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Time to go Fabio?

Time to go Fabio?

After England's exit from the World Cup, James Riach considers Fabio Capello's position.

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Carl Brown (Arsenal fan) says...

I never normally read all comments posted but today I did. So many good points made apart from the one by (Carrey James), listen mate it's not how you look that makes talented, it's what you can do with your talents!! Capello clearly has good credentials as a coach. I agree that the English game has suffered at the hands of foreign players. At club level football level you dont really notice the english football deficiencies bacause english and foreign players play as a team! But when you take English players in isolation as a national squad you will soon notice the difference and short-comings! This world cup squad never looked comfident at no time. There was no unity or cohesion either; and could someone please tell me what use is Heskey?!!! I've never seen such a waste of space! The only way I can see England ever winning the World Cup again, is if we produce more home grown players, reduce foreign input in the premere league and finally getting a head coach that understands football and can communicate that message effectively.

Posted 12:11 28th June 2010

David Whitmore (Chelsea fan) says...

Even Jose Mourinho couldn"t do much with this England squad.The English game doesn"t produce technically gifted players like Messi or C.Ronaldo. F.Beckenbauer was not far wrong when he associated England with kick and rush.Stop harping on about 1966. The game has changed irrevocably since then and the way it"s going forget about anything changing in the English game before 2066.

Posted 12:08 28th June 2010

Sandra Jolly (West Ham United fan) says...

Well are we forgetting something. When we drew this group weren't different pundits saying this couldn't have been better if Fabio had hand picked it himself. We should have qualified top of this group even with a rocky start which most fans would understand given the big occasion. They should have grown and got better, but they didn't. Most of the players were found wanting against Germany. What was Terry and Upson doing at the wrong end of the pictch with 25 minutes to go. If it was 5 minutes to go and we only needed one goal it is different, but this is what caused one of the Germans goals. They didn't play as a team and they looked tired. Cappello said he would only pick players in form. What happened to that? I am a fan of Wayne Rooney, but he just was not at the races. He should have been dropped and if needed brought on as a sub. This may have helped his game. But he should not be singled out. We scored three goals in this tournament, and only one scored by a striker. I am a West Ham fan, but why did he stick with Upson. He has not had the best season, and he had Carragher and Dawson at his disposal. That brings me on to King. Why did he take him. He can be used as he is at club level, but not at international level. Cappello has to be questioned about tactics. How can you take Defoe of and bring on Heskey. I know Defoe only scored one goal, but Heskey isn's scoring at club level, and isn't being picked at club level, so why take him. I have never seem an English performane like this. I have always championed Cappello and his discipline, but is it time for change. Harry Rednapp, or Roy Hodgson now. The support this team has had from supporters spending copious amounts of money getting to South Africa and travelling around, to the support they have had at home was fantastic I know they say they know, but do they.

Posted 12:07 28th June 2010

Rob Burrell (Liverpool fan) says...

Is Fabio really to blame? well, in certain respects yes but for me the responsibility falls with the players who are getting paid a lot of money to out and perfom like that!! in any other work sector heads would role but in the footballing world, which is in a world of its own, the players will still get a very healthy pay check, pat on the back and much more so guess who's not complaining!!!

Posted 12:06 28th June 2010

David Upton says...

It was defensive failings that lost the game. The second two goals were disgraceful, why did we only leave one person at the back, when we new they broke at pace and were generally quicker than England all over hte pitch? There was no one making decsions on the pitch, Gerrard is not Captain quality. We missed rio in that capacity.

Posted 11:59 28th June 2010

John Mcdougall says...

As a Scotsman who has had to listen constantly about how good England are and that they would win the world cup, time for a reality check, your players are average at best and always have been you trump up the premier league to be the best in the world when it is not its full of foreign players who are good players but who only play in your league because of the money on offer, they are stifling any young talent that may be out there. As to players like Terry, Lampard , Rooney ETC they are only world class players in your own mind none of them could either pass the ball to each othe or keep a hold of the ball. WORLD CLASS I THINK NOT. But what they really are Prima Donnas who earn £80.000 grand a week for trying to play football. Lastly you deserve to be on your way home as your players your media have shown a complete disregard for opposing teams and players you did your usual you expected to turn up and win the tournament well you had no chance there and i for one are glad England are on there way home we might see real teams playing real football

Posted 11:51 28th June 2010

Steve Allen (Fulham fan) says...

Ouch!'s a nasty feeling when that sudden realisation hits that your team just aint good enough isn't it?. I don't live in the UK now so I'm happily away from all the pre-tournament media BS. Golden generation?, world class players? league in the world?. Everyone please, you go to understand this is all hype, no balanced perspective, when we win a game the world cup is already ours, when we lose a game we're a pub team, it's just nonsense and it's been like this for years. Let's all swallow a big dose of reality, tone down that expectation / arrogance and let the manager get on with it.

