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The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects's Alex Dunn offers his assessment of how each of England's squad performed.

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Phil Leyland (Manchester United fan) says...

Finally I read someone saying Steven Gerrard isn't the world class superstar he's made out to be. Similarly with John Terry, a third class Steve Bruce at best. We simply don't have ANY world class players and that incldes Rooney. Just watch the technical ability of players from Japan, Paraguay, Chile, Ghana, not exactly world football powers but they all have more technical ability than any of our so called superstars.

Posted 12:33 29th June 2010

Jimmy Johnstone says...

We all felt that England was over rated before entering the WC - and how right we were, it was an embarrasment to the country - I only hope Scotland get a chance next time and show them how its done.

Posted 12:32 29th June 2010

Cameron Bradbury (Derby County fan) says...

Rooney Was A Complete Joke....... He had no passion and didnt play anything like he does for United..... I would of given him 0 out of 10....... Shocking Perfomance

Posted 11:55 29th June 2010

John Clark (Liverpool fan) says...

Brian Higginson, you are talking out of your backside, Liverpool have never won the Prem, but the last time they won the league Barnes , Beardsley, McMAhon, Venison, Ablett, Paul Walsh, were in the squad. Are these not English. Obviously another armchair so called fan!!!

Posted 11:40 29th June 2010

Neil Hoodless (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

As many before have said Oh dear pathetic! Our players were arrogant and think they are the best. Strange guys you just got taught how to play football by the Germans! All round even as a Spurs fan its pure dreadful performances. The funny point was Gabbi Logan winding them up. " I thought we controlled the game". JESUS UPSON WHAT WERE YOU WATCHING!!! Even Defoe said " I thought we played well" that was after the Algeria game. God Jermain take yourself outside and have a word. I actually think our players have been brainwashed to think that these performances were amazing or something. I almsot feel sorry for them. Oh no its passed. The tactics were lame at best we need to play like a premier league team. Play english football fast and direct. Bin Capello Bin the team and start from fresh with most of our U21 squad who are pretty damn good!! Oh and P.S if Frank Lampard ever wears an England shirt again im burning mine!!

Posted 11:35 29th June 2010

John G says...

Before I comment, can i just say that the level of English on here is pretty dire. Now to the point. The team that represented England in SA were poor to the point of being a joke, there was no patriotic spirit and pride shown whilst wearing the England shirt. They were a disgrace and are unfit to lick Bobby Moores boots.

Posted 11:04 29th June 2010

Paul Trapani galea feriol says...

Johnson was England's worst player by a country mile. He would struggle to defend in a Vietnam vs Bahrain fixture let alone against the Germans. His positional sense is horrific, his heading is shocking, his all round defending is non existing. Just because he is fairly decent at getting forwards is the worst argument ever. He is a DEFENDER!!!! He costs Liverpool goals every week, and cares more about his very stupid haircut and being a lad. This is the perfect time to Get Micah Richards into the team, and get him to be a confident fixture there. Yes he makes mistakes but he defends well and attacks better then johnson. Get rid of James, Green, King, Upson, Heskey for good and Play Hart from start. Walcott into squad too as SWP & Lennon will NEVER be good enough for England! Decent in the league but no confidence when they step up.

Posted 10:29 29th June 2010

Andrew Steer says...

I'm a Spurs fan and watch all the games here in South Africa... Lennon is wasted by England is the bottom line, he may not cross like Beckham, but he gets the ball in the right areas more than not - go look at his assists. And saying he is not up to international level is rubbish, he gives Ashley Cole and Patrice Evra, two top notch left backs, hell everytime they play. Look at the USA game and you will see he should have had two assists if England had any quality, it was him that put through Heskey for the one on one and he also teed up Lampard perfectly from 5 yards, but the Chelsea champ fluffed it... The Kaiser was right about England I am afraid.

Posted 10:27 29th June 2010

Alex Mcgeorge (Celtic fan) says...

Bang on. What kind of international team concedes a goal from a goal-kick and then with the score at 2-1 and half an hour to go puts 8 men in the opponents penalty area when the kicker is obviously going to shoot leaving themselves wide open to a counter-attack! Add to that the last man was Johnson who couldn`t tackle a fish supper and you have a prefect recipe for disaster!

