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World at their feet

World at their feet

Alan Mullery has selected his 23-man England squad for the 2010 World Cup. But do you agree?

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Keith Carless says...

I think Milner must go he is so versitile the only other thing i would like to say is we must Not take players who have injuries like we have done in the past. if Ashley Cole is not 100% we should not take him.

Posted 10:16 5th March 2010

Chris Horsman (Manchester United fan) says...

If Bobby Zamora goes to the world cup, i will not be watchin it.

Posted 09:52 5th March 2010

Paul Mills says...

Our Ace in the pack..... James Milner. Absolutely has to go and seriously thought of to start as along with Roo has the best form of any English player thus far this season. And wheres Jody Craddock Mullery??? HA!

Posted 09:30 5th March 2010

Jamie Ashby says...

Agree with the picked apart from afew England teams are like a pop up book sometimes same old players , some players do it for club teams but not england ian wright the best example can think off. Crouch has got to go scored goals not against great side ,but its still the ball in the net thats how you win games lol , if crouch plays beckham surley got to p[lay a part dead balls , balls in box with crouch and the roon-dog legend should be the nuts , lennon got to go ,but got to be fit has come on big time in his game well done harry i would leave lampard he just dosent play in a england shirt if he does play make him ware a chelsea shirt under is england he will run around like a 18year old and score from any where , anyway who i am nobody buy hay good luck to the boys once again your country will be behind maybe to much lol .

Posted 09:21 5th March 2010

Austin Jose (Manchester United fan) says...

my 23: hart,johnson,terry,ferdinand,a.cole,lennon,gerrard,lampard,walcott,rooney,crouch sub:green,james,baines,upson,brown, beckham,milner,barry,wright phillips,defoe,crouch,agbanglahor

Posted 08:58 5th March 2010

Barry Mcgann says...

My 23: GK's: James, Hart, Robinson. DF: Terry, Ferdinand, G.Johnson, A.Cole, Lescott, King, Brown. MF: Gerrard, Lampard, Lennon, J.Cole, Beckham, Milner, SWP, Barry. ST: Rooney, Crouch, C.Cole, Defoe, Walcott.

Posted 17:46 4th March 2010

Kieran Hall (Manchester United fan) says...

I'd take Adam Johnson instead of Lescott. With the exception of Rooney, Johnson is the only other England player that can beat players and create something out of nothing. With Wes Brown in the squad, that gives added cover for center-backs anyway.

Posted 17:44 4th March 2010

Matt Hindle says...

Why is Heskey even thought of for the squad. We already have 2 big forwards in Crouch and C Cole who can both hold up the ball and score goals! I saw a stat this morning on SkySportsNews that Heskey has scored 1 goal in every 450 odd minutes he's played for us so far! What about Bent, Zamora and others who have done a lot more to earn a place.

Posted 17:42 4th March 2010

Keri Oke (Derby County fan) says...

further to Ray Vaughen comments , i feel warnock is not good enough for ther england squad, he was not good enough for liverpool so cannot do it on the WC stage. I feel Bridge really needs to think about what he could miss, potentially a world cup winners medal ! his son would look back and rather see daddy win the world cup and show true bravery Rory Delap should be in the squad, why is he overlooked

Posted 17:35 4th March 2010

Ian Mcleod (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

At last the voice of reason. With Englands central defenders being either unfit or out of form most of the time (ie Ferdinand - Terry - Lescott - Upson) Michael Dawson has got to be in with a shout. Nothing against Shawcross, but what has Daws got to do. He has been THE outstanding player for Spurs this season. Ledley we love you - but not for the World Cup. !!

Posted 17:22 4th March 2010

Sam Fulks (Chelsea fan) says...

Firstly JT should never have lost the captaincy, and i think Capello has handled the whole situation all wrong, and based on last nights display we will struggle to win the world cup. Stevie G has to be given a central role, behind Rooney them two will frighten any defence, then we can play with genuine width of Lennon on the right and Milner down the left. Lampard and Barry can do a job good enough in the middle of the park as good as anyone. As far as the Owen debate is concerned, if he is fit, he must go. He proved in the carling cup final he still has that predator instinct, and i wouldnt trust anyone more than him to grab us a goal when we need it. I wouldnt take Carrick, dont feel he offers too much, and would take Beckham for his passing abiltily and for the sake of the dressing room after the John Terry incident. I would include Crouch for his scoring record and his performance last night, and Defoe for his form this season. Finally if Joe Cole regains form and fitness he must be on the plane, he was our best player at the last tournament and nobody would try harder.

Posted 17:20 4th March 2010

Chris Richmond (Manchester United fan) says...

