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Time for change

Time for change's Chris Harvey puts forward his five-point plan for transforming England's international fortunes.

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Kyle Spence (Manchester United fan) says...

There are some aspects of grass roots football that will never change ie winning is everything so the big big kids get choosen for better teams. Skillful players are stopped from expressing themselves e.g Joe Cole in West Ham Youth Cup at Chelsea not showing same flashes of skill...but we applaud any foreign player who does anything similar. Also who really monitors these Charter Standard Clubs? Are they really better than any other Youth Football Club? Give Coaches/School Teaches more exposure at a much less costs to the Pro/Semi Pro Clubs to pass on their knowledge to grass roots and I agree great ex Pro's dont make the best coaches therefore not always progressing at grass roots level

Posted 12:49 29th June 2010

Peter West (Manchester United fan) says...

Back to basics , all yougsters should have a total desire to play with a round object be it a ball, a cabage , what ever the atainment of the banance and control needed to be Happy with the ball at the feet must come from an early age . This alows the brain to exersize ideas as to movements needed to combat oponents trying to relieve u of that posession.when this comes as an automatic response then there will be time and inclination to develop the spatial awareness so evident in the upper echelon of soccer. skills can then be learnt for acurate passing flighting of the ball etc. regards PKW

Posted 12:46 29th June 2010

Rob S (Manchester United fan) says...

I dont understand why every time england dont win at a world cup that there has to be an enquiry. The players are good enough individually, but as a team are hopeless - and to expect the same team that failed to qualify for the euros to win the world cup is a complete pipe dream. Players are still chosen on past form and reputation. A manager needs to be brought in to do what capello said he would - pick a player on form and fitness - as well as this players need to be picked who can play and compliment each other. Terry and Upson should never play in any team together ever again. Players need to be played in positions they do for thier clubs. Gerrard looked short of ideas all tournament so why continue playing him where he never plays. As for this reporter saying more money needs to be invested in coaching younger players and coaching coaches is rediculous. I can guarantee that after every tournament england lose over my lifetime the same thing will happen. an enquiry and it will never make a difference, just waste money. look at all the best teams in the world cup. they are all teams from less fortunate back grounds. less investment in our pretencious, spoilt, ego driven national team would benefit everyone. Maybe they should go and live in the slums of rio or buenos aires for 10 years like many of the best players at the world cup and they might then be ready to play for our national team - and apprieciate what they have.

Posted 12:45 29th June 2010

Chris Price (Norwich City fan) says...

te fundamental problem isn't are youth system- we still have some of the most promising football talent coming from this country- conor wickham ipswich- theo walcott, delph from leeds, wilshire, moses- the list goes on. i know t norwich we have a load of talented young english keepers coming through as-well. the problem seems to be when these players start earing 100,000 a week or more and believe they are bigger than their club and country. it's the attitude of our players which is wrong, not the youth. look at owen, gerrard, beckham- all excellent youth p[layers, but i don't know if it's the pressure we put on our footballers or just the money- but once our players reach 24/25 they seem to think they are the best thing since to grace the earth. Our players need to refind their love for football, their desire to play for the country- it's not a lack of talent in our youth- because there is a lot of talent there- its just our english footballing culture- these golden generation need to go, and we need to bring in a set of yound players (like the germany side) who still have the passion to play for thier country and then we need to find a way to keep that passion there

Posted 12:43 29th June 2010

Paul Smith (Derby County fan) says...

Totally agree with the last point regarding forgetting the next Euro's. Would we rather go into the next world cup with a team of 24 and 25 year olds who have 30 - 40 caps to their name already and have been playing as a team for 4 years or with the overpaid unpassionate lot we have just witnessed. We can use the 'they haven't got the experience to play in a world cup' excuse when we've had 4 years to give it to them!!

Posted 12:33 29th June 2010

Graham Jones says...

That last comment regarding Euro 2012 is absurd. Euro 2012 will be the last chance for alot of the 'stars' of the current England team and dropping them for youngsters who are clearly not ready nor good enough is a rediculous idea - what happens if they didnt qualify for Euro 2012 AND Brazil 2014?? They need a combination of them both if anything. I dont blame PL clubs opting for overseas talent simply because they are better than the English counterparts. Also for English talent the price is inflated simply because they are English, good example of this being 3 years ago when Bent went to Spurs for 16m and the same summer Arsenal sold Henry for a similar fee. Until the youth system is addressed so we start producing talented youngsters the national team will continue to struggle.

Posted 12:30 29th June 2010

Alex Lilley (Arsenal fan) says...

I am impressed at how correct your assessment of the current game was. We need to invest more time in training the youngsters and encourage English teams to produce more youngsters. For Euro 2012 should be atime where youngsters are blooded into the team and we aim to build for the future. Look at the England rugby team, only now are they starting to bear fruit after two years of unsuccessful six nations.

Posted 12:28 29th June 2010

Frank Ford (Manchester United fan) says...

