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Time to go Fabio?

Time to go Fabio?

After England's exit from the World Cup, James Riach considers Fabio Capello's position.

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Stuart Deakin (Rangers fan) says...

So many of you are going on about how the players didn't work hard enough and how Capello should go. It's clear to me that the players didn't like him because he wanted the players to work hard; it's a shame that the players didn't have the same mentality. I'm sure the Germans give more in training for their manager. Capello is one of the greatest managers of all time; are you actually aware of how successful he has been? And what good is an English manager going to do? What has it done in the past 20 years?

Posted 13:22 28th June 2010

Mark Lindsay (Rangers fan) says...

Look facts are facts there are 2 elements which have meant England are out. 1. Capello's old fashioned 4-4-2 tactics were shown up by a team willing to pass, move, make themselves available for each other and not afraid to take responsibility on the ball. 2. England's players are overrated and used to playing with better foreign players around them which hides what deficiencies they have. They were slow, pedestrian, had no urgency, pace or vision to see a killer pass or at times simple pass meaning they could retain possesion. I might be Scottish and know my own country will never have the chance to reach the heights of what England think they can achieve but I know if England want to be successful they need to look at the way Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Holland play which is to retain posssesion and pass the ball with pace and accuracy - its called modern football not an old style Itallian rigid 4-4-2. Now stop diluding yourselves and wake up I could of told you this before the tournament started but who would of listened?????? I rest my case!!!

Posted 13:14 28th June 2010

Paul Newman (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Well it was only time that we would get thumped like this and Sunday was the icing on the cake. I blame the FA for giving us Capello, But also the players he picked/took to the world cup. 1ST we should always have a English Manager, yeah i know your all saying Steve Mc (the brolley guy) but he done nothing for Boro but the FA appt him because we had no one else they would give the job too or would accept under there rules. Think it's about time we told the FA to stop flexing there biceps and start looking for another English Manager who will do the job there way and they will support him no matter what. Then let the manager pick the players on performaces and not on their world status or what they think they can do, just look at Rooney (class player) but that injury on his ankle i think crocked him for the world cup and he was poor against USA and Algeria and any decent manager would of dropped him for the Slovenia game and put him on the bench and placed Defore and Crouch up front. Also why take Jamie Garra and Glen Johnson what a waste of space they are, Garra to old and slow and Johnson well he cannot tackle and never tracks back. Then there is Heskey well his good at holding the ball up, But will he get you GOALS think not so why take him let alone play him. Oh and while i'm getting this all off my chest why o why did Fabio play SLOW UPSON before Dawson? This is a classic problem we have. They say its because Dawson had no caps and Upson did well now call me thick but unless you play Dawson how is he ever going to get some caps, Think Dawson (fast/tackles hard) would of been idle next to Terry rather then Upson or Garra. If Fabio picked the right playing team or had the guts to drop players who was poor then we would still be in SA and might even be thinking of lifting the World Cup and therefore finally getting that secound star on our shirts. Next Mgnr (maybe Redknapp/Hodgson or O'neil) then we will roar again

Posted 13:12 28th June 2010

Phil Gentles (Liverpool fan) says...

There is a big difference between club football and international football. Fabio is gold in club football, but obviously fools gold when it comes to international competition. Same goes for Lampard and Rooney. They had horrible performances in 06', and they repeated their nothingness again this year. Fabio's substitutions yesterday only underline how poorly he managed and coached this team. Heskey in for Defoe? Where was Crouch this World Cup? England score 3 goals all tournament and the team's top goal scorer heading into the Cup is sitting on the bench while Rooney does nothing? Fabio is garbage and he must go. He needs to stay on the club scene. Some coaches just can't make that transition to the international game.

Posted 13:11 28th June 2010

Peter Saveros says...

Unfortunatly, there was only ONE England player who performed in this World Cup, or at least tried until he was pushed out to the left wing: STEVEN GERRARD.

Posted 13:10 28th June 2010

Sam Gilliland (Liverpool fan) says...

Instead of moaning about things, we should get behind the team for the Euro 2012 qualifiers. Can I also openly ask why England fans showed complete disrespect by booing the German anthem? It was great to hear the England fans sing our national anthem, yet Milner and Rooney never sang it.

Posted 13:09 28th June 2010

Atif Hussain says...

