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Time for change

Time for change's Chris Harvey puts forward his five-point plan for transforming England's international fortunes.

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Robert Wilkinson (Liverpool fan) says...

i agree we need to adopt the dutch approach,so why not employ a top class team of dutch advisors,and stop paying huge amounts of money for Any manager,GOD cant help us at this time..

Posted 14:30 29th June 2010

Pat Hanson (Manchester United fan) says...

In my opinion we are missing a fundemental point regarding England's failure......physical conditioning. We looked the slowest, lethargic team in the WC. Many of the players in the last rounds have played as much more football than English players. We have skillfill players but if they have no legs , spark or stamina, they will always struggle against any national side. Mueller and Ozil are not ultra gifted players ........they are just fit and motivated. Is there a fitter player than Messi ? Tevez looked like he could run forever. It's about individual players adopting the right lifestyle to be a world class athlete. No doubt the papers will now be filled with the ubiquitous england footballers boozing on the beaches !!

Posted 14:23 29th June 2010

Alex Young (Hearts fan) says...

Yeah but how do you go about re-educating the peple who watch the football. Most fans in the UK like watching a match played at 100mph and will boo a side if they do the sensible thing and try to keep possesion. You can't play silky, trophy winning football at the pace football is usually played in this country (arsenal prove it every year). The problem is as much to do with the mental outlook of the people as with the FA infrastructure.

Posted 14:23 29th June 2010

Darren Scott (Manchester United fan) says...

yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Spot on, totally agree!

Posted 14:22 29th June 2010

Andrew Lister (Manchester United fan) says...

I agree especially with the kids and the full size pitch. Under eleven's and for that matter under anything up to under 15s should not be playing on full size pitches. The amount of space the kids have on a full size pitch gives them all the time in the world on the ball, this can be clearly seen at professional level when our players panic and look hurried when they have the ball. The professional clubs should also be banned from scouting these matches until the kids are much older. I see scouts at games from under 7's upwards the clubs treat the kids like cattle and have parents running around the country at their every whim only for the door to be slammed in their faces because the kids don't develop into 7 ft sprinting machines. Kids should be enjoying football at that age, however, I do not advocate non-competition as I think it is necessary to breed winners

Posted 14:10 29th June 2010

Gareth John (AC Milan fan) says...

Every tornament that England ever qualify for, they seem to be an expectated to win. How rediculous. Since we lost Beckham, Scholes and Michael Owen lost his legs, we haven't been able to replace them with players of equal quality. Barry is good at breaking things up but seems to try and play himself rather than giving the ball to a better option, often losing it in the process. Gilberto Silver is a prime example of what Barry should be doing (know your limits). Also Milner puts in 3 good crosses in a game and all of a sudden he's the next Becks? I don't think so. Beckham would be putting at least 10 balls like that into the box during the game. As for the likes of Lenon and Wright -Phillips, they really need to work on their final ball, because currently its an absolute joke. To really develop players to compete on the world stage, kids need to have more time on the ball. Allow them to enjoy the game and express themselves at a young age and if they try something and it doesn't come off, so what! In Brazil talent is nertured and due to the small sided games which focus on touch, movement and skill players are produced. It's not rocket science

Posted 14:10 29th June 2010

Christine Duval (Leeds United fan) says...

Beckham & Stuart Pearce for manager & assistant

Posted 13:59 29th June 2010

Simon Cridland (Arsenal fan) says...

When I used to coach kids I introduced in every training session a twenty minute game where no kids were allowed to go past the opposition. I would give a free kick if it happened. This was not because I didn't want kids to try and beat their opponents - they do this anyway in the play ground and in games. It was to ensure that they looked for a passing option. It took time but it made the players more composed and comfortable on the ball. Basically training must be standardised to ensure all players learn the basics of control, passing and composure. there is nothing more downhartening than hearing mums , dads and coaches screaming their players to get rid of it. Therefeore a culture change is also needed.

Posted 13:57 29th June 2010

Martin Lee says...

my 11 year old boy has played football in spain for six years.The coaching here is fantastic and the methods used are passed on to the next generation, simple things really,like keeping possesion of the ball. the ability to tackle or header are really not that important. My lad is fairly small but plays in defence because of his ability to keep the ball moving, not to kick people up in the air. Over here they dont seem to worry about the result of the games, just as long as the kids are progressing .English kids need to be taught quick possesion football now! All the teams over here are like minature versions of Spain, and every now and again a gem is produced like Pedro who will probably one of the big stars at the next euros.When i asked my lad if he wanted to play for England when he grew up, he just laughed at me!

Posted 13:51 29th June 2010

Paul Lewis (Manchester United fan) says...