Posted 10:10 29th June 2010

Mick Preskey (Leeds United fan) says...

I think someone should be brave enough to tell, Gerrard,Lampard,Terry,Carragher,James,Greene,King,Ferdinand (even though he didnt play)Wright-Phillips, Glen Johnson,Ashley Cole,even Joe Cole. That they have had chance after chance to truely prove that they are world class but have failed every single time, and they wont play for England again. Get a squad of players who would relish the chance to play for England tell them we not realy bothered about the Euros and concentrate budding them together for an assault on the World Cup in 2014. A further point tell them that they wont be payed for playing for their country, then we may get players who would defienetly play for the shirt,

Posted 10:09 29th June 2010

James Kerr (Rangers fan) says...

your article is a fair summation of England's players abilities and weaknesses, albeit with the benefit of hindsight. The reality of how poor England are, though, wil be shown on Saturday when Argentina will expose the wooden German central defenders and win comfortably.

Posted 10:04 29th June 2010

Brian Higginson (Liverpool fan) says...

A country like Slovenia can produce a competitve team for the world cup from a much smaller population the England. WE cannot produce a prem team from say the aread of Manchester. We do need a British coach, or even someone from the Prem, and there are MANY better than Redknapp, O'Neill, Moyes, Hodgson(Englsih too) and all are good tacticians and have served a prem apprenticeships. It is interesting to note how many of our managers go abroad to ply their trade. Tired, so am I, of that excuse. Many players for other countries look lively,even KUYT. Too many foreign players in our games. Rubbish. This has always been the case, but they were Irish, Scottish and Welsh. I think the last Liverpool team to win the Prem did not have an England player in the squad. We had some good players capable of competing. No one mentions the fact that we played with 10 men, 9 if you count poor Rooney (sorry for him-love him to bits), but no one has referred back to Lampard(not world class) and Gerrard in the same team. They bring the same things to the team, SG is quicker. And here is the rub, who picks his best player in midflield (SG) and plays somewhere else where the ball dont go. The two late German goals were scored by players in empty space on the very wing that SG was supposed to be. Who made these decisions is the only question. Who told the manager that these were our best players. The other coaches. When the whole country is saying where was Theo Walott, he puts Heskey on to score a goal with Peter Crouch on bench. Who made that decision. And who mad e the decision to allow them a bottle of beer. They were even worse. Unlike many teams, who do, England do not have a natural leader on the pitch. A tactical leader like Alonso. England looked the same as Liverpool last season, some perspiration, no inspiration and not one player who had the personal or natural authority to change things. Brian

Posted 09:42 29th June 2010

Tim O keeffe (Liverpool fan) says...

It's hilarious how people, in particular pundits, are saying that Gerrard should be playing behind the striker "his best position" while Benitez was being critisized for wasting his talents in that role and play him center midfield. Amazing how peoples opinions change so much. Also amazing How quickly opinions change on the manger. The man could do no wrong 2 weeks ago with people saying he needed to commit for the longterm and now they want him sacked. Crazy! As for England (from Ireland Btw), they are simply an overrated set of indivduals really and nothing like a team. Seriously missing a good center midfielder in the mould of Xavi or Alonso. My God I dream of Madrid doing a swap deal for Alonso and Gerrard

Posted 09:29 29th June 2010

Jake Taylor (Sunderland fan) says...

Where on earth have you pulled a 7.9 from for Steven Gerrard? Alongside the fat cretin that is Wayne Rooney he was our worst performer, and the captain which makes it even worse. Also a 6 for the scouse dwarf who didn't make any contribution what so ever is laughable

Posted 09:13 29th June 2010

Macca Macca (Manchester United fan) says...

