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Harsh-Lee treated?

Harsh-Lee treated?

Peter Beagrie was shocked by Lee Clark's sacking - and also by the reaction of Huddersfield fans.

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Dylan James (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Not harsh-lee treated at all!! The fact is Lee Clark as much as I like the manager has had alot of money at his disposal over the last few years yet couldn't seem to get the players in the right state of mind to achieve promotion at the final hurdle. He seemed more bothered about maintaining the unbeaten run through drawing games rather than going for the win in very winnable matches and as everyone knows a win and a loss is better than two draws. Town have had one of the biggest squads but clark took rotation to a new level every time something went wrong in one match there would be a new 11 for the next match and very little consistency throughout the season's. I wish him all the best for the future (except if its with leeds lol) but he never looked like achieving promotion with town!!

Posted 19:24 16th February 2012

Andy Arnfield (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

My first Town season was 1969/70. Dean Hoyle is the best chairman we have had without any shadow of doubt. Lee Clark is undoubtedly a very good manager in the making. But watching Town week in week out it is obvious we are a difficult team to beat but we do not win enough games. We have a strong squad but with many of our midfielders being very similar holding players. There appears very little ability to break teams down that come for a draw. we do better away where we have teams that need to be more open. Chopping and changing the team has contributed to a lack of fluency. Teams with far fewer resources than us with less talented individuals play more as a team with the sum being bigger than its parts. Not the same for us. Take Rhodes out of our team and we have not been good very often. We have little pace, few options to change the pattern of a game, no clear understanding of our best team and no further forward than we were last season despite investment. Peter beagrie is quite correct in his assessment that town fans have not been as shocked as the football world generally.My comments are not untypical and I hope Lee Clark goes onto be a really successful premiership manager - but do feel that it was quite correct to let him go. It is a gamble of course, but I do have faith in the Chairman. Our club is second to none in its charity work and its involvement in the community. The club is run with passion and integrity. I have never been prouder of this club off the field. Like the proverbial tide and whether its coming in or out its opinion as to which way its working at Town. I firmly believe that a new manager may improve our chances of promotion by instilling a greater belief in winning games and taking appropriate risks to turn one point into three. If it doesn't work out, we have the play off lottery which is where we are currently heading anyway..Sad for Lee but well done Dean.

Posted 19:15 16th February 2012

Nathan Long (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

As a town fan I am in the same camp as those who haven't been that upset at Clark's sacking. Yes his record was good and yes we didn't lose many games but having watched us week in week out I know exactly where the chairman is coming from. We haven't played football with any passion all season, the team look uninterested and Clark seems to have no notion of how best to motivate the team. If we can get someone in who can ignite the spark again then we may have a chance of promotion, if we can't then I'm afraid it will be another season of dissapointment from a squad of highly paid players. Sure Clark will have a great career in football but he had taken Town as far as he could, good luck to him and let's go get big Mick McCarthy!

Posted 18:09 16th February 2012

Darren Wormald (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

In response Peter you were at the brentford game for live sky sports coverage. 80% of games have been like that. Bad Bad Bad performances week after week, team changes week after week, he even bought a player in the summer and sold him in january. The writing was on the wall. yeah we saw some great games but of the 43 unbeaten I bet only 10 maybe 15 were victories earned. This league is full of mediocre teams with the exception of 4 or 5 teams no disrespect but the chairman expects better. Sure you cant win them all but when fans are paying £25 a ticket they at least want entertainment.

Posted 17:39 16th February 2012

Roy Dannatt (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

I totally understand the media reaction to Lee Clarkes dismissal at HTAFC given the surface stats, however, all must realize that the chairman is totally committed to the club and can see what all town fans see, the simple fact is that we are drawing far too many games and expect more. We look at Charlton, Southampton and Brighton (last season) and see that they are on top with wins, not draws, and we have as good, if not better resources as those teams. Lee Clarke is a good man but has not got the tactical nounce required to get us where we derserve to be.

Posted 17:03 16th February 2012

Peter Adams (Huddersfield Town fan) says... I think it sums it up brilliantly!!1

Posted 16:48 16th February 2012

Richard Holt (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Hi Peter, Fanatical town fan for over 40 years and so wanted Lee Clark to succeed as he was almost everything we wanted. Honest, passionate, open, commmited and hungry but after defeat on Tuesday I had this sneaking feeling that our Chairman might make a very bold decision. To the outside world Clark has been doing a great job, to us regular fans he almost has, but there have been definite signs in last few weeks that things are unravelling on the pitch and there is a shift in energies. Brave insightful decision Mr chairman supported by most Town fans. At the same time sadness that Lee couldn't quite take us to the promised land. Utmost respect to you Lee Clark but I think the time was right

Posted 16:03 16th February 2012

Roger Dodger (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

Lee Clark had so much support and cash from our Chairman that it almost hurts. This was a "no if's and but's" promotion year and over the last eight games we were failing and this was down to Lee and his management team. He brought in far too many players and couldn't pick a settled side, his lack of tactical knowledge was there for all to see when we were chasing a game, he simply couldn't switch it round and appeared happy to be unbeaten rather than winning games. With so many players many had become disillusioned and were on high wages but sitting in the stands on a Saturday. Sadly it was time to go and the right decision has been made.

Posted 16:02 16th February 2012

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