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Winners and losers

Winners and losers

Peter Fraser predicts the players to be cut from England boss Fabio Capello's World Cup squad.

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Darrell Preece (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Why no Paul Robinson as one of the 3 keepers? He has experience & has had a decent season. Upson doesnt deserve his place, West Hams defensive record proves this! Dawson must go as he has had a fantastic season & Spurs' defensive record backs that. Walcott doesnt play enough for Arsenal when he's fit so why play for England? His hat trick v Croatia isnt enough to merit his starting place! Gerrard should be playing through the middle, just behind Rooney & Defoe with Milner or Joe Cole on the left & Lennon on the right. Crouch is a great sub who gives a different approach but could start at the expense of Defoe against bigger defences.. Huddlestone will protect the back 4 & do a better passing/ tackling job than Carrick who has had a fairly poor season.. Scholes was better for Man Utd! Left back belongs to Cole, right back has had Johnson stake his claim whilst central defenders Terry & Ferdinand should be played but Rio does have attention issues so look for King or Carragher to push hard for a start....

Posted 11:46 26th May 2010

Nathan Challands (Leicester City fan) says...

I think that scott parker is way better than gareth barry, i think he should leave barry at home drinking tea and take scott parker, he puts alot more effort and heart into his role in defensive midfield, and can also take an attacking option on the break. Scotty Parker Gets My Vote!!! Joe Hart 4 Number 1#.. Then Instead Of Bent, Take Matty Fryatt, okay Just joking about That One...

Posted 11:39 26th May 2010

Gray Law (West Ham United fan) says...

Looks like to me the manager will make the same mistakes as previous England managers ie. playing people out of position(King) or picking people who are unfit(Barry) and picking people on past performance who are not playing well (Rio)

Posted 11:19 26th May 2010

Mark Baumfield (Newcastle United fan) says...

I would like to see Hart/Green, Cole, Ferdinand, Terry, Johnson, Johnson, Barry, Lampard, Lennon, Gerrard, Rooney as a starting 11. Rooney best uptop on his own. Gerrard best behind a striker through the middle. Lampard best running from deep. Barry best holding. Lets play to our strengths! Lets not leave Gerrard out wide left... I mean can everyone else see he is about as good as Downing on the left and not Mr Capello?! Its ridiculous!

Posted 11:01 26th May 2010

Sean Hayes (West Ham United fan) says...

Scotty Parker has to go - passion is the key and I do not see enough of it in the team, also he is in form and should be included.

Posted 10:18 26th May 2010

Dean Jules (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Why does everyone leave Dawson behind? He's in top form, qualified for CL preliminary round, has everything Upson has in his little toe, and at 26 years and 6'4" this stout yorkshireman can captain Spurs when his centreback partner King is rested. C'mon folks, Upson's going home open your eyes and see the future England captain take his rightfull place!

Posted 06:56 26th May 2010

Ralph Mudie (Portsmouth fan) says...

David James should start on the 12th. He has the experience, the ability to make world class saves, and he's Pompey !!! Give us a break not long ago there were more Pompey players on the England team at Wembley than from any other team.

Posted 03:53 26th May 2010

James Frost (Leicester City fan) says...

For those worried about left back after this tournament, watch Joe Mattock for West Brom next year. Quality, quality player.

Posted 03:20 26th May 2010

Jan Paprocki (Liverpool fan) says...

Is Ferdinand's place really that secure? He's missed most of the season through injury and in my opinion has under performed for England this last year. Is he keeping his position based on reputation? Maybe King, Carragher or Dawson would be better suited to play with Terry.

Posted 22:40 25th May 2010

Gary Daulby (Everton fan) says...

Leighton Baines deserves his WC place, superb left foot, great corners and set pieces. Will give England another option if called upon. I guess he has been asked to be more defensive minded by Capello. At Everton he constantly raids down the left and delivers superb balls into the box.

Posted 22:39 25th May 2010

Lazarus Sunhwa (Arsenal fan) says...

Theo must in the plane to South Africa,remember his hat trick against Crotia.

Posted 21:49 25th May 2010

Andrew Bailey (Sunderland fan) says...

Darren Bent has proven he scores goals and that is what forwards are ultimately judged on. He must be ahead of Heskey by a mile and Bent must go to the world cup if fully fit!