Posted 11:43 28th June 2010

Jairzinho De souza (Valencia fan) says...

I keep hearing all these posters talk about 'the English way'. Please can someone explain to me exactly what this is? My view of 'the English way' is route 1 football. GK/CB hoofs the ball up to the big target man (Heskey/Crouch), who then nods it on for the small quick striker (Rooney/Defoe) to run in and score. That is pretty much what this team were doing all throughout this tournament, but with less success. Why is it hard for every England manager to decide not to play Gerrard and Lampard on the same pitch? Someone has to give way (personally, I think Lampard). For all the idiots who would like Harry Redknapp as head coach, how many English players does he sign every season? How many English players does he have in his squads? What experiance does he have at the highest level (i.e. Europe)? Do not be fooled by Carlsberg 'Men of England' ads. This is an average squad with average players. Be proud of the England Rugby/Cricket team, F1 Drivers and Boxers. They are real men who have won a World Cup/Championship in their respective sports (even if T20 is Mickey Mouse Cricket), not a bunch of overpaid metro-sexual y-front models. The English system needs to change from a grass-roots level. Integrate more Asian/Eastern European players into schoolboy football to add that extra dimension. The whole attitude in England needs to change from a social aspect as well. We are too engrossed in the private lives of these boring footballers and treat them as if they are the cream of the crop. All the James Corden, drink-bingeing, God Save the Queen (even though a majority don't believe in god!!) buffoons out there, shame on you!! England has definately take a backward step. On that note, good luck to Hamilton/Button, Amir Khan, Lewsey & co. Straussy and the boys. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME SUPPORTING A BUNCH OF LOSERS!! I feel sorry for the fans that went to South Africa, only to be slated by Shrek lookalike Wayne Rooney!

Posted 11:42 28th June 2010

Eddie Manshill (Aston Villa fan) says...

Do you really think that different players like Bent or Walcott could have saved England? Best players in Premier League are all foreigners like Drogba, Torres, Vidic, Fabregas, Tevez and the list continues. It's reality to lose to young, driven and talented Germany. By the way, England won World Cup '66 with a goal which wasn't in. But Sepp Blatter should wake up, modern football needs cameras!

Posted 11:42 28th June 2010

Simon Cheesewright says...

We shouldn't have played 4 4 2 we don't have the defence or players for it in my opinion. We should have protected our weakend back 5 with 2 holding midfielders such as parker and Barry. Then deployed an attacking 3 midfilders/forwards in front of that, such as gerrard, lampard and rooney with defoe up front on his own. You could then have cole, Lennon and crouch as your impact players who could drop into that system at anytime. Unfortunately we don't have a major option of changes at the back. Argentina and chilli and Uruguay all play this way and have always dominated possession. That's what we should have tried to do even if we aren't as good as the south Americans.

Posted 11:42 28th June 2010

Pedro Baptista (Chelsea fan) says...

Once more England fail to produce the goods. Over the last decade the BIG problem is that the media practically hype them as champions before they have even got out on the field and that undoubtely exerts unnecessary pressure on the team to perform coupled hand in hand with the easy target of the equation, the manager and in particular the choice of the team players. Like some of the teams that are currently being succesfull, they have opted for 2 simple formulas 1. mix of youth and experienced players ( with emphasis on the youth element ) or 2. experienced players as managers with proven record ( like Maradona ) who players look up to. These determining factors are undoubtly helping to achieve the right results, and England will have do do their homework and once and for all, draw up their conclusions from yet another failure in a major international championship. Given the fantastic spirit with which the English football game is played, England deserves and HAS to be be more successful. It is of course always easy to blame it on the manager, irrespective of questionable decisions in the choice of players , however an England team must go into a football pitch showing pride etc

Posted 11:30 28th June 2010

Steve Lous (Liverpool fan) says...

Capello has to GO...managers are always ultimately responsible in all aspects of life, the FA should have the backbone to admit he failed miserably and sack him. At the same time the FA and FIFA herearchy should resign and allow new blood into the ruling bodies. Until English football clubs become passionate the national English side and recruit more english players into the top teams instead of mediorce foreign players for the sake of spinning money in new countries im afraid we will always embarras ourselves on the world footballing stage. Vorsprung durch Technik to the the FA and FIFA !!!!

Posted 11:24 28th June 2010

Neil Schofield says...

Any manager that takes off Defoe and brings on Heskey to turn the game around when we need goals deserves to go. Has shown that he is tactically inept at International level.

