million quid along the way but we have not obtained promotion and if you had asked many town fans on wednesday if Clark would get us promoted most would have said no. The home performances this season have been dire and there has been a feeling of apathy amongst the fans, we have not performed well or shown any indication that we could win promotion. We laboured to win most games and have thrown away too many leads this season (11 in total). Clark has also continued to make many mistakes throughout his tenure and has not seemed to learn. He has 7 centre midfielders at the club but we played a full back in midfield in the second half on tuesday because our bench was ridiculous. He doesn't seem to have any ideology or style of play. We played excellent football 2 years ago. Last year we developed the knack of scraping wins 1-0 and being hard to beat without playing well. This year we have no creativity from the centre of the pitch, a tendancy to concede when ahead and our tactic appears to be hoofing to Lee and hoping a chance falls for Rhodes. No one doubts Clark's passion and desire to succeed and I am disappointed that we couldn't bring us promotion. He had a fair crack at the whip but it was clear that he needed to move on for us and him to progress. It will be interesting to see how Lee does managing a team where he doesnt have free reign to sign or ditch whoever he wants and where he has to get the best out of a small group of players. You never know, he may do well, but with the backing he had at town he was unable to deliver.

Posted 23:11 16th February 2012

Matthew Langley (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

looking from the outside i understand the reaction from other football fans however as a huddersfield town fan i aint suprised the football this season particular at home has been awful yes we have grinded out results in some games but alot of the time the results are draws in fact 13 draws. Dean hoyle is a passionate town fan through and through and has put millions into this club if you peter put millions of pounds into your football team would you expext some kind of reward? i would the answer is promotion yes we have improved each year under clark 10th, 6th, 3th but we have fallen short each year and at the moment it looks like playoffs again. DO you understand peter?

Posted 22:51 16th February 2012

David Waters (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

We have not played well for 3 months ( 17 points from 12 games) and are drifting. There may be other factors ( Has Clark applied for the Leeds Job ) but you have to ask do you think lee will get us automatic promotion ? and most fans i know think not. The football,especially at home has been dire of late so whilst I was surprised at first on reflection I can fully understand the move. The chairman probably thought that he had nothing to loose by getting an experienced hand in to complete the job started by Lee Clark and I and most of my mates concur.

Posted 21:51 16th February 2012

Daniel Copeland (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

While Lee Clark and Terry Mac raised the profile of the club, the owner has made it clear fom day 1 that promotion was the target but Clark has failed to achieve this despite having a bigger budget than alot of championship teams.We looked to be falling short again this year with too many draws.I felt before the Sheff Utd game that Town had to win to keep in the mix and i wasn't at all suprised to see Clark sacked after the defeat.People talk about the unbeaten run but there was as many draws as wins in it, if you draw 3 games it is equal to 2 defeats.

Posted 21:46 16th February 2012

Matt Firth (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Hi Peter, great article again and as a life long Huddersfield fan I thought best you here our side of the story. Lee has done a very good job at Town. Took over a mediorce team and brought players like Pilkington, Peltier and now Rhodes through who have gone on to become fantastic players in their own right. However it appears his ego was effecting the job at Town. His post match interviews showed a complete lack of respect when asked a difficult question, oftem slamming the reporter for asking the question. His tactics and substitutions are border line ridiculous and he has no way of changing a game in our favour. People say we have done well under him, but Peter you could have got us promoted with the fore mentioned players at your disposal! We have been poor for about 12 months now and if Rhodes wasnt doing what he has been we would be mid table. He and not Clark is responsible for our position in the table. You will see how good a manager Lee Clark is when he is presented with a clun e.g. Leeds and has no money and a small squad. His abilites will soon be exposed as average at best. With our squad and players we should be in Charltons position and this is why 95% of Town fans support Dean Hoyle in this decision. Thank you Lee for a job well done in making us a more attractive proposition to better managers but unfortunatley you had hit your ability barrier and wasnt going to get us up. So all those who think this is a bad decsion and are critical of Dean Hoyle please dont be, as this is a decsion which has been coming since last year. He has acted in the best interests of the club which is the most important thing.

Posted 21:41 16th February 2012

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