Posted 21:13 25th May 2010

Arthur Gillett (West Ham United fan) says...

well I was at the game and am going to SA and some players certainly didnt perform -Carrick sloppy passing and mainly ineffective in the tackle. King too slow got turned to easy and beaten for pace. Despite lack of goals expect to see Heskey fill the role against USA. Showed how bad the Terry/bridge problem has caused as Baines is poor cover for Cole.Didnt think milner center and gerrard left worked. I am unsure whether he will experiment on sunday or play his strongest but I would prefer to see cole and cole on the left as they team up well. I would like to see Parker and Lampard in the middle with Parker playing the hoding midfielder and I would push Gerrard up further to play in the hole behind rooney. If Ashley dont play then try warnock as we must see if he is a better option to Baines. I would drop the following King,Huddlestone,Carrick,Bent Dawson,Wright-phillips and choose between baines/warnock-and parker/barry subject to the latters fitness

Posted 14:14 25th May 2010

Bert Munjgy says...


Posted 14:05 25th May 2010

Mark Strong (Vauxhall Motors fan) says...

If Darren Bent isn't on that plane it is genuinely ridiculous. As someone touched on, I thought Capello picks on form? Bent has scored more goals against the big 4 (and Spurs) than anyone else in the squad, therefore proving he can mix it at the highest level. He is 20 times the player Emile Heskey is. Adam Johnson is also a must, the best winger in the squad by a mile.

Posted 14:02 25th May 2010

Mark Strong (Vauxhall Motors fan) says...

If Darren Bent isn't on that plane it is genuinely ridiculous. As someone touched on, I thought Capello picks on form? Bent has scored more goals against the big 4 (and Spurs) than anyone else in the squad, therefore proving he can mix it at the highest level. He is 20 times the player Emile Heskey is. Adam Johnson is also a must, the best winger in the squad by a mile.

Posted 14:01 25th May 2010

Barry Dudbridge (Manchester United fan) says...

Sreven Gerrard was absolutely annonymous again! and a big factor why the midfield gave a poor showing! against a good Mexico side.Although it can be said England defended well as a team,Mexico pushing England onto the back foot,Walcott was excellent especially as the service to him was not too good! Lennon looked good when coming on! We do not want to be too harsh on England as lm sure there are better things to come from them and we did win...Rooney must be made aware that he does make mistakes and not too blame others,he was moaning at Walcott for not giving him the ball when he was stood offside,Walcott should have had ago himself l think he would have scored,all in all there were some positives,like when we attack we look like scoring! Bring on Joe Cole Mr Capello.put Gerrard on the BENCH!

Posted 13:55 25th May 2010

Tony Fletcher says...

I thought that Baines was not very convincing at left back, was turned very easily and only looked better in the second half when assisted by Milner. Is this the second best left back that we have in the country?

Posted 13:53 25th May 2010

Lewis D says...

Thought last night confirmed a lot. Walcott causes a lot of problems but when he gets to the final ball he struggles. Carrick was very poor, typical of his end of season performances for Utd. When his only decent attribute, his passing, isnt going to plan then he is a complete waste of space. I think the little time Johnson (A) got shows he's on the plane. He is on great form and caused real problems when he came on, similar to Lennon. I thought carragher slotted in seemlessly which was good as when he plays he is very useful and versatile. King settled in but I was not suprised about how nervous he was. No doubt he has class but he was not the king we have seen all season last night, this will come have faith. We also saw last night how Gerrard and Rooney have to play centrally and with Rooney I think its necessary to build the side around him as thats when he is at his best. For Japan I would like to see us give Hart 90mins as we know what Green can do. My Final 23: James, Hart, Green, G Johnson, Carra , Rio, Terry, King, A Cole, Bains, Barry/Parker, J Cole, Lampard, Gerrard , Milner, Walcott, Lennon, A Johnson , Rooney, Crouch, Defoe and me. I will suport the 23 man team as if they all played for Liverpool

Posted 13:49 25th May 2010

Darren Haywood says...

Theo Walcott needs to be dropped from that England team ASAP. He had a dismal game again last night as he does every game for Arsenal. Yes, he can run at players and take them on but he has no end product whatsoever! Aaron Lennon is much more useful on the right wing, more useful than Theo and SWP put together! He has the pace, touch, skill and end product needed for Crouch and Rooney to shine at the World Cup!

Posted 13:46 25th May 2010

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