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World at their feet

World at their feet

Alan Mullery has selected his 23-man England squad for the 2010 World Cup. But do you agree?

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Dave Webster (Liverpool fan) says...

I think that's a good shout for the squad but i'd definately say there are a few places up for grabs within the squad. Keepers; Green, Hart, James. can't see it changing. Defense; Cole (only if he's had match practice), Baines, Terry, Ferdinand, Jagielka, Johnson and Richards. Midfield; Gerrard, Lampard, Barry, Carrick, Milner, Lennon, Downing, SWP. Forwards; Rooney, Defoe, Crouch, Cole. There's a couple of defensive sports that could change, shawcross, brown, lescott all will be pushing for the squad, midfield, Young, Becks, J Cole will all think they have a good chance, walcott shouldn't be in the squad, his positional place is terrible. and strikers, Bent has been on fire but seems to be a distance from being in the squadm also heskey and agbonlahor could well sneak it! Don't need 5 strikers as Gerrard's been playing as a striker all season.

Posted 16:12 4th March 2010

Paul Dunyermu says...

I agree with A lotey, this is completely based on the Egypt game, SWP has had terrible performances for us mostly and he'd be watching from home if I was picking the squad. Lennon is another who is a one trick pony, even if he does beat his man his crosses are useless! Carlton Cole does not get in either, i'd take Ashley Young (can play left or right) and Gabby cuz these two link up well and under a bit of pressure we may just benefit on the counter attack (can you see Heskey outpacing the opposition defence?). Serious question marks over Brown and Hart me thinks

Posted 16:08 4th March 2010

Barry Griffin says...

hart, robinson, james; johnson, brown, terry, ferdinand, upson, baines, warnock, lescott; young, lennon, lampard, gerrard, carrick, wright phillips, barry, milner; rooney, agbonlahor, crouch, defoe

Posted 16:08 4th March 2010

Joshua Lutzno (Arsenal fan) says...

From an outsiders perspective... I watch every premier league game each weekend, and every england game (even though i do no support england), but i think that Agbonlahor and Young simply have to be included. they've had 2 consecutive excellent seasons, and Agbonlahor is certainly better than Heskey, Defoe and C Cole. Young is also a must for me because hes a lot better than Walcott (from an Arsenal fan) and Downing, J Cole, and possibly SWP. Milner is a non-negotiable, and i think is 100% on the plane.

Posted 15:53 4th March 2010

Charlie C (Fulham fan) says...

yes i totally agree with Craig Dobson. I dont understand why bobby zamora isnt mentioned, because of his recent form, he is scoring goals, he is one of the best in the premiership for holding up the ball. better than cole and heskey. just give him a chance.

Posted 15:44 4th March 2010

Michael Campbell (Middlesbrough fan) says...

I still think you need experience going into a major tournament which is why James should be number 1, also Beckham is a must as you get an assist or a goal everytime he plays, SWP is not premier league class let alone international which is why Becks must go, also Downing gives us something different so id take him, my keepers are, James, Green, Hart, defenders, Johnson, Richards, Ferdinand, Lescott, Terry, Upson,Cole, Warnock, midfield, Beckham, Lennon, Carrick, Barry,Gerrard,Lampard,Downing, & Milner, up front id take, Rooney, Crouch, Heskey, & Defoe, this squad would go far in SA, a shame Hargreaves isnt fit as he is quality, Come on England

Posted 15:41 4th March 2010

Joel Adejoro (Manchester United fan) says...

Keepers. Green,james,hart..Defenders.ferdinand,terry,baines,johnson,brown,upson,lescort..midfielders .lampard,barry,gerard,milner,lennon,carick nd wright philip..up front .rooney crouch,defoe and owen. Second thought.hagreave,beckam,jagieka,heskey,bent,c.cole,w.bridge.cahil,joe cole and young

Posted 15:33 4th March 2010

Jamie Smart (Manchester United fan) says...

Gk: Green James Hart Def: Brown Lescott Terry Upson Ferdinand Baines Cole Mid: Beckham Lampard Gerrard Milner Barry Carrick Young Lennon Walcott Str: Agbonlahor Rooney Defoe Crouch

Posted 15:24 4th March 2010

Callum Turnbull (Newcastle United fan) says...

Hart,Johnson,terry,ferdinand,cole,milner,lampard,gerrard,barry,rooney,crouch unsure on fredinand but no one else,cappello can make stevie G and lamps work and BECKHAM must go to the world cup!!!!!!

Posted 15:20 4th March 2010

Adam Brassington says...

Gabby no no no, absolutely useless against anyone half decent, hje should be training for London 2012 not the World cup. Upson wud be as useless. Im sure capello will do us proud and bring back the trophy!!

Posted 15:15 4th March 2010

Ray Vaughan (Motherwell fan) says...

