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The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects's Alex Dunn offers his assessment of how each of England's squad performed.

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Steven Mates (Liverpool fan) says...

you cant blame the fact we have no winter break for our dismal performances in the world cup, we had about a month from the last game of the season to the start of our campaign. the problem we have got is every major tournament you know which players are guna be in the team. no young players are being brought through the ranks. germany are a ashining example, 5 players were brought from the under21 side that threashed ours 4-0 in the final. players like rodwell, gosling hart, johnson, huddlestone, gibbs these are our future so we should start trying them sooner rather than later

Posted 10:46 7th July 2010

Gosiame Legoale (Manchester United fan) says...

David Villa is a striker playig more as a left winger, Dirk Kuyt seems to be the poster child for it and you dad Dani Alves filling in for Melo in the last Brazil game. Didn't hear many of them complain about being played out of position and note how they all played with aplomb. All this bickering about Joe Cole on the left when he himself has stated that his preferred position is right behind the striker. The EPL is currently the best league in the world but of the title contenders how many englishmen manage or play in the title contending teams?

Posted 12:56 30th June 2010

Joe Copson (Watford fan) says...

When will a manager look at the domestic games and realise where his players play best and in what system. You don't have to hold your UEFA 'A' license to see that Gerrard is not a left mid. Also, Rooney who is our best striker scored all his goals playing up top by himself, why did Capello not take this on board and play with his system.

Posted 12:52 30th June 2010

Jason M (Liverpool fan) says...

yes, the players were poor, yes, the manager made some strange decisions tactically. BUT think about this, which other country in Europe make their players play as many matches domestically than the Premier League???? 38 matches in the league, plus matches in the worthless Carling Cup, and the FA Cup and for some teams European matches!!! on top of that, there are no winter break. the greed of the Premier League has cause the downfall of the English team and will continue to do so. England wont win anything until the drop the Carling Cup or even better, drop the Premier League to 18 or 16 teams.

Posted 12:21 30th June 2010

Terry Schultz (West Ham United fan) says...

i was actually at wembley in 66 and have never seen so many grown men cry with happiness since then we cry with frustration. i have always dreamed i might witness it again,we nearly did in 1990,even 1996euro,but i think i will never see it because it seems everything now days is ruled by money not developing tecnical talent .i suppose i am old fashioned but i like to see a passing game .i run a boys football club and mens team for many years and also refereed,first stage.we have young talent that are naturally gifted but it seems when the professional clubs get hold of them they rub it out,why i dont know.i keep hoping that i might see someone like alan ball whoes father used to say to him before an england game dont talk to me unless you come off knackered having sweated blood and tears for the privilege of wearing an england shirt ,thats when englishmen walked proud perhaps one day it will happen again,please god! by the way i know i have a german name but my family have been here for 400years and died in 2 world wars for our side.altough i am tempted to say i am german because they can play great football as a team.wash my mouth out my dad and grandad would never forgive me!

Posted 11:49 30th June 2010

Sam Hughes (Liverpool fan) says...

First of all I think you have had a fair summary of the performances, but being a biased Liverpool fan i'm going to make a point on Gerrard... You say 83 appearances and only a dozen he has performed, but that is more times than he has played in his right position. For Liverpool he is prolific just behind the striker or in the centre of midfield with someone holding so he can run the show. For England he has had to play holding to accommodate Lampard, out on the right and on the left... Play your best players in their best position! I think we get caught in the hype about England players, but I think they just aren't that good. A lot of players are made to look good by their clubs and having top players around them. I feel Terry and Ferdinand are prone to errors, but have Carvahlio and Vidic to cover over those cracks along with multi million pound players around them. Take Lampard... I can't remember the last time he had a good game for England, and yet he is the boy at Chelsea. That's because he has two really expensive holding midfielders letting him pretty much play as a striker. Watch how many goals he gets in the box... What real midfield player gets nearly 20 a season from the box? For me the only person who carries his club form into country is Ashley Cole, and he has done for the past two tournaments... We need to just wake up and realise we actually only have 2 or 3 world class players and two of them in Gerrard and Rooney aren't being played right. We need our big teams to start playing more English players, but there is no incentive as they are all over rated, and the price tag is considerably more just because they are English!

Posted 10:44 30th June 2010

Shaun Perry (Everton fan) says...

