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World at their feet

World at their feet

Alan Mullery has selected his 23-man England squad for the 2010 World Cup. But do you agree?

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Kit Kit (Manchester United fan) says...

Lennon needs to sort his crossing out if he's going to south africa. Don't get me wrong he's very useful to us, but if the delivery is wrong it doesn't matter how many times he skips past his full back. If he doesn't sort it, A Young would be an ideal alternative, just started to show some of last seasons form more recently. Also lescott and barry have both played poor all season (maybe a slightly biased view as a united supporter), but still I think they both need to improve if they are to be part of the spine of our team. Hart/Green, Cole (if fit), Rio (if fit), Terry, Johnson, Young, Carrick, Gerrard, Milner, Crouch, Roooooooneeeyyyyyyyyy

Posted 14:16 4th March 2010

Scott Hayfield says...

I do not fink that beckham should be included, all just cause he is famous doe mean that he should go to the world Cup

Posted 14:08 4th March 2010

Jack Harvey says...

Agree with some of it, not on others though. I have to echo everyone else and say Beckham has to go, whenever he comes on for England he plays well and often gets an assist. He can also play wide right and in the middle which is important in a 23 man squad to have players who can play in more than one position. SWP had his chance when Mclaren first took over and he didnt cement his place, and for me his form is way off. And again as other have said, why take C. Cole, Crouch and Heskey? I'd take Owen ahead of the other two. My squad would be: James Green Hart Johnson Brown A. Cole Baines Lescott Upson Terry Ferdinand Beckham Lennon J. Cole Milner Gerrard Lampard Barry Carrick Rooney Defoe Crouch Owen.

Posted 14:06 4th March 2010

Jay Allen (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Ok, good shout with the squad. i would definately NOT take Wes Brown, i think Micah Richards is immense. Hes build frightens many people. Walcott, should not go Lennon and SWP do his job better. Okay he can run, go be an athelete not a footballer. For the people saying Lennon shouldnt go? are you all crazy? Aaron Lennon has developed so much, people werent saying these things when he was setting up nearly every goal from the right hand side! he's the best and most natural replacement for Beckham. Milner should not be overlooked IMO he is the most underrated English player. He is amazing.

Posted 14:03 4th March 2010

A Lotey (Arsenal fan) says...

Sigh...Alan Mullery, your just picking players based on the game last night against egypt!! Theres a bigger picture! I agree with GK's, but I think Hart has a good shot to start if he plays well until the end of the season. In defence I would not take upson (he just isn't good enough) and would replace him with a midfielder as Wes Brown is versatile, or take upson as last resort cover! I would also not take 5 strikers, I would personally leave Heskey out as I think crouch can do his job and do it better!! I would let the rest of the season decide wether to take C.Cole or Agbonlahor! Jo cole is a must, hes just getting his form back slowly! Squad: Hart, Green, James, Ferdinand, Terry, Lescott, Upson,Brown, A.Cole, Baines, Johnson, Lampard, Gerrard, Barry, J. Cole, Carrick, Lennon, Walcott, SWP, Rooney, Crouch, Defoe, (C.Cole or Agbonlahor)

Posted 14:02 4th March 2010

Lee Searle says...

Everyone is a football critic and believes they should pick the line up. Purely based on performance this season... which is the only thing that needs to be taken into consideration, is: GK: Green LB: Cole. RB: Johnson. CB: Terry. CB: Upson. RM: Milner. LM: Gerrard. CM: Carrick CM: Barry CF: Rooney. CF: Crouch At the risk of contradicting myself about performance this season, I can help but feel that Owen has a lot more at international level, his movement off the ball is second to none, however Ferguson can't keep him on the pitch! Ferdinand is undoubtedly one of the best centre back in the world, but is seriously struggling with form and injuries this season. I think Joe Cole is a game changer and potential game winner and to leave him out would be a bad move. Others that should go are: Lampard, Agbonglahor, Defoe, Hart, James, Lescott, Shawcross, Lennon and Bridge.

Posted 14:02 4th March 2010

Jhan Aslam (Manchester United fan) says...

The squad is 95% correct according to my point of view but there is something wrong that is HESKEY is still in squad we should kick out him from england squad. Agbonlahor or Bent will be suitable against heskey replace. I wont aloow HESKEY in england squad at any rate. he has been compete depreciated. NO HESKEY NO HESKEY NO HESKEY

Posted 13:59 4th March 2010

Bill Clinton (Arsenal fan) says...

Hart, Johnson, Terry, Ferdinand, Cole, Barry, Lennon, Gerrard, Lampard, Crouch, Rooney(capt). Don't bring Beckham, he's day is gone at this level and the English are the only one's who can't see it

Posted 13:54 4th March 2010

Jim Drake (Barnsley fan) says...

James (not Hart - he'll poo his pants), Johnson, Ferdinand, Terry, A Cole (not Bridge - he'll let a bird get in the way of playing for your country), J Cole, Lampard, Gerrard, Lennon, Rooney, Defoe - Crouchy on bench, still love you. Hopefully Fabio can do the job and bring the trophy home!

Posted 13:53 4th March 2010

James Smith says...

