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Time to go Fabio?

Time to go Fabio?

After England's exit from the World Cup, James Riach considers Fabio Capello's position.

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Claire Harris says...

£6million he earns! £6 million! Fabio has got to go. If Gerrard had to play, he should have played in the position every single person in this country thought he should - in the hole. Personally i thought, Fabio created this problem himself by making Gerrard captain as he was forced to play him out of position and was too stubborn to change his mind. English manager now please (Roy Hodgson), get rid of the Sven old boys and lets start afresh. We are becoming a laughing stock.

Posted 18:48 27th June 2010

Craog Darling says...

Too many over-rated, over-paid players driven by celebrity rather than achievement. That most of them threw the towel in with 20 minutes to go was disgraceful. No-one objective would ever say John Terry is world class and his abject performance and behaviour reflects the prevailing attitude. The media are totally culpable as well as they create an atmosphere and expecatation totally devoid of reality. England were always at best a decent side and to even have been quoting them as world cup contenders has been driven by desire rather than a realistic assessment of ability.

Posted 18:48 27th June 2010

Jordan Guillot (Manchester United fan) says...

again capello got his subs all wrong playing heskey over crouch and putting wright phillips on for the last 6 minutes when the game is over and done with, I think we all got a big wake up call today and we need to just admit that england just carnt play with each other against top level teams. I also think that there is going to be alot of players in that side that have played there last game for england for example heskey, barry and upson what we now need to do is get roy hodgeson in charge and we need to build for the future and bring the good quality youngsters through to the main team.

Posted 18:48 27th June 2010

Dave Beefoven (Liverpool fan) says...

I think we have to accept that as a national team we're just not good enough. Theres no one to blame, just time to accept it and not believe we can win the major trophies everytime they come around. And the sad thing is, theres not a whole lot of talent coming through that you could replace these guys with. What other striking options do we have? You can say Bent, but he's had chances and not taken them. It could be a long time before we actually do have a team that can play well enough to win something.

Posted 18:47 27th June 2010

Michelle Moore (Liverpool fan) says...

I think we should offer the job to an English guy - my choice would be David Beckham - he would not be doing it for money or publicity as he doesn't need it! He is passionate, knowledgeable about the game and the players and lives and breathes for football!! Anyone else agree????

Posted 18:47 27th June 2010

David Paterson says...

As much as Capello made some strange decisions, I mean Heskey please what were you thinking. I think Capello should stay. The majority of the England team should be dropped and never be allowed to play for this country again as they just dont care. if you are rubbish at your job you get a chance to improve but how many chances should these players be given. Get rid now and bring in the young and motivated players who would give their right arm to play for their country. We may not win as many games at the start but we would be proud as they would give their all for the fans who love this country.

Posted 18:47 27th June 2010

Matthew Homer says...

Fabio's position should be out as he played Gerrard out of position for the duration of the world cup. He ignored crouch and Joe Cole who are the most prolific goalscorers and creative players respectively. And that isn't even mentioning the selection of Matthew Upson, at fault for England's first two goals conceeded. Capello to go.

Posted 18:46 27th June 2010

Grant Williamson says...

England simply are not good enough.Your media are that arrogant that they have you believing you are world beaters when you are not,when everything goes wrong the media blame the manager(esepcially if he is foreign).A start would be to stop playing the players for playing for their country and then you will see who wants the jersey. Again simple fact is you are not good enough and because of all the foreigners in the premier league you are going to fall further behind - but as the media keeps telling us its the best league in the world,

Posted 18:46 27th June 2010

Les Bates (Newcastle United fan) says...

The problem England have is the media circus that follows the press you are world beaters until you lose then all hell breaks loose..Maybe if you werent so full of hype of going to be winners the team might just do well in tournaments... not every country got to the world cup, but only england thought they could win it... just look at it tonight.. the Big inquest has already started, why ?. England struggled in the group stages and were found wanting today... to many old players, tired players and quite clearly a rift with JT and Fabio...

Posted 18:45 27th June 2010

Pat Byrne says...

too many chiefs and not enough warriors!!

Posted 18:45 27th June 2010

Chirag Patel (Manchester United fan) says...

why dont we do what other nations do hire a young coach who is ambitious and determined, Brazil gave dunga his break, croatia gave bilic chance we should get someone like shearer who is young and can bring new ideas and methods to get best out of these players. He should ideally work with experianced coach or general manager to manage affairs so he can concentrate on coaching the team.

