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Captain Marvel on...

Captain Marvel on...

Bryan Robson speaks to Alex Dunn about all things England, Manchester United and even City.

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Paul Edge (Manchester United fan) says...

Robbo truly is Captain Marvel, my boyhood hero growing up in Manchester in the 80s and 90s. Great interview and spot on in his sage opinions. England would be a natural choice to hold the World Cup in 2018. It's already been proven that the UK can host these large events, eg Euro 96, Commonwealth Games etc. Yes there are some issues with infrastructure, but England's football history, world class stadia, and support for the beautiful game would ensure a wonderful tournament. (As long as Baddiel and Skinner don't release any more songs!!!) It would also mean that my new home Australia, would be able to bid for 2022!!!! Good Luck England and Australia in their respective bids and also for South Africa this summer.

Posted 14:21 25th March 2010

Mathias Wabwire (Liverpool fan) says...

Basing on England's level of football and standard of playing playing fields security,culture and othe things,why not host the worldcup come 2018?i think England is up there with the likes of Germay,Italy,USA,Spain i wish England all the best in its bid to host what i assume will be the best worldcup ever. Bravo England.

Posted 08:19 24th March 2010

Ruben Frankish (Manchester United fan) says...

Robson your a true legend mate! I agree with your thoughts on England and United... spot on old boy. I just hope what the papers are saying about Rooneys knee are just them creating stories cos if it is his knee, I'm very worried for United and England cos lets be fare both teams will strugle without him in there squad. Berba on his own will strugle. Anyhow, hows Bangkok?? Same Same no doubt lol.

Posted 18:22 23rd March 2010

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