Posted 11:23 28th June 2010

Phil Law (Arsenal fan) says...

Why are we all so shocked at another poor display in a major tournament. yet again we did not know our best team leading up to the competition. Fabio never played the same side once in 28 games, so how can we ever expect to have a strong well organised team during any competition when the first 11 do not practice enough together as they do not know who they are? Add to that that we always take injured players then what hope do we ever have of winning anything! Bring in Redknapp and stick with a squad of 22 for the 3-4 months before the next competition whatever the results!

Posted 11:22 28th June 2010

Rob Manners says...

We need a winning manager with a winning mentality. One that the players all want to play for and win for. I am a Man United fan and I think Jose Mourhino is the man that would deliver a trophy for England. His record speaks for itself and he has the ability to make a team believe and make them win

Posted 11:15 28th June 2010

Scott Randell (Charlton Athletic fan) says...

We have a real opportunity now to build a great team. Stuart Pearce has been groomed for the last 4 years for the main managers job, guiding the Under21's to some pretty succesful tournaments. Although he hasnt won, at least his players play with pride (Steven Taylor could barely walk, stayed on the pitch, took a penalty for the cause). He knows the good young talent that we have, that everyone seems to ignore is around. Lets get him in charge, if there is anyone with passion it must be him. Give him the managers role, lets start repaying those with top form and build a team that can be together for the next 5/6/7/8 years, Joe Hart in goal (he can provide that role for the next 10 years at least) - Onouha (at least he wont be outpaced) Richards (he is stronger than JT and Upson put together). Adam Johnson, Lennon/Walcott, Huddlestone/Milner. Spain werent that great a team 4 years ago, but they stuck with it and now they are classed as one of the top 2 teams in the world. Although the above might not bring success straight away, I reckon it would at least provide a better footing come major tournaments. Nothing could be worse than what just happened, so lets get rid of the over paid players who dont provide commitment for their country, and start playing those who fight for it.

Posted 10:56 28th June 2010

Andrew Prescott (Liverpool fan) says...

In 24 years of following England, I have never seen such a guttless shambolic and down right heartless performance from a group of England players. If they can't get pumped up for playing Germany in the knock out round of a world cup then there's no hope for this generation. Germany are a good unit but not a great one, yet it could of been 3-0 after 15 mins I am disgusted. I wasn't surprised to see Ashley cole laughing and joking after the game, there is very little pride in the shirt and defeat doesn't hurt the players as much as it should simple. England don't have the mentality or tactical acumen to be world champions and the players don't care enough, which is unforgivable !!!

Posted 10:54 28th June 2010

Andrew Burton (Hearts fan) says...

I can't believe the stick Capello is getting, he is a world class coach, his CV proves that, the problem England have is the fact they have no "world class" players. Like it or not, it's the same problem Scotland have - no player is brave enough to go abroad and learn, look at real "world class" players, Maradona, Messi, Kaka, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo. These players went and learnt how to play football elsewhere how to adapt to different scenarios and cultures that is why they deal with it better than the overpaid, lazy players who command 100k a week for nothing. The performance proves that gerrard and lampard can't play together, and it is more of a detriment to lampard than gerrard, who do you pick a "great" player in a murder team (gerrard) or a guy who consistently scores 20 goals a season from midfield regardless, Johnsons a waste of space, Cole best left back in the world my a@&e, he can't defend. And rooney his performance sums up why he will never win World Player of the Year - simply he sin't good enough and he is injured no matter what anyone tells you he ain't anywhere near 100% Get used to being a second rate team because until attitudes change things won't, as I said before you have the same problems we do in Scotland and people are to egotistical to change them!

Posted 10:52 28th June 2010

Christine Rowney says...

After watching the poor performance in yesterday's game and the abysmal result - out played, out classed by a team proud to be playing for their Country. It was hardly surprising then to see on Sky Sports News this morning Ashley Cole doubled up with laughter getting off the plane with another member of the team - it just shows how much it all meant to them!!

Posted 10:51 28th June 2010

Jose Joseph says...

I think that the England team should be modernised and shaped up to compete the teams of other countries. At the moment they are not. The England team also should work as a team and to listen to one another and to develop the morale and confidence and without it they will not succeed, instead face with humiliation and shame. As some of the England team members are getting older, more young and energetic members are required. Another matter is that a referee should not be the final and overall decision maker. Some one or a team of authority should be there to override a referee's insensitive decisions. A referee can fail and make a mistake to spot a valuable point. Now, the England team lost its place in the world cup. At this time, they should not blame each other or sad but be positive and aim to the future. Someday, the world cup will come to London.

Posted 10:50 28th June 2010

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