Heskey has to go, be brings out the best in Gerrard and Rooney! he is able to go on the wing and let them two play together. Every time Heskey has played he brings the whole team together better as a unit. Yes i totally agree that his goal scoring ratio is not good however, the work he does in holding the ball up is better and than most players. Beckham goes Lennon is not fit he has not played in a while we can't go on a maybe, look what happened with rooney and beckham last time. I would also have Downing in for Carlton Cole. and have four strikers instead of five. Downing has proved for villa this term he can play along the middle as well as Milner. I am still unsure over Defoe, i think i would take him or agbonlahor!

Posted 13:50 4th March 2010

Helen Bonello (Manchester United fan) says...

Beckham should be in the squad! He can set up goals, take great corners. He is professional and passionate about playing for England. He has a lot to give and I am sure most of the fans would love to see him there!

Posted 13:47 4th March 2010

Sean Callaghan (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

starting XI should be - hart, johnson, terry, ferdinand, cole, lennon, barry, carrick, lamps, gerrard playing in behind need for a subpar 2nd striker with rooney, let gerrard link up with him and carrick in the middle to distribute the ball forward with barry sitting in front of the back four. lennon down the right and lampard down the left

Posted 13:31 4th March 2010

Lee Davies (Liverpool fan) says...

You can't afford not to take Bekham with his experience and ability to deliver a killer ball or free kick, he's a great player to have come on in the final quarter of a game and he's versatile. No Carlton Cole for me, not even proven at Prem level and when you consider that he may just warm the bench the whole time, Owen has to to be really carefully considered instead, been there, done it and still a great finisher. Rooney looks to have added master poacher to his game, Owen is a more than able back up and usually always does it in the BIG GAMES, as shown in th CC final. Disappionted for Joe Cole, big game player that can change a game but not played enough

Posted 13:29 4th March 2010

Sam Spratt (Portsmouth fan) says...

I think leave behind Brown and Heskey and bring in Beckham and Downing. Our front and back lines are pretty solid, but our midfield needs constant tinkering and changing to keep them working. We could happily play the entire World Cup with a back line of Johnson, Terry, Ferdinand & Cole and a Front 2 of Rooney & Crouch (providing all stay fit)...but we can't play an entire world cup with Gerrard, Lampard, Barry and Lennon as they will become stale and run out of ideas.

Posted 13:18 4th March 2010

Greg Wilde (Burnley fan) says...

No Beckham??? Your opinion now means nothing!!! Capello has picked him in almost every squad, I'd bet my house he goes!! and if he thinks he shud go, then i think he shud go. Best England manager since Sir Bobby!!

Posted 13:16 4th March 2010

Ben Clark (Manchester United fan) says...

So, does everyone think Owen isn't even in with a shout? For those who are saying leave out Terry, haven't got a clue about football. Beckham has to go, even if it is just for the dressing room. Upson looks good but isn't and good as Ferdinand. As much as I rate Defoe, Crouch has to start if we play 2 strilkers (I believe we should) I like Heskey and he's proven he can do it at England level (unlike C.Cole) Finally, Joe Cole is a must.... I think he will regain form and help us Win the W/C. I'd keep Green as number 1 too. Starting 11. Green, Johnson, Ferdinand, Upson, Cole, Barry, J.Cole, Gerrard, Milner, Crouch, Rooney.

Posted 13:14 4th March 2010

James Robinson says...

Im an Arsenal fan and im staggered that Agbonlahor has been overlooked! we dont need Carlton Cole do we? But with Gabby at least we have frightening pace as an option to bring on when legs are tired! It really is a no brainer and i cant believe a guy earning £6 Million a year cant see it!!!! Look what he did to Vidic (one of the best center backs in the world). Beckham being there is a joke aswell, what does he bring other than someone who can take a free-kick or corner, he has never played well in previous World Cup's so why would that be any different this time.

Posted 13:08 4th March 2010

Ashley Hodgeon says...

Hart Johnson Terry Ferdinand Cole Beckham Lampard Gerrard(c) SWP Rooney Crouch Subs: Green, Lescott, Richards, Milner, Lennon, Carrick, Defoe

Posted 13:05 4th March 2010

Chris Moore (Stockport County fan) says...

Joe Cole has to be on the plane to South Africa. With confidence he is one of the best players in the world. I hope Rooney lives up to his English hype and does it for our country. The JT thing has to be forgotten about. Sorry Bridgey, you wouldn't be going anyway. Ashley will be back in no time. Dont even get me started on Matt 'cart-horse' Upson. I'd prefer myself than him. Imagine Xavi, Ronaldinho, Henry running at him. I'd pay to see that, he'd be all over the place. No-one can have a go a Stevie, He's our man. Barry....You are very very slow at running. You looked good at Villa, but I forget you even play for City when I watch them...non-existent. Having said all that, I'm confident Cappello will chose the right team and lead us to the Trophy.

Posted 13:03 4th March 2010

Tony Burton (Liverpool fan) says...

Not a bad squad. I think I would still take Beckham just because late in a game he might just put in that cross you need and I think he is the kind of person who would not complain and disrupt things if he wasn't playing. I know it is hard to critisize Capello but the Heskey thig does puzzle me. He says players need to be fit and playing regular to make his team but that does not seen to apply to Heskey, he is not always fit, dosen't play regular and his goal scoring record does not compare to others who can play that position

Posted 13:02 4th March 2010

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