I'd just like to take this opportunity to vent some frustration regarding the England set up which has been building up all my life........ 1stly we need English teams in the prem and elsewhere to produce English talent, incentives or not, it needs to be done and that is one sure fired way of bringing the wages bills down as well. 2ndly, its high time the FA got their fingers out and ensure that the acadamey structures at each club are in place to bring through local talent. 3rdly, the team aprt from Rooney and Gerrard were bloody appalling and that is putting it mildly, Rooney's frustration and lack of umph on the pitch is easily explained. When you have team mates who want it easy and when the majority of burden of responsiblity rest on your shoulders and you have no help from the rest of the side then you can't be blamed for feeling ticked off. 4thly, as long as players from the prem have that extreme competitive edge out of the England set up then the likelyhood is that they will bring it with them to the England Squad. Then you have your Club Clicks with in the team and instead of players playing for eachother they play for themselves!!! Either players grow up and realise that there is more at stake than their stupid egos or one club in the prem takes up the mantle to possess a majority of the England squad in their own ranks thus almost guaranteeing consistency in performance. As a Man Utd supporter I'd be liar if I didn't say I wanted the England team to be made up of the whole Utd team but likewise all supporters out there share common goal and thats for England to do us proud......... we toil and sweat to live and work and all we ask is that if we can't win anything then those few gifted individuals who have the opportutntiy to represent this fine country and its people stand up and be counted, rising to the challange, bringing back glory to the home of football, ENGLAND!!!!!!

Posted 13:06 28th June 2010

Kaifai Young (Manchester United fan) says...

I don't feel it's a matter of fresh of legs or youth, or the nationality of our coach. Over the previous tournaments I have watched England play, we simply not have been able to HOLD the ball like some of the technically more able European And South American sides. As seen in the WC, our players' first touch was woeful, off ball movement was non-existent. positioning was poor and we relied relied too heavily on a defense that is too unreliable! WC squad choices were also questionable, Capello has gone against his philosophy of picking in form players, but doesn't acquire the courage to axe them when they're not playing well. Examples would include Emile Heskey (3 goals all season in the league), Rooney (superb in a Man Utd shirt) but was a shadow of his former self in SA, Upson (over estmated by Capello - Dawson is a much more accomplished defender and deserved a chance to start), Carragher (about as good as Liverpool's league position last season). I wouldn't have picked Rooney for the match against Slovenia after the two performances he had. Gerrard and Lampard cannot play together - FACT! We had four midfielders agaionst Slovenia, if we were to hold the ball and dictate games then playing through the middle wouldn't be an issue but we can't and barely scraped that win thanks to an unconvincing attempt to save Defoe's shot. Our footballing style and mentality all needs to change before we can even dream about winning major tournaments, the game has developed over the years but our footballing style looks like a replica of the 1966 final.

Posted 13:04 28th June 2010

Ken Oldham (Redditch United fan) says...

Yes, we were robbed of a goal, and I believe we could have done better. But look at the facts. There are too many foreign players in the Premiership. We have no world class players. Football is just a job to them, they don't mind picking up their cheques if they lose. John Terry tried to undermine Capello, and in my opinion, it caused divisions in the ranks. And I'll tell you that if Chelsea didn't have Petr Cech in goal, they would NOT have won the league. Upson shouldn't have played, he was out of his depth against Germany. We can't cross a ball past the first man (Lennon, Wright-Phillips), we couldn't keep possession, Rooney was not fit, so why did he play? The upshot is we're not passionate enough, we're not talented enough, and you can't blame the manager in my opinion. And you can't blame the fact there are too many games! They probably played more games in 1966 when, by some fluke, we won it! We need to limit the number of foreign players in the premiership, otherwise, we could be picking players from the Conference! Even academies have foreign kids! This must stop! Well done Milner and Heskey, the only players to play with any kind of passion.

Posted 12:56 28th June 2010

John Stewart says...

England never had a plan B, Never once tried a different up front partnership IE Crouch/Defoe, Crouch/Heskey they Stuck to Rooney which was not working right throughout. Neither did they test/develop a backup center back partnership in case god forbid the injury prone Ferdinand or crocked King could not play. Its easy to say all these things after the fact but warm up games should have been used to test these things. Not gain unecessary caps for those tried and trusted squad Players. Who cares if these games are lost as long as something is learned and when the important games come along you are prepared...

Posted 12:52 28th June 2010

Paul Bennett (Manchester United fan) says...

After that disastrous display yesterday I think the England squad needs a serious revamp - the so called 'reliable' dead-certs in the squad need to be kicked out, Lampard, Gerrard, Terry, Barry, even Rooney - where were they all and I don't just mean yesterday I mean from day one of the world cup - none of them did a thing! Its time and brought through and gave young new players a chance - even if they have a few bad games in friendlies or qualifying stick with them because we all know now that we cannot and will not rely on these bunch of players ever again. Bring in the likes of Young, Walcott, Bent, Dawson, Jagielka, Kirkland etc and give them a good go because I do not want to support those same bunch of let-downs ever again, they are all a complete DISGRACE - even some of the players were laughing and joking as they got off the plane last night after the match - they basically says it all.