England have "The Best League In The World" and struggle for cover in a standard position on the park. Wayne Bridge at best isn't a stand out although from what ive heard hes first in at training and last out. They will not suffer without him. Personally they will suffer without Terry more and Cole, well he's easily the best left back in the world. I believe Aston Villa could have easily 5 players in the England squad at the WC, Heskey should not be one of them and Owens name should never be mentioned, same with Theo Walcott, he's been shocking! Hart. Warnock. Terry. Ferdinand. Johnson. Gerrard. Lampard. Barry. Carrick. Rooney. Crouch/Defoe

Posted 15:06 4th March 2010

James Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

heskey out, owen in. and what about walcott?!!! he has to be there

Posted 14:58 4th March 2010

Antonio Greer (Manchester United fan) says...

Our best 2 players are Rooney and Gerrard so lets play to their strengths. We should play 4-5-1 when we dont have the ball and 4-3-3 when we do. the way man u have been playing with rooner up on his own has produced the best from him. Having carrick holding and pulling the strings would allow gerrard and lampard to push on and support rooney. Owen and beckham also need to go! if you look at time on the pitch to goal ratio for owen this season it is pretty good. and beckham will be useful in the squad. starting xi: Green, Brown, Ferdinand, terry, cole (if fit), carrick, lamps, gerrard, swp or lennon, milner, rooney! come on england lets win the world cup!

Posted 14:53 4th March 2010

Kieth Fletcher (Manchester United fan) says...

I would take Ashley Young of the Villa instead of Lennon. Young can play either on the left or right hand side whereas Lennon is one dimensional and in any case is the same player as Wright-Phillips. I would also take Gabriel Agbonlahor instaed of Carlton Cole. His pace will frighten any team. A great player to have in reserve at a tournament.

Posted 14:49 4th March 2010

Dino Jane (Manchester United fan) says...

GK: Green,James,Foster Def: Ferdinand, Terry, Upson, A.Cole, Brown, Baines, Johnson MD: Carrick, Gerrard, Lampard, Beckham, Young, Barry, Milner, Lennon Str: Rooney, Crouch, Defoe, Heskey

Posted 14:49 4th March 2010

Glenn Dyer (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

lennon in the form he has been in is a must, continental full backs wouldn't have a clue how to handle him, premiership full backs can't and they watch him every week! i'd think about wright phillips as back up too. as much as a love becks, you can't use a place in the squad just becuase he's good for the dressing room, you'd be better off asking him to come along without him being in the squad! crouchie will go but i don't know about him in the starting 11, just because he iis a great weapon when things aren't going your way. if he starts and we fail then, what? every utd fan thinks owen should be there even though he doesn't play for uniteds first team?!! micah richards has turned his season round and before johnson got injured all people done was criticise his season and question his 18m price tag, so why is he suddenly a shoe in? wouldn't rule out bridge making a return either. he'll come round. starting 11:- james, richards, terry, ferdinand, baines (bridge), lennon, carrick, gerrard, lampard, rooney, defoe

Posted 14:30 4th March 2010

Peter Baird (Sunderland fan) says...

My squad would be: Green, Hart, Foster Johnson, Ferdinand, Terry, A. Cole, Richards, Jagielka, Upson, Baines (if not Bridge hasn't reversed his decision by then). Lennon, Hargreaves (if fit, if not Barry), Lampard, Gerrard, Beckahm, Carrick, J. Cole, Milner. Rooney, Crouch, Defoe, Agbonlahor (is physically strong meaning he can play as a target man and also has plenty of pace to burn, more than most in the squad. He has played as a target man on occasion for Villa and has more often than for Villa , played as lone striker for the Under 21s, doing a great job.)

Posted 14:22 4th March 2010

Alex Monteith (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

To Ross Grice, have you actually watched any premier league forball this season, while I am happy to admit that lennons crossing in past seasons has indeed been rather shoddy this year for spurs and in his most recent England performances te boy has been nothing short of majestic, he is by far the quickest player in the league and he has now found the final ball which has been missing from his game in past years. I dont only think he has to go to the world cup I think he has to start if we are to have any chance of winning, especially in the later stages against teams such as brazil Spain etc who will undoubtably control possession against us his speed on the counter attack will be vital if we have any chance of winning the big one. I also think carrick should start we looked a different side last night when he came on because he anchored the midfield beautifully. Green, Johnson, terry, Ferdinand, cole, Lennon, carrick, gerrard, milner, Rooney and crouch

Posted 14:20 4th March 2010

Peter Waller (Manchester United fan) says...

Think how many goals the English side could score if Rory Delap was throwing balls onto the head of Peter Crouch!

Posted 14:18 4th March 2010

Stuart Kelly (Arsenal fan) says...

Bent all the way been in good form for sunderland swap him for c. cole. Would take walcott, will prove himself like he does in all the big games.

Posted 14:17 4th March 2010

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