I am of the opinion that all above are correct in some way. I blame other things that have changed the way we as a nation play the beautiful game. I can remember playing football until it got dark at our local park. now most local parks are gone and the ones that remain are no ball game zones. Most kids these days play footy on a small screen at home and only play football during the 1 hour of pe at school. My son has just turned 7 and has just started playing on Saturday mornings. The coaching team do the basics and the kids love it but the basics are just that and its just not good enough. I was lucky enough to be coached by Des Bulpin who went on to be spurs youth team coach, he made us practice trapping passing running with the ball. I was never going to be a premier player but at least we had the chance to learn. Schools are asked to teach to many sports to all in too shorter time. I still can't see England winning a major Tournament with the kids not getting the propper training from very young. As for our coach, give the job to Harry, at least he has there respect. oh and he can speak English.

Posted 13:48 29th June 2010

Ross Little says...

A full overhaul of the game in this country is indeed what is required. I seem to recall when Germany finished bottom of the group in Euro 2000 (just one place below England) there was something similar done in the German game. This lead to a struggle to qualify for World Cup 2002 while they chopped and changed the team, trying new players and phasing out old ones. This transition period of course included the 5-1 thrashing by England - so the success they gained from the overhaul was by no means immediate. They ultimately did qualify AND got to the final in Japan and Korea - so it paid dividends. My view is that NO ONES place in the England squad is safe - whether your name is Rooney, Lampard, Barry or Heskey. The last 3 major tournaments we have contested in has had the exact same spine of the team - Terry, Lampard, Gerrard and Rooney - and each of these tournaments have indeeded in disappointment - not so much at the stage in which we got knocked out, but the manner in which we were eliminated. I like the idea of a Football Director type of thing, and I agree that 2012 qualifiers are not the priority.

Posted 13:44 29th June 2010

D Steade (Sheffield Wednesday fan) says...

Most junior leagues adopt eleven a side at under 12 age group. Whilst I do not think the step up to eleven a side is an issue what I do believe is that this should be done on a smaller pitch and smaller goals to take into account their size and stamina levels. There is no point playing on a full size pitch where only one or two can kick it more than 30-40 yards , all this encourages is everyone being drawn to the ball like bees to a honeypot. At this age as you mentioned you learn what you will carry forward the rest of your football life,being taught positional sense,keeping the ball,not always having to go forward,passing,ball control,marking,tackling etc etc. Eleven a side will help with all these as long as the surroundings are fit for their age. But then there is the matter of marking smaller pitches when space is often an issue for clubs,plus the expense of equipment ie 3/4 goals. These can however be answered with grants from the Football Foundation. There is a lot in place for clubs to take advantage of , grants for training facilities,kit etc etc but it needs the right people involved. Unfortunately this is often not the parents who often have a win at all cost approach. Being a Charter Standard club merely implies you have the correct proceedures in place ,provide a safe & proper environment for the kids,those responsible have CRB checks and the coaches are minimum FA level 1 which is basically more about child welfare & wellbeing rather than developing their skills as footballers,we need a system whereby club coaches can progrees to level 2 and 3 quickly and without the excessive costs currently charged.

Posted 13:40 29th June 2010

Mark Green says...

I couldn't agree more, except for the cup competitions as don't think it would realistically make much difference, especially if every club did it, all teams would be playing their youth and thus the players would effectively be playing at the same level as when playing for the youth/reserves. I Also agree that the whole philosophy needs to be changed from the ground up where focus is placed on development rather than results. During my sporting youth I was involved with basketball and my coaches focused primarily on development and were of the opinion that results would follow once the basics were mastered. Following some poor seasons evenutally everything clicked into place and we were a formiddable team for the years I played. My coach was an American and that was his philosophy. Lessons can be learned from different nations. I'm also personnally sick of coaches picking the best 11 players rather than selecting the 11 best players for the postions available. Remember when Scholes was shipped out to the left, we lost arguably our best player for decades to a faulted system. Look at Spain, Fabegras isn't placed on the left side to accommodate him, he is left on bench because he is not, according to the spanish coaching staff, the best player in his position. Play the best player for that position and it will also no doubt give us more depth on the bench when you have a top player ready to come on. Fix the system FA so we can regain some national pride and reclaim our place as a talented footballing nation.

Posted 13:37 29th June 2010

Joe Wheway says...

I agree with what you say. My cousin is 12 and plays in a 11-a-side team that is encouraged to get the ball long as soon as possible with no one with the talent to bring it down. How can a child learn to control a ball when its coming from 60 yards away. I believe that the game should be as small as possible and with head hight rules, to encourage short fast passing, until the age of 12 then slowly increase up from there. I am a level one coach and I do have the intention of going further. However it has been a few year since i did the course and I have never been contacted to encourage me to progress further. There must be so many potentially great coaches out there that never make it to the coaching courses.

Posted 13:10 29th June 2010

Chris Brooks (Portsmouth fan) says...