Whilst I dont necessarily agree with some of the opinions in this article, I agree wholehartedly with the underlying tone. If England wish to be compared with the best teams in the world then their performance in this years final was absolutely pathetic and having gone to SA to watch them I feel I have earned the right to vent my anger. I am waiting to hear the 'true' fall-out from the players and management but I cant help but feel angry and dissapointed at Fabio Capello. He played a dated 442 system, with our 2 best players playing out of position. Gerrard is not a left midfielder and should have played in a central role free of defensive responsibilities. Wayne Rooney is coming off the season fo his life playing off the shoulder of the last defender and Capello plays him as the 'number 10'. Couple this with his refusal to change formations to a 4-4-1-1, his amazing faith in Emile Heskey, picking Upson over Dawson, his obvious lack of motivational skills, the list is endless. Perhaps my biggest 'bug bear' is Gareth Barry: Is there a worse holding midfielder playing for a team to progress through the group stages? He provides no protection for the centre halves, isnt mobile enough to cover Johnson and Cole when they push forward and his distribution was absolutely awful. The goals we conceded against Germany were in no small part down to his failings and Capello failed to address this. I 100% accept that the players are accountable for their woeful display but I am saddened and suprised by Capellos management. Or do we simply kid ourselves that we have world class players when we in fact dont?

Posted 09:09 29th June 2010

Peter Chopyk (AFC Wimbledon fan) says...

Hi Nick Heir Franz was absolutely correct when he said that England went backwards playing "kick and rush" football. England are playing 80's style football while every other country has moved on. As Johan Cruyff explained to the BBC pundits during Euro 2000, the problem with English football lies within the football academies where very little attention is paid to technical and tactical skills, concentrating on physical strenth instead. That's why we are lacking world class players. One thing is for certain: England fans deserve a better team.

Posted 08:59 29th June 2010

Peter Chopyk (AFC Wimbledon fan) says...

Hi Nick Heir Franz was absolutely correct when he said that England went backwards playing "kick and rush" football. England are playing 80's style football while every other country has moved on. As Johan Cruyff explained to the BBC pundits during Euro 2000, the problem with English football lies within the football academies where very little attention is paid to technical and tactical skills, concentrating on physical strenth instead. That's why we are lacking world class players. One thing is for certain: England fans deserve a better team.

Posted 08:58 29th June 2010

Alan Jenkins says...

It does make me laugh when I still hear we have World class players, who just under performed or the manager put them in a system they were not happy in. When will we hear the pitches were poor or they were not happy with the ball. I say Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Cole or Rooney are not World class, to achieve this status you have to perform at World Cups or European Championships, something that lot have failed to do on several occasions. We havn't had a world class midfielder since Gascoigne, someone who can beat people and make a difference. I will sum up the problem with English football which goes back years. David Batty played 42 games for England Matt Le Tissier 1. !!!!! We will always favour someone who will run and battle all day for someone with total skill.

Posted 08:55 29th June 2010

Phil Sale (Newcastle United fan) says...

Three things have come out of this world cup for me. The first is that yes, fifa do need to introduce new technology to prevent major decisions being given incorrectly. At least that way England would have had THAT goal given, still gone on to lose and then we would have NOTHING to hide behind! Secondly, England are NOT a good team. The premier League is one of the best leagues in the world but not because of the ENGLISH players that play in it! The PL is like a training ground for most of the Worlds finest! The majority of ENGLISH players are then forced to play at a lower level. I dont think that this effects the quality of some of the English players coming through but it certainly effects their mentality! You have english players playing either lower end of PL or Championship etc... they get picked for England as there is nobody else and the extra burden of being thrust into the limelight is too much! That then leads nicely onto the third part of this. The FA need to start capping teams on not a maximum of foreign players (as this would upset the red-tape people) but on a minimum of English players to be in their team. EG of a matchday 18, say 12 players must be eligible to play for England! Afterall, its an English league and competition, why not show preference to the English players that would then go on to represent their country. Throw in to this a cap on player salaries aswell, and you would hopefully start seeing an increase in not just the quality of English players, but also the quantity from which to choose from. England players would then have no choice to perform well for their country otherwise somebody else will come along and take their place!

Posted 08:41 29th June 2010

Kev Mouns says...

The biggest problem was the players arrogance against "lesser teams". Steven Gerard before the Algeria "This will be their World Cup Final". This suggests automatically that the players believed they would just turn up to beat certain teams. Once they played Germany, their confidence was gone after struggling against Algeria, US and Slovenia.

Posted 08:40 29th June 2010

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