I may be alone in thinking this, what about Ashley Young? The lad has raw pace and can put in a decent cross. He plays week in week out for his club on the left, could he not be the answer to the left sided crisis? Would add a bit more balance to the team!

Posted 10:43 30th June 2010

Mark Murphy (Manchester United fan) says...

i think you were way to lenient judges!!!! they should have all got 1!! or maybe 0.5 theyre just not good enough are they. haha it makes me laugh when we call players like lampard and gerrard and terry the golden generation. how can they be theyve never done anything!!! it thier lack of football brains and lack of football skills showed in south africa. i was laughing i was because they did exactly what i expected of those losers. they lost!!!! get rid and start again i say with a load of 19 year olds who can run!!!!!

Posted 10:40 30th June 2010

Damien Lee (Manchester United fan) says...

Does anybody else fear for our national game? I do, I think it is piece by piece being taken apart. The tv men call it a "PRODUCT" they dont even call it football. Average salaries like 80k per week are rejected by people who believe they are worth more...."BUT ITS A SHORT CAREER MATE" The fact is the English viewers have for a long time now been held in utter contempt by disgustingly overpaid very average footballers. The best thing that could happen would be for fans to forget to renew season tickets and for viewers to cancel their packages, are we going to allow this to go on? Are we prepared to accept continued failure from abject mediocraty? this has been humiliating and embarrassing, those people involved should be ashamed of themselves, the manager as good as his cv may read is he worth 115,000 a week? no of course not, is anybody? NO, we need to wake up and vote with our feet, walk away from the national game until the clubs and the FA start treating their customers with respect, that starts with a national program to develop British talent, it starts with Mr.Wenger looking within the shores of England, as good as Arsenal are, are you telling me they cant find 5 or 6 British players? Even Walcott only gets 20 minute spells, if he left he would develop he is wasting his time there, Shaun Wright philips again sat on a bench, Adam Johnson not selected, this is a mess, vote with your feet and watch, rugby, cricket, golf, see real pros playing for the shirt!

Posted 05:01 30th June 2010

Akinleye Oderinde (Arsenal fan) says...

i think its time for Fabio capello to go,He has proven to us how bad he is,i don't think he has the technical ability to take England to the next level.if any good football analyst saw the game,you would notice that there was no match winner on the bench,the Germans took their time to Eliminate England out of the tournament..England on that day needed players like Ashley young, Gabby Agbolahor, Theo walcott, Adam Johnson, and other fast paced wingers who could trouble defences of teams and win vital free kicks,these are players who we refer to as match winners.they might not have the experience,but if on that day or during the events of the competitions,they would have stod a chance to win and have a good tournament

Posted 02:14 30th June 2010

Deek Dock (SC Freiburg fan) says...

Iki Singh - Typical liverpool comment, we all remember the banner "I'm not English I'm scouse" Take yourself and the rest of your ilk off these pages.

Posted 23:37 29th June 2010

Kidda Fromthe toon (Newcastle United fan) says...

England are rubbish why NEE Geordies just a load of posers and and wannabe superstars.

Posted 23:06 29th June 2010

John Little (Manchester United fan) says...

wrong decisions from the start, theo walcott got the full blame for two useless TEAM performances leading up to the world cup against mexico and japan and was dropped unfairly, arron lennon was the usual arron lennon RUBBISH AND PREDICTABLE. rooney is not world class. gareth barry is slow and cant pass a ball. england are boring and predictable and even at 2-1 down on sunday if you looked at the bench who was capello going to bring on? i mean crouch or heskey are hardly goal machines are they.

Posted 17:22 29th June 2010

Laura Thompson (Liverpool fan) says...

It was a shame that Wayne Rooey couldn't hit his usual form for England as he does for Manchester United. Shaun Wright-Phillips was a waste of a place, which could have been given to someone much better. Frank Lampard did very little, which is surprising considering his form for Chelsea this season. John Terry was stupid for making those comments. He still acts as though he is the Captain, which is some ways, means that he has the passion to move the team forward, but he needs to do his job, rather than keep trying to say "I should be captain". Everyone knows Glen Johnson can't really defend, but when he goes down the wing he's very good. Him and Milner linked up very well. As for Steven Gerrard, I can't really say much because I am very biased. I love the man. He's a hero for club, and I was hoping he would be a hero for country. He's had a very diasppointing season with Liverpool, and I'm just thinking he couldn't really move on from that. He's not a left winger, he's a midfielder and the sooner England managers realise that, the better. For Liverpool, he plays behind Torres and they work perfectly because they understand each other. For England, he should be played behind Rooney because they understand each other, they just can't link up as well as Gerrard and Torres do, because Gerrard is not in his best position. Overall, the worst England team performance I have ever seen and I don't want to see them play like that again EVER!

