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The sweet 16

The sweet 16

With all teams having played twice we analyse the eight groups and consider the potential last 16 line-up.

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Debashis Goswami (Real Madrid fan) says...

The last 16 is almost sealed with a potential surprise or two in store. I would love to see England, France and Italy knocked out in the first round. France are almost certain to go out but the other two might just sneak through.

Posted 13:28 22nd June 2010

Kwazi Ngubane (Chelsea fan) says...

As a South African, I am dissapointed by the national side. They could have won against Mexico and took Uruguay too lightly, when they were clearly warned about Forlan. So in group A, Mexico and Uruguay will play out to a draw simply because Uruguay don't want to play Argentina. Group B, yes it will be Argentina and South Korea. Group C, I'll say England and USA too. Group D will be Ghana and Serbia, European countries tend to forget that African countries are excellent in defense and use their bodies alot and Ghana have proved this by winning the U20 world cup and being runners up to the African Cup of Nations. Group E Holland and Denmark. Group F will be Paraguay and Italy make it through by name. Group G Brazil and i'll be brave and say Ivory Coast, they can be deadly on their good day. Group H, Once again I will be brave and say Chile and Switzerland.... I know most people will say I am crazy but after all, a whole lot of surprises have happened at this world cup and... I feel theres more in store

Posted 07:54 22nd June 2010

Terry Mills (Arsenal fan) says...

England to go through? I don't think so. Slovenia only need a draw, I Dont think they will let it slip away. It's a matter of pride to be playing for your country and that's why I believe that players shouldn't get paid fir the privelege. Obviously insurances and medical services are to be honoured but put them on a win only bonus. Let's see how many players will want to play for their country then and then we will see teams with real heart and ambition to go all the way, not just be out there on vacation.

Posted 07:45 22nd June 2010

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