Interesting Chris but so much wrong, where to start. I visited England to see my son play last year. On the next field, 10 year olds on a full sized pitch. Usual neanderthal chants from the side but what chance tiki taka on a pitch that big? How many touches in a game. What chance the keeper in full sized goal? I am a teacher but I would let a 10 year old do the same work as a graduate-why then is the child playing on a pitch the same size as a graduate's? As you point out, youth football turns into athletics with monsters prevailing! More coaches is NOT the answer unless the system changes. You would just have more ex pros doing it wrong to more kids and doing more damage! A change in the mentality of coaching the 'golden years is required. Ex players got us in this mess and as products of the environment are unlikely to get us out of it! We need people who understand kids not football. Forget pragmatics and winning under 10 games with big lumps! Forget positions until 14. I would never get a 10 year old to concentrate on chemistry so why is this child labeled keeper or defender or striker. Even the vocabulary is wrong. How can a child be brought up to defend without the ball and attack with it if the coach labels him a striker or defender? Defenders defend coach, don't they? This requires patience. Getting kids to pass, getting kids to trust their team mates, getting kids to understand a philosophy requires time. It is dull and repetitive. Much easier to play 11 v 11 games. Get the education right and England may have a chance but other things must change. Kids listen to the media but too many pundits say little of any insight. We hear 'world class' to describe our players and excuses about technical deficiencies and a lack of English players. England were crap when there were no foreigners too! A visionary, yes but even Sir Alex poked fun at Wenger years ago.

Posted 12:28 29th June 2010

Tony I (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Although these changes are refreshing in parts it is nevertheless nothing new... I have been involved in youth football since 96. The best thing that we did was to implement mini soccer not long after I started. Ten years on & there are two main problems with mini soccer; 1) most leagues still allow the GK to drop kick as opposed to throw/roll it out. I have never understood that? 2) it stops at age 10 as opposed to evolving into 9 a-side with again a slight increase in pitch size. At 14/15 the game can then move into 11 a-side. The other thing is that there should be no competitive leagues until age 11 as this will help to stop the 'long ball' which unfortunately still exists in the small sided games. Finally, the Academies must take responsibilities for the amount of players that I have seen 'quit' or 'lose their appetitie' because of rejection. Unfortunately, the decision making process is not one based on TECHNICAL ABILITY, SKILL or most important of all the 'BRAIN'

Posted 12:14 29th June 2010

Andrew Frijlink (Liverpool fan) says...

Fabio Capello out Beckham to be englands manager

Posted 12:05 29th June 2010

Alex Crabb (Arsenal fan) says...

I could not agree more with everything said in this article, I am a firm believer that young footballs should be taught the game properly and to keep the ball at their feet instead of long balls all the time. As for give the England manager time to build a team for 2014, i think that is the most sensible thing anyone has said since we were knock out by the Germans, lets build to the future, the Spanish have managed it, so why can't we?? Its better than getting humiliated every 2 years!

Posted 11:53 29th June 2010

Ivan Burrows says...

Until we make players pay performance related they will continue to reap the rewards with no consequences to failure. They need to know what its like to go hungry. We have the best stadia and facilities bar none and the new national football centre is due to be complete in 2012 so its no good using that as an excuse, teams like Brazil learn to play on the beach for goodness sake. One final point, please don't coach out talent from kids and force them to go long, encourage them to dribble and be comfortable on the ball at an earlier age.

Posted 11:52 29th June 2010

Dexter Lake (Arsenal fan) says...

I agree with alot of the above. I dont agree do not agree with you about euro 2012. I think we should be part of all tournaments regardless of if we win or lose. The 2010 world cup will be know as the worst world cup i have ever seen england play in. It was a total disgrace.

Posted 11:52 29th June 2010

Darren Billam (Huddersfield Town fan) says...

The problem with the Premier League is the obsession with importing rubbish. Take a look at the SkySports Premier League website today and you will see the majority of clubs putting in offers of Millions for players no one has ever heard of!!! Not to pick on Wigan (they just happened to be top of the list today) but £6m for a player that 95% of English footballs fans have never heard of is crazy. Spurs are chasing not 1 but 2 players from the Europen powerhouse that is Palermo!!! The need for premier League clubs to stay in the money that the Premier League gives them means that none of them will put their millions into a youth acadamy that can produce dozens of these players over the next 20 years. It doesn't matter who manages the England Team over the next 4 years, the players are not there. People will talk about Rodwell, Gibbs, Wiltshere, etc as the new breed, but these are just a few names, and for each one of them then the likes of Brazil, Argentina, etc, have 10. It going to to be a long hard road to get England football back to anywhere near being able to compete at the top level and it starts with the money hungry Premier League Clubs, BUT THEN AGAIN THEY ARE ALL OWNED AND MANAGED BY FORIEGNERS SO WHY SHOULD THEY CARE??? We need to win the bid for the 2018 World Cup otherwise we won't qualify!

Posted 11:50 29th June 2010

Steve Hunty says...

Viva la revolution!! but best of luck! I know that every football fan in the country will agree with most of what you are saying. But You aren't a spineless jobsworth working for the FA. We are now a third world footballing nation when it comes to developing international talent. We let talented young lads get their legs broken by introducing them to first team football to early. All driven by the corruption of Premiership profits. A visionary FA needs to take back control of its destiny, show leadership, reorganise and share a plan with the nations supporters. PS Doncaster rovers could have defended better than the rabble that we saw on sunday. We wee embarrassed in front of the world. But come Euro qualifiers it will be the same old farts that will pull on the shirt, take the money and run back to their mansions with our money, laughing all the way. How long are gonna be such mugs. Come on FA show us you care!

Posted 11:42 29th June 2010

Peter Griffiths (Tranmere Rovers fan) says...

The fa need to look at the coaching system, why do we have 900 level 3 coaches, and germany have 15,000. You can not get on to these courses without alot of money which most coaches don't have, most ex players do the higher level courses and then got to teach in the clubs, train the people who would be prepared to go into the schools to teach the children, then you will improve the game from the bottom up, not the top down. It will not happen as to many people in the fa are on good money and would be out of a job, this has needed looking at since we won the world cup, not just now

Posted 11:29 29th June 2010

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