Posted 14:33 29th June 2010

Iki Singh (Liverpool fan) says...

The English footballers just aren't good enough. They might be the elite in this land, but put them against 11 Spaniards, 11 Argentinians, 11 Brazilians or 11 Germans and they will be found wanting. The English game is light years behind the rest of the world. The players just don't have the techinical ability and/or flair. I don't believe you can really teach anyone this either ... may be up to a point. However, natural ability and instinct will always take you that much further in a game of football and this is where unfortunately ENG will fail time and time again. And to think, the bookies had ENG as third favourites to lift the WC - what a complete joke!

Posted 14:16 29th June 2010

Jim Thomson (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

i actually think england overachieved! for them to qualify from that group with the three performances they put in was a miracle. lets face it how they ever thought they could win the tournament with average players is beyond me or was there a gasgoigne, butcher, seamen, keegan, lineker, shearer or beardsley on the bench? not one of the so-called current world class players have ever dominated an international game. they're just a bunch of average joe's.

Posted 14:14 29th June 2010

Ross Mcintyre (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

As an englishman living in ireland the stick i have taken over the last few weeks has been relentless, I honestly believe the english team as so many problems, its gonna be years before we recover. Capello's record in club football is outstanding and when he stated he would play people in form, i for one was pleased, so i cannot believe Emile Heskey and Shaun Wright-Phillips even came close to the squad, Matthew Upson had a very poor season in a very poor side and yet he still played when others were fit again or free to play, surely Adam Johnson was the better option than Wright-Phillips, Dawson was the one of the best centre halves in the premiership but never even got close to starting, but i feel that is really where the problems begin for england, can anybody honestly see Capello dropping any of Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Ferdinand or Ashley Cole, Cole begin the only one really that was at best, ok. The difference between playing for club and country seems obvious to me, would Alex Ferguson played Rooney after 3 really bad games, NO, would Benitez pulled off Gerrard, YES, would Drogba or Anelka screamed and waived they arms about at Lampard, YES....Etc.... sorry but i feel these certain player can play badly game after game with no fear of being dropped, can play bad ball after bad ball and no-body has the balls to have a go, could you honestly see a player like Bryan Robson standing for those kind of performances, NO he would have told the players exactly how bad they were playing and to at least look like they gave a damn and cared. We can believe we have some of the most talented players in the world but sometimes honest hard work and attitude can overcome would be talent....desire and pride in an england shirt for me everytime

Posted 13:59 29th June 2010

Patrick Coyle (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

I agree with your summary of each of the England players and for me only Ashley Cole came out of this farce with any credit and that is really stretching it. The England team and fans have been kidding themselves that they are one of the elite teams in world football for years. You only have to see their performances at the past few World Cups and European Championships, including the one they didn't qualify for in 2008 to realise this. The term 'world class' gets thrown around by the media and fans about players and the more people say it, the more people believe it. The comments about John Terry are bang on. They guy is one of the most incompetent defenders about, but because he throws himself into tackles and makes last ditch blocks, people think that he is a great defener. He's usually making these tackles because it was his mistake in the first place. He obviously has a high opinion of himself and his press conference just another embarrassing episode in this disasterous campaign. You can get a grasp on how average a team England are, when you see Gareth Barry, who is a decent player, being bought along half fit, because he is so crucial to England's plans. There is no way he would be getting into the best teams in the world when he was fit, let alone when he isn't. It's just further evidence of how far England are behind the best teams about.

Posted 13:34 29th June 2010

Mike Cubley (Stoke City fan) says...

A Manager who struggles to hold a press conference in basic English, how is he supposed to get tactical information across let alone motivate players, no plan B even if there was a plan A which i'm not sure there was, picking your supposed strongest players and fitting them into a team gets your arse kicked at sunday league level let alone international, all in all an inept performance from the manager and the team and the axe should hang over them all!!

Posted 13:23 29th June 2010

Jez Fish (Leeds United fan) says...


Posted 12:53 29th June 2010

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