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World at their feet

World at their feet

Alan Mullery has selected his 23-man England squad for the 2010 World Cup. But do you agree?

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Doobi Doo (Liverpool fan) says...

im sorry but Mr mullary im so glad your not the manager otehrwise we would have no chance. taking heskey is a joke what has he done to deserve going to the world cup. I also thing Defoe is a bottler on the international stage even Vassell has a better scoring record then him. I would tkae becks n owen just because in the last 15-20 mins, bring on becks , owen n crouchy and england would be garanteed of scoring

Posted 12:18 4th March 2010

Tom Coleman (Chelsea fan) says...

I don't understand how Sean Allan can leave out Terry and Ashley Cole. Number 1, Ashley Cole is ten times the player of Wayne Bridge, who I don't even consider to be as good as Baines. Terry when on form (which he will be once his private life blows over) is one of our best centre backs. Ridiculous choices.

Posted 12:12 4th March 2010

James G (Newcastle United fan) says...

Don't disagree to much with Alan, i wouldn't take SWP as i think he is to similar to Lennon. I would take Downing in his place, he can play on either wing and has had a great year with Villa. I would possibly Sacrifice Baines for Beckham, if A. Cole gets back and gets a couple of games under his belt before the world cup i would have Lescott as the cover lb/cb and have Beckhams Fantastic leadership abilities in the squad, no one tries harder or is more motivated to play for there country. Strickers are correct in my opinion. My Starting 11 would be Hart (fab will go with Green though) Johnson, Rio, Terry, Cole, Lennon, Gerrard, Carrick, Downing, Crouch and Rooney. Lampard will play in Capello's team but he just doesn't do it for England, he was really poor against Egypt and i think playing Carrick will get the best from Gerrard who for me alongside Rooney will be our key player. I would pick Downing for his great delivery into the box rooney and crouch are both scoring plenty of goals from crosses and after beckham he is the bast crosser of the ball we have. Barry unfortunate to miss out but Carrick is a better player with big game Champions League Experience. Defoe wil play a vital role from the bench and is excellent cover if the unthinkable happens and rooney is injured. I Don't think many country's have a better squad than us lets hope the fans fourtunate enough to be there really get behind the lads and we can have a great World cup.

Posted 12:07 4th March 2010

Ryan Bell says...

i wonder how capello can continue to make the claim he picks based on playing regularly and present form after the team selection last night. hart has been far and away the best english goalkeeper in the PL this season, while walcott and brown have been struggling for both games and form. beckham has to go for 2 reasons: first for his obvious experience and leadership abilities, and second b/c lennon, swp, milner, and walcott are all very similar players. quick, eager to cut inside, but poor on delivery (although milner's is fast improving). beckham doesn't have their legs that right foot is still second to none, he's got to be in the team ahead of heskey or carlton cole, neither of whom bring a lot to the team if you ask me

Posted 12:06 4th March 2010

Semiyu Akanji (Chelsea fan) says...

I agree with is goalkeepers, I think green should be given the no.1 spot, In midfield i think Beckham should be included, because the two wide men selected(Shaun and Lennon) has the same stye of play which centred on speed and dribbles. non has the crossing ability or the dead ball technique of Beckham. I will prefer that one of them is drop while Beckham is selected. The selection in the attack is good but i have my reservation for Heskey. My England squad Vs USA: Green, Gleen Johnson (if fit) A Cole (if fit), Ferdinand, Terry,Carrick, Beckam,Barry, Gerrard, Rooney, C.Cole

Posted 12:03 4th March 2010

Adam Brassington says...

I think that Joe Cole has to be on the plane to South Africa, I accept he hasn't played all that regularly this season due to injuries, but then again neither has Shaun Wright Phillips. Joe is pure class and one of our best performers last time out in Germany, he's in a different class to SWP and Lennon for that matter. I hope he takes Bobby Zamora, he's all heart !.. Upson's dodgy, Walcott's not got the bottle, Downings not good enough and you can't take Gabby to a World Cup

Posted 11:59 4th March 2010

Mark Baumfield (Newcastle United fan) says...

I think the 4-5-1 would be best for England.. Green, Johnson, Terry, Ferdinand, Cole, Lennon, Gerrard, Lampard, Carrick, Milner, Rooney. The pairing at centre half depends a lot on their form/fitness in Rios case between now and June. I think there are central defenders performing a lot better in the country at the moment i.e. Shawcross but experience is key at the World Cup! Carrick is able to as good if not better job than Barry and Gerrard can go and play behind Rooney. I think Beckham is a must and why take Crouch, Cole and Heskey? Leave Heskey behind!!

Posted 11:54 4th March 2010

Mohamed Mohamed says...

Excellent squad by Mullery, but I think for me I would prefer Hart to be No. 1, others no problems

Posted 11:54 4th March 2010

Graham Allan says...

