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It's the closest election day in years. Who should represent England at the WAG & Stag World Cup?

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Aslam Shawon says...

The WAGs shouldn't be allowed in WC. Let the players focus on their game for a month. Cricketers travel the whole world without them.

Posted 12:05 7th May 2010

David Moloney says...


Posted 01:24 7th May 2010

United & england 4 lyf says...

Crouchy's girl is the best! No doubt about it (Hope Crouch makes it to the world cup. Cumon Crouchy!!!)

Posted 20:20 6th May 2010

Matthew Guyett (Manchester United fan) says...

i go for alex curran, she is the fittest

Posted 17:11 6th May 2010

Jon Garrat (Arsenal fan) says...

posh and becks are the original n best!! end of! unless we are talking about world footballers in that case daniel de rossi mrs has my vote!

Posted 16:50 6th May 2010

Louis Walmsley (Manchester City fan) says...

They're all better than my missus so i'm not fussed!

Posted 15:38 6th May 2010

Chris Max brown (Manchester City fan) says...

my vote goes to them all, i just love women!

Posted 15:06 6th May 2010

Stevo Smith says...

none of the to be Vanessa Perroncel

Posted 13:30 6th May 2010

Hannah Bahrin says...

i didnt know christina blakley was frank lampards girlfriend!!!! i love watching her on the one show shes always smiling, shes not like a wanna be wag if you know what i mean ive never seen her with frank lampard or on publicity stunts

Posted 13:14 6th May 2010

Brinley Sturgeon (Manchester United fan) says...

As I'm a football supporter, it's a football based poll on a football website tyhen i think the footballing aspect should be a priority- that cuts it down Crouchy/Abbey (not guarenteed to start for Spurs or England) and Theo/Melanie (same for Arsenal/England). Christine's not been around long enough with Frank so we're down to Wayne/Colleen vs Stevie G/ Alex. While I'm a Man Utd fan I have to say old Shrek's not much of a looker and Ms Curran is certainly a stunner so Stevie and Alex for me!

Posted 13:12 6th May 2010

Steven Gerrard (obvious liverpool fan) says...

I know I'm married like, but Abbey Clancey would get one definitely, whilst my missus is out with Pancake.

Posted 13:05 6th May 2010

Connor Kielty (Arsenal fan) says...

has to be Theo's misses ;) But Christine would get my 2nd vote as she's a good Newry lass LOL

Posted 12:39 6th May 2010

Stuart Padgett says...

It doesn't matter who we vote in to represent England at the Wag and Stag World Cup because Sylvie van der Vaart will blow them all out of the water.

Posted 12:27 6th May 2010

Mike Cody (Liverpool fan) says...

Abi Clancy is simply sensation......then i wouldnt say know to Alex either..... Im not fussy either way!

Posted 12:25 6th May 2010

Jetrude Bentley says...

Nice to see 3 WAGS are scousers

Posted 12:22 6th May 2010

James Hill (Stoke City fan) says...

Its all about Christine I'm afraid. She is simply stunning with a great figue and as the poster above said- she actaully has a real job and has got there all on her own without being a WAG! I'd love to take her out!!

Posted 10:56 6th May 2010

Luke Seaton says...

Christine, only one that has a real job

Posted 10:53 6th May 2010

Vasco Vasco (Manchester United fan) says...

I Love all the Wags but Wayne's my Hero

Posted 10:45 6th May 2010

Sarah Burns (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Christine.....The only one with a real job and provides for themselves without the help of their wag status

Posted 21:56 5th May 2010

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