Posted 18:44 27th June 2010

Stefan Strzelecki says...

Poor performance and the manager must be held accountable.The squad seemed to resemble a circus from the off with David Beckham acting like he was a first team coach with his on the bench histrionics during matches.Strong leadership would not have allowed this. Cappelo gave concessions to this arrangement because it was only ever an employment role for him. It undermines his authority during matches to be overshadowed by a has been cheerleader. Problem was his english speaking skills are not fluent enough to elaborate a sentence never mind the complex football philosophy required to overcome more technically developed football nations. Incidentally i am a Scotland supporter who wanted England to defeat Germany . When Scotland are unable to participate i will continue to back any local football nation in the UK and make no apologies for this. The clue is in my name.

Posted 18:43 27th June 2010

Viswajith K.n (Manchester United fan) says...

You say you want to win the world cup. Then is it not your duty to not talk about rifts in public? All said and done England team is like Real madrid. It has infinite stars. Stars who have won everything else in soccer. But when it comes to the world cup or euros, they let everyone down. And then blame the manager. The coach. I would love to see if the players, come down bluntly, and say, yes the support staff, the manager, the coaches, all were great. But it was us who failed to do anything on the pitch. The day they say so, they will gain respect from not only folks from UK, but other countries too. Till then nothings going to change.

Posted 18:43 27th June 2010

C Spence (Crewe Alexandra fan) says...

Which of those players play 4-4-2 for their clubs? Lampard?... No, Gerrard?... No. Rooney?... NO! these are your best players! Capello needs to be more willing to change! What worked in qualifying does not necessarily mean it will work in the WC. The very nature of qualifying is to remove the weakest teams. Lastly 3-1 down need a goal Capello turns to Heksy to change things. What a nonsense, he doesn't start let alone score for Villa, just one more example of his unbelievable stubborness.

Posted 18:43 27th June 2010

Big Fan says...

And what about Rooney, Gerrard and Lampard. 'World class players'? Don't make me laugh. Spoiled boys. England doesn't have the level to compete with the main contestants in World or Euro Cups. History shows that, year after year we get the same disappointment. We change the coach but the failure is always the same. We need to be realistic. Horrible group stage with that draw against Algeria! Did someone really expect we could resist against that powerful Germany? Come on, we wish but inside us we know it's imposible. Failure after failure.

Posted 18:43 27th June 2010

Tommy Rumgay (Manchester United fan) says...

what a joke DON T blaming the manager blame the players OVER RATED OVER PAID

Posted 18:42 27th June 2010

Jane Wood (Manchester United fan) says...

Can someone tell me why we play rooney as he hasnt even scored now in 2 world cups!!!!! World class player, i dont think so!! Premier league yes, world cup stage different league!!! Bring back OWEN he's our only world class goal scored, never let england down!!!!!

Posted 18:42 27th June 2010

Peter Edwards (Aston Villa fan) says...

How dare any Arsenal supporter criticise England players . The team is not good enough because the major clubs do not train and coach young players . Wenger at arsenal has not produced an england player for 15 years . Compare this to bayern munich . Inter milan do not have an italian in the team -- Italy are the same as england. If top teams just buy players but do not train the kids ours and Italys national team will sink to fifth rate status .

Posted 18:42 27th June 2010

Ken Vent (Liverpool fan) says...

feel sorry for england fan, but have to accept it, england did not put emphasis on academy they just bring players from other countries in premiership, germany was better we cannot put that defeat on lampard controversial goal. capello must go, i still did not know the role of beckham in the world cup, may be for publicity'

Posted 18:40 27th June 2010

Marty Jordon says...

Can we now finally put to bed the endless optimism of our 'golden generation'?. Our players are not good enough to play at such a high level. Our premier league is based on speed and harrying opponents and 'launching it' if their in trouble. you can partly blame the manager for sticking with the stars. he should know that most of the other major contenders appear to have some decent players in their squad that can do a job within a team as opposed to our team supposedly being choc full of our major teams stars - upson & heskey being the only exceptions who actually goy some game time. time to consider blooding some youngsters. Hart, Johnson, Warnock, etc. Time for Lamps, Gerrard, Ferdinand, Barry, Heskey, Terry to hang up their international boots and let others have a go during the Euro qualifications even if it means we dont qualify. we need to build a team that can compete in 2014...... Maybe we should ask Wenger if he'd like to have a go if Fab says he's had enough??

Posted 18:40 27th June 2010

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