My starting 11 GK Green RB Johnston CB Ferdinand CB Terry (unfortunetly) LB Cole RM Lennon CM Gerrard CM Carrick LM Milner FW Rooney FW Crouch

Posted 11:36 4th March 2010

Nick Bailey (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

mostly i'd agree with that list except Hesky... I hust dont get the point of a stiker who doesn't score goals?! He's like a car with no wheels. Solid but pointless. Also I do think that Beckham needs to be in the squad. For the passion and experience he can bring.

Posted 11:35 4th March 2010

Steve Roberts (Southampton fan) says...

One more thing!... Peter Crouch Although A few other players seem "techicly better" Who else has to prove them selfs over and over and over.. he is the best player to play with Roo just caus he is not our usual player you cant ignore his goal scoring record for England. A start against USA will do fantastic things for his confidence and i think could be our world cup hero.

Posted 11:27 4th March 2010

Garion Vincent (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Thats pretty close to what i feel would be our best squad but i would make a few changes 1. I dont feel James deserves to be in there, Kirkland should go i reckon as 3rd choice. 2. Before yesterday i would have said take Warnock instead of Baines but because he played Baines yesterday its too late for Warnock i feel. 3. Beckham has to go really but im worried about lack of natural options on the left, Beckham instead of C.Cole who I feel brings nothing to the squad, unless Joe Cole's form improves.

Posted 11:25 4th March 2010

Willy Hampton (Crystal Palace fan) says...

Id have the same squad but Beckham in for Heskey. there is no need to have Crouch, Heskey and Cole who are all the same type of player. Beckham still has more quality than all our other RW options but not the legs. a super sub? yes why not. who else in world football woudl you want to come on any situation? experience and quality that might jsut be the difference. last reason is that i would paly 451 so dont need 5 strikers. my starting 11 Green Johnson Rio Terry Cole Lennon Carrick Gerrard Barry Milner Rooney Now that is world class. 2 dangerous wingers, 3 quality CMs to control the game. Gerrard in his best postion behind the current best striker in the world, who this season has proved he can do a lone job up top. If Rio and terry can turn up we have a great great chance of winning the world cup imo.

Posted 11:23 4th March 2010

Sean Allan (Celtic fan) says...

Englands startin line up should be ( Ifall would commit) : James Johnson Ferdinand Upson Bridge Lennon Gerrard Carrick Downing Rooney Crouch Downing is by far englands best left sided midfielder, that is waht you need to get the balance right, get terry out he has been ashambles of a player since everything.

Posted 11:22 4th March 2010

John Salter says...

On the whole I would agree with the selection but would query Baines in defence. I would swap him for Warnock who is bigger, faster and has more ability when attacking. Ferdinand is a big worry with a lack of form recently and injuries. I would also swap Heskey for Agbonglahor. Gabby is faster, more direct and scores more goals, afterall thats what a striker is supposed to do. I think Emile has had his chance and is now past his best. England have to have positive, fast and productive players who are willing to put the effort in for every second of every game like James Milner does. Lampard and Gerrard playing together hasn't worked todate so I would replace Lampard with Milner using Lampard as a sub. Ashley Young could be considered but he has to prove himself with more consistent peformances.

Posted 11:22 4th March 2010

Paul Lions (Millwall fan) says...

Not sure l agree with you comment on Wes Brown. Though he had a resonable game, gave the ball away a couple of times in the first half, but no more than anybody else. He played well in the second half and l can't really remember Egypt creating anything down the the right hand side. Great little ball for Wright-Phillips to set up Crouch though! Glen Johnson def has to be in the squad although not sure if he should be first choice - great going forward, but his defending's a little suspect!

Posted 11:22 4th March 2010

Steve Roberts (Southampton fan) says...

Firstly i just think Theo was trying too hard, he has the quality and pase to change any game for that i ithink he should be there. Sort of agree with the Becham thing but he is in good shape and form, is a fantastic role modle and the team will benifit from his experience. If Joe Cole is fit he is by far our best left side sub so should go. Carlton cole was not given enough time to show all what he can do but i dont think is ready for the big games. When Carrick came on he made Lamps look really average who i thought had an off game but leaving him out isnt an option because he is Frank Lampard! and that just does not happen. Difficalt job to cut players but thats why Cappello gets paid so much more than you or I. Good Luck!

Posted 11:19 4th March 2010

Freddie Seward says...

Good idea Alan, big mistake re Beckham. He is such a team player he needs to be there, even if its for 20 mins here and there, he fits in so many slots, lets hope the manager does not listen to you.

Posted 11:17 4th March 2010

Mhata Dako says...

why did you leave out darren bent.he has more goals than peter crouch,hesky n calton cole. dissapppointing suggestions.Beckham is important in that squad

Posted 11:05 4th March 2010

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