I totaly agree with the comments made by Chris Harvey on this subject. I don't think the manager can be blamed for our early exit in the world cup. We have had plenty of established managers over the year and they have always encountered the same problem of big names not performing and England not playing as a team. Evidentely it's time to look at the players, go back to the roots and look at how we develop our youth. Looking at TECHNICAL ABILITY, PASSING and MOVING has to become a priority. Let youngsters try out new tricks and get used to dribbling the ball, instead of always getting a pat on the back for booting the ball up the pitch. This all goes hand in hand with getting English youth on the pitch. The FA must bring in a rule which states how premiership teams require a certain number of english player in the squad/lineup for every game. This may come at a cost for the premier league and quality of play might suffer for a while, however the national team and the development of English player is far more important in my eyes than the success of any club team. Money however is a whole other issue and unfortunatly could dictate a lot of what happen in the future. The premiership is a big money game and could prevent all the comments made from becoming a reality.

Posted 13:02 29th June 2010

Ian Kelly (Everton fan) says...

I totally agree with the comments said and feel the national centre will help improve but we need more than 1. As for the future lets find start the revolution. I think James, Terry, Rio, Lamps, Gerrard, and Barry have all had a good innings but when you see two 21 yr olds (Ozil and Mueller) make England look like a Conference side it aint good. They are young and trusted its time we done the same. Lets bring Adam Johnson, Tom Huddlestone, Michael Dawson and Joe Hart fully into the mix as these are all good and have years to go. Also play Walcott up front he is more deadly and bring Jagielka and Rodwell in, I may support Everton but when you look at Everton once Jags come back they where solid and Rodwell is emerging as the best young talent in the country after Man U and chelsea wanting him. I would also like to see Man U play Smalling as he has a great future and Zamora is someone else who can shine, There is talent there but we are relying on bringing one through every 2 years. its not good enough. Maybe an annual friendly with the under 21s could show how much talent there is in the country

Posted 13:00 29th June 2010

Toon army Tooter (Newcastle United fan) says...

In response to forgetting Euro2012, i dnt think it should be about forgetting about it because england have enough players coming through that are better than the ageing current team, it is vital to build a team of youth mixed with experience!! the tried and tested gerrard and lampard approach has failed yet again...why not introduce milner into the middle of the park where he was so good for villa at the back end of last season or utilise joe cole in that position?? ashley young would have been ideal for the left wing with his crossing ability providing a different option to lennon's pace on the right! and why not bring in agbonlahor, if anything his pace might actually make Heskey look like a decent player, when he knocks the ball on!! Gk wise Joe hart needs to be given an opportunity, he was best keeper by far of the 3 last season and why not take advantage of the king and dawson partnership in defence, they play alongside each other and know each others games...would surely have reduced the number of defensive errors...especially against the german!! although these are not superstars, they all play with heart...something that was clearly missing from the players who are clearly only motivated by money and greed!!

Posted 12:59 29th June 2010

Joseph Adenuga (Manchester United fan) says...

it is very true about the age at which we teach our young players and how we teach them to play. you only have to look at the methods of successful nations to see that we are getting it wrong. spain, brazil, argentina... the children are brought up playing on beaches in the streets not massive 11-a-side pitches which are out of proportion to their size/ability. without frills, just flair and love for the game and with the emphasis on developing themselves not just trying to win a little league game by any means with an uncultured coach screaming at them to "get rid" rather than take time and pick passes and work and move for each other. it has to happen like bergkamp said between 8 and 12. but really all this is talk for future generations. at the next few tournaments, we will likely still see english teams that are not good enough to win. it will be up to the media and fans to adjust their expectations, from expecting to win out of nothing to hoping to do well but for goodness sake not putting so much pressure on the players. they will be able to play without fear of backlash if they fail and we will see them playing for the team and the country rather than playing for their place and reputation. less scrutiny, more unity

Posted 12:57 29th June 2010

Iain Love (Everton fan) says...

The most successful team for producing homegrown players is West Ham & we should look at what they do . Everton have started to bring young players through due to the fact they can't just go out and buy willy-nilly and they haven't done too badly with that in the league. We will only get better if we can force clubs into developing their youth, i would like to see restrictions brought in that young players cannot sign to a club more than 20 miles from where they live up to the age of 18. This will i believe mean that more players are likely to stick with the sport reguardless of family or monetary support.

Posted 12:56 29th June 2010

Dan Hall (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I agree with all of the above.... I said before the World Cup that newbies like Adam Johnson should be left at home and developed during the Euro Qualifiers, when we go to a World Cup we need to be armed to win it, taking Walcott 4 years ago and leaving Defoe at home cost us big time, the same this year, taking Heskey instead of a goal scorer... No one in my mind stands out as a natural replacement for the Terry, Gerrard and Lampard that we currently have... Lets develop the younger players like Jack Wilshire, Tom Huddlestone, Aaron Lennon, Ashley Young, Gabby Agbonlahor, Joe Hart, Leighton Baines & Kieron Gibbs... Do it now before the pressure kills them in 4 years time!!!

Posted 12:49 29th June 2010

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