Lets see, David Beckham, he IS a quality player and I know for a fact that he will be pivotal for England during the World Cup in South Africa. Although he didn't play against Egypt, there was still a reason why Capello had him there. He's gradully went down in people's estimations as a brilliant player due to the money situation. But lets face it, there was also a reason why Capello needed him at the end of La Liga during his stint with Real Madrid. He's an excellent midfield playmaker! He's turned from a world class winger, to an excellent utility player! Central midfield, Right Midfield or as a holding midfielder! He has excellent dead ball skills but even that's not a reason just to take Beckham. He should be in the squad because he wants the football! He's hungry for glory and he WILL work for the team. Shaun Wright-Phillips has pace, but even I would chose someone who could feed the ball to a striker with surgical precision down 40 yards than someone who just runs for the sake of it. Don't get me wrong, I love SWP, but for someone to gel with the current midfield set-up, Beckham's the man.

Posted 17:19 4th March 2010

Andrew Jamieson (Celtic fan) says...

To Peter Waller, Rory Delap is Irish, so that point is null and void

Posted 16:52 4th March 2010

Matt Ayling says...

Firstly, how can everyone rite of Paul Robinson, he is just about the only English keeper not to make mistakes week in week out. He has lost weight, his shot stoping is next to nothing. Wes Brown can't go so much for capello saying that the players need to be playiing week in week out. Its only because United have so many injuries is he getting a look in. Dawson has got to go, solid, brave and doesnt have an ego like the others. Keepers:- Robinson, Green, Hart. Defenders:- Johnson terry Rio A.Cole dawson Richards and baines. Midfielders- Lennon is immense his crossing has improved massively and with the crossing of cole on the left it balances well. Lampard and barry in the middle and young on the left. Gerrard if not in centre mid, play him behind the striker Rooney, where he is awesome for Liverpool. Midfielders :- lennon, milner, young, lampard, barry, gerrard, carrick or huddlestone and wright phillips. Strikers:- Rooney is learning more to play on the last man so either a big man or someone like Gerrard who can feed passes through. Got to be Rooney, Defoe, Crouch, Agbonlahor, Heskey if a must. Peace

Posted 16:48 4th March 2010

Glenn Coleman says...

Sadly Capello has very few options. Johnson has to go because the only alternative is Gary or Philip Neville even though he cannot defend. Green makes everybody nervous and I support West Ham, but James is no better. Brown probably would not even make the bench now at utd if everyone was fit. Lescott & Upson cannot defend for toffee (again I'm a hammer). Crouch cannot even get a game at Spurs but fair play he never lets England down. Gerrard is no good on left but options ltd and nobody wants to leave out Lampard for some reason. C Cole, Heskey and Defoe are not coveted currently by the big 4 so cannot be that good. I would still take Owen because second choice at Man U is better than first choice at most other clubs and he has never let England down. Despite all that I genuingly think we have a chance but not quite sure why

Posted 16:47 4th March 2010

Dean Allam (Arsenal fan) says...

I think Alan put in a decent squad, theres only a couple of positions i think i would change. I think that in goal the keepers are a cert. Defence i would desperately try and convince bridge out of his self impose exile! definately no place for shawcross, i saw him warming up at wembley he had no tekkers! not international quality. The midfield should have gerrard at the centre he's the best all round player in the PL. Lampard on the bench, id have walcott instead of SWP, because he and lennon are to similar, walcott a bit more direct and can play second striker in emergencies. up front theirs no place for heskey!! My 23 man: GREEN HART JAMES - COLE BRIDGE TERRY FERDINAND UPSON DAWSON G. JOHNSON - WALCOTT BECKHAM GERRARD LAMPARD BARRY CARRICK LENNON DOWNING - ROONEY DEFOE OWEN C.COLE CROUCH

Posted 16:45 4th March 2010

Krishan Unadkat says...

No man i would have choosen rooney up top on his own with the support of Gerrard and i would not take Wright-Phillips he is poor lennon or walcott for me.

Posted 16:44 4th March 2010

Tristan Eichhorn (Bristol City fan) says...

oh yeah and i rate barry. but i dont see why he is seen as a certain started in sa. for me hes not done enough in an england shirt to justify himself in the first team. hargreaves over him if fit, and if carrick plays like he did last night him aswell. he changed the game, though his champs league final performance against xavi and iniesta worries me for the big games

Posted 16:43 4th March 2010

Tristan Eichhorn (Bristol City fan) says...

i agree with jack harvey. James Green Hart Johnson Brown A. Cole Baines Lescott Upson Terry Ferdinand Beckham Lennon J. Cole Milner Gerrard Lampard Barry Carrick Rooney Defoe Crouch Owen. and then if hargreaves is fit hes gota go but that looks unlikely... basically extra time, semi final. whos going to get the winner... bent, agbonglahor, heskey or owen. every one of you knows the answer.

Posted 16:40 4th March 2010

Wodge . (Manchester United fan) says...

pathetic decision for strikers and midfielders . where is owen if were ageainst spain i know i wud prefer rooney and owen more than rooney and crouch. plus ashley young is playin better thn walcott so why isnt he in the squad im glad this guy isnt the manager of england or else there wud be no point going to africa!

Posted 16:16 4th March 2010

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