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The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects's Alex Dunn offers his assessment of how each of England's squad performed.

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Dean Atkinsond says...

Capello is going to talk to Sir Dave (Richards) wether he stays on or not. how come sir dave is qualified to say if Capello is good enough or not. what qualifications does he have ?, and here lies the problem our national sport run by people who have never played the game at any level, and the German's have ex internationals all through there system and twenty time's the coaches. (900 v 17,000) !!!

Posted 19:57 28th June 2010

Kev Hudson-cook (Liverpool fan) says...

So many things seemingly wrong with this England team in South Africa, but lets be honest, first and foremost, Wayne Rooney was a complete passenger throughout. I've seen him week in week out play with more hunger and desire in a Man U shirt,that makes opposing fans hate him nearly as much as supporting fans love him. No doubt there will soon be reports of how he was not fully fit, but on the basis of his performances, if he as so injured as to affect his game that much, he should have been honest and me selfless and let someone else go in hsi place. Not in this generation of players for whom the glory and the fame, not to mention the money is far more important that the naitonal teams need. Obviously it's not all his fault, and hopefully he will come back stronger for England, but relying on Gareth Barry, a workhorse in the midfield at best as our saviour after the patchy USA game is desperate at best. In Steven Gerrard we have one of the best attacking midfielders our country has to offer, yet he has barely had a great season, and even though he was wrongly in my mind, played out of position in yet another example of punishing a player for their versitility, he wore the captains armband, and should have stepped up more. Like no doubt many others, I'm aghast at how Joe Cole was overlooked again and again by Capello, a man who seemingly has not only been unable to grasp the English language, but also the English culture. It seemed in those desperate dark hours our players needed discilpline after Maclarens ill-advised stint as manager, yet now we are saying he is too strict. Let's be honest, there is absolutely no way England should NEED to pay ANYONE the millions in salary Capello is quoted as earning. Tactical nouse, experience, ability to motivate and get the best out of players, and prefereably someone English, if someone can suggest a better choice than Harry Redknapp I will start rubbing the magic lamp.

Posted 19:43 28th June 2010

Conor Sharkey (Liverpool fan) says...

What a ridiculously harsh article. The anger of England fans is so over the top, purely because of their own over the top expectations. I can understand disappointment from the team underperforming, but England were never going to win this World Cup. The English media and fans giving them a 'favourites' label is simply ridiculous. Be content in the fact you actually got to the World Cup and were just simply beaten by a better team, which was always going to be the end result.

Posted 19:42 28th June 2010

. . says...

I'm dissapointed to see Glen Johnson seen as one of our best players!! Our whole Defence was awful and he was probably the worst as he was constantly out of position and was only picked because he plays for Liverpool and look at how well they played last season, the Midfield was boardering on non existent! Bar a few players in this team it's the same bunch of flops that failed in the last world cup..... failed to even reach the Euro's 2008 and then to be honest might as well of stayed home for this world cup as they don't deserve to wear the shirt..... they should be proud to pull on that shirt, but all I saw was a bunch of unenthusiastic unmotivated lacklustre footballers. Going back to the ratings again Lampard was seen as one of our best players..... well two world cups and not a goal and the creativity of a slug. You can't blame the manager as although Capello did make some mistakes this is pretty much the same squad that 3 managers have attempted to win something with...... hmmm maybe i'm being stupid but i would say that would be the players failing??? Anyways that my rant over with, and i look forward to seeing how many of that world cup team starts yet again for England in the Euro 2012 qualifiers!

Posted 19:26 28th June 2010

Sunil kumar Sunny (Arsenal fan) says...

why manager is the victim why not players. england has worlds most talented squad like rooney defoe lampard gerrad walcoot phillips terry but they had not showed their talent on the pitch. i cant understand about their playing styles in international level when these players played in their clubs they playing superbly why not in international level. Their passing ability very poor they cant find the net and their defence every thing going wrong this time, and finally germans crush out england 4-1 its very much insulting for english soccer fans.

Posted 19:14 28th June 2010

Dida Ghryani (Arsenal fan) says...

won or loss England is the best i love England

Posted 18:54 28th June 2010

Richard Smith (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

rooney the best player in the world ha ha ha stevie g lamps terry world class ha ha ha these players are so over hyped capello ha ha ha

Posted 18:31 28th June 2010

Alan Taylor says...

I could not believe what i was watching. England falling to the hands of Germany (who played a good game) and we let them. No strategy or plan. Looked like England players were playing as individuals not as a team. There are some (not all) England players that make me wonder what they would be doing if they were not "SOCCER STARS" !!!!!..........Uuuh....makes me shudder. Well it's all over for another four years for England but,some good soccer to watch still,and i will. Just glad i didn't fork out thousands of dollars to go to SA.

Posted 18:12 28th June 2010

Si Harwood says...

I was mystifyed with some of the squad selections - we were promised only those in top form and fully would be selected - we get Heskey, King, Upson, Carragher and Carrick. We looked disjointed and devoid of ideas. Goals never looked free flowing and with a look of unintrest from some players we were doomed! Poor slecetions and tatical issues also played there part. Yet another massive dissapointment from a group of players who have had so many chances in the past - Rodwell, Johnson and others now need to be given the chance.

Posted 18:08 28th June 2010

Raheel Masroor (Chelsea fan) says...

Remove all the big names from English football and see the result

Posted 18:01 28th June 2010

Viriato Azevedo (Chelsea fan) says...

England oh England.... The golden generation is done just like the Portuguese golden generation, all of these because of the bad choice made by the England FA on their coaches. In my opinion Sven Ericsson and Fabio Capelo were bad choice for England. The next coach if he continuous to use Gerard out of position because o Franck Lampard England will continou disapointing they lovely and gifted FANS. CAPELLO OUT...........

Posted 18:01 28th June 2010

Nick Harper (Barcelona fan) says...

I avidly watched both the England and USA ply their talents during the World Cup - unfortunately I am still waiting. The USA still a relative infant in the sport lacked the skill, intensity and determination to produce a quality team. Look at any of the South American teams play and you will see ten men on Offense and just as quickly ten on Defense aggressively fighting for each ball. The USA at time appeared to be waiting for a bus to transport them back up or down field. ENGLAND - the EPL is one of my favorite venues during the fall - quality play, skill and hard fought battles among the teams. Too bad the same players were not in attendance during the World Cup. The so-called star standouts expected to perform proved lackluster - and correct me If if am wrong but did England play with only eight men? Seems like they did because they had no defenders. Rooney - check that guys fingerprints because he was obviously an ill-equipped double taking space on the pitch. All in all a complete disappointment and embarrassment for both teams. SOLUTION? Get rid of the dillantantes and stars and stock both teams with players that are hungry for VICTORY not accolades.

Posted 17:59 28th June 2010

Harry Cullen (Manchester City fan) says...

Which ever way you look at it............since 1966 English players have shown that they are just not good enough. So we should stop expecting them to win this trophy. End of.

Posted 17:55 28th June 2010

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