Posted 12:50 28th June 2010

Chris Howlett (Arsenal fan) says...

Time that the supposed 'Golden Generation' step aside. They have always been technically inferior to the rest of the top nations. Time to bring in the next generation. Joe Hart, Kieran Gibbs, Jack Rodwell, Micah Richards, Fabrice Muamba, Jack Wilshere, Adam Johnson & Daniel Sturridge. Wayne Rooney to stay but needs to find his form at the big games. Glen Johnson to stay as well. We need to make a team and that means making the big decisions. Picking the best individuals does not make it the best team. We need some players in there who are willing to really work hard for the sake of the team and not just tomake themselves look good.

Posted 12:43 28th June 2010

Neil Conlon (Manchester United fan) says...

Always the same. Blame the manager and blame mistakes in a game. Fabio was the best manager in the world during the qualifiers ( with bad teams invovled in the group) and now he is rubbish. Thats a joke. Its going to be the same with the next manager and the following manager. The team were shocking. Name 1 player who played well??? none is the answer. Get over it and stop blaming other reasons when simply it was the team were a joke. not anything else. Typical English.

Posted 12:43 28th June 2010

Neil Keeley (Manchester United fan) says...

Please for the life of me......STOP BLAMING CAPELLO! A manager can only be held responsible for so much. Was it Capellos fault that Lampard had a perfectly goal disallowed? Is it Capellos fault Rooney, Gerrard, Terry Upson played absolutely terrible? I dont care what anyone says you can have the perfect tactics to win a game, but if the players dont do it what can the manager do? This is the first tournament i can remember where i genuinely felt its not beyond England to get to the world cup final and that all to do with Capello doing fantastically in qualifying (A time when all you critics loved him). Prehaps is rio wasnt injuried (unlucky), prehaps if Terry would slag of his team mates to our worst enemy (The British Media) and prehaps if there pampered stars could do what they done in qualifying things would have been different. But Capello can only be held responsible for so much.

Posted 12:35 28th June 2010

Aadil Norton says...

Gazza, Beckham, Scholes, Owen, Southgate, Pearce, Neville, these where players that wore the three lions shirt with pride and passion. Where was that pride and passion yesterday? or even during the group stages? Germany was like a boxer reeling when England scored but they still allowed the Germans to give the knock out blow, If england are ever to win a major trophy they need to regain that pride and passion or atleast find the players that have it for the national side. No-one in there right mind attack with 9 when you still in the game thats not passion thats stupidity!!!!! Still love you England.

Posted 12:31 28th June 2010

Aaron Staunton says...

Look England need stability. Keep Capello honestly there is not many out there who are better. England will need to start fresh with the young players and drop the likes of lampard and co. They must go through a transitional period and Capello is the man to do this. Forget about the euro's but I feel that england have a great chance to build a new team who could realistically challenge for the next world cup with milner, wilshire, lennon, smalling, cahill, wallcott, wellbeck and the likes. A new manager would not help this process!!!!

Posted 12:30 28th June 2010

Axon Tan says...

How can a team played so well in qualifying and utterly rubbish in the actual tournament?! is all up to the players and not manager. John Terry certainly not happy to be stripped of the captaincy, and not re-appointed after Rio injuired. John Terry should go and not Capello.

Posted 12:27 28th June 2010

Kieran Murray says...

England were awful and played without any life and seemed like they weren't just hugry enough for it. Germany were the better team not just on the day but throughout the tournament. Why do the english always point the finger at the manager? Yes there were some bad decisions but 11 Premiership players should play better than what they did against not only the Germans but against the poor teams they played in the group stages. Managers need experience at international leveland you can't dump a manager after every tournament or you will get nowhere

Posted 12:24 28th June 2010

Clare Pope (Liverpool fan) says...

How about blaming the players for a change instead of the manager. Maybe this will give the players a reality check. If I was Cappello I would pick players from the Champions League and League One. These player know how to work as a team and they would have more heart and passion. All our players need to be fined for the performances they displayed.

Posted 12:21 28th June 2010

John Vandersteen (West Ham United fan) says...

Hello, I think missing key ''quality" players past and present, due to injury..i.e Hargreaves, Beckam,Ferdinand, Even a Michael Owen, and Dean Ashton or Zamora, who are leagues above Heskey, didn't help our cause. Playing Gerrard out on the left is crazy..Somebody drop Lampard. Not taking Scott Parker, who has far more speed over short distances than Barry. Take the right players for the right positions, i.e. that left footer at Man City.....It doesn't matter who's playing Champions League football. The right player for the right position!!!!!

Posted 12:19 28th June 2010

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