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England's got talent?

England's got talent?

Were England's players good enough? Do we need to look to a younger breed? The panel have their say...

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Charlie Debling (Manchester City fan) says...

i think the england players are amazing sometimes they get lods of money 100,000 a week . i think capello should put more young guys abit like jon steadfrom ipswich did you see the goal he scored against middlesbough that was a cracker what a goal. come on fabio capello send beckham in again what a player he is. come on fabio

Posted 12:39 13th August 2010

Eric Northeast (Osasuna fan) says...

Capello clear-out ???. Laughable.Out go the players on the periphery of the main team.All the players involved in the world cup fiasco still there earning their millions. Okay so one of your "experts" mentions Crouch as not even being a regular for Spurs, but I seem to remember him managing to accidently poke the ball in the net now and again for England.With Defoe they seemed to work well together. me a favour. Ah well...Capello a hard man ?? Don''t worry guys...player power is still alive and doing well.

Posted 09:36 8th August 2010

Steven Meachin (Arsenal fan) says...

i think we just have to look at arsenal with players such as gibbs wilshere eastmond and also theres rodwell rooney will still be around. but i think we need to follow barcelona and make the top clubs produce players through school and football. so it is more like boarding school and everyone is happy.

Posted 22:39 7th August 2010

Steve Bruce (Sunderland fan) says...

Am i really missing something or is everybody totally oblivious to the fact that darren bent scored 24 premier league goals for a team that finished bottom half, how does jermaine defoe become a definate in the england side when he scored 5 or 6 goals less! And for heskey?! the man wins a header and now he''s in the setup! Picking people based on form? Why was john terry there, why was carragher, why was wright phillips and robert green? oh i forgot they all play for clubs outside the north east! It was the same with kevin phillips when he was here, socring 30 a season, play people who are playing well for their clubs but stop playing overated/paid superstars who proved they can''t do it on the big stage, the question we should be asking is are we going to make the group stages for the euro''s!

Posted 14:04 4th August 2010

Lee Osmond (Liverpool fan) says...

I think that the standard of players produced by England since the influx of foreign players has improved immensely and I believe in quality over quantity. The problem with England is that every manager despite making bold and empty statements about being ruthless. Picks players on reputation and not on form. Spain are blessd with outstanding central midfielders Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso,Fabregas too name a few but do Spain play all of them in the starting line up. Of course not no matter how good they are there. Fabregas is more often than not on the bench yet if Spain had the same backward mentality Fabregas would be playing out of position in left midfield disrupting the balance of the team. Its down to the players to fit the system not the system to fit the players. If players where played in their natural positions you would soon see an improvement in the quality of football played, ball retention and chances created. something England haven''t done for a long long time. Stop trying to accomodate big names and play players on form who will be ten times hungrier.

Posted 12:38 4th August 2010

Benjamin Macey (Arsenal fan) says...

It''s easy to blame an infux of foreign players, But i''ve looked at this from a different perspective.. How many English players ply thier trade in a league other than the EPL? Over the past 2 tournaments the only two players where anyone has said "They didn''t do too bad" were David Beckham, And Owen Hargreaves, Two players that have both played abroad in diifferent leagues. As an example of what i''m thinking, How many of the Brazil team play in Brazil? Not many. And has that stopped them winning tournaments? No. You just get the feeling they only know how to play football one way, and it''s not working!

Posted 09:24 4th August 2010

Simon Bush (Rochdale fan) says...

to say you cant play gerrard and lampard in the same midfield and should have played to rooneys was gerrard and lampard feeding mr ego all through the qualifiers that made him the top scorer.shrek failed at the world cup because teams defended him well and didnt give him space.hes not that good

Posted 21:50 3rd August 2010

Clifton Ricketts (Manchester United fan) says...

i thought england done aswell as they could with the team that they had. Half the players had either been injured/tired or out of form, can someone tell me apart from 1966 what other final have they got to (european or world)? when capello first came i thought he was the man!! but when he said he was waiting on BARRY!!!!! I knew he wasnt.Why he didnt take johnson still amazes me.Were just not good enough, until we stop kids playing in the park on FULL-SIZE pitches with FULL-SIZE goals and SIZE-5 footballs we will always struggle.Simple!!!

Posted 20:35 3rd August 2010

Khemis Ezibon (Manchester United fan) says...

England will never win the World unless they make the use of the young generation, Like Ashely young, Gabriel Agbonlahor, Walcott, Wright Phillips, Wayne Bridge, Gibbs, Frazer Campbell, etc. And for the players like Emily Heskey, Frank Lampard of Chelsea, carrager of Liverpool, Rio Ferdinand, and Rooney should work hard and stop command or otherwise.

Posted 19:17 3rd August 2010

Gary Holdstock (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

Simply put, some of them believe they are better than others and are big babies when they dont get their own way. Terry for instance, obviously reacted to the slanderous gossip about Gerrard and didnt want to play with him. Joe Cole kept out of it and has obviously decided to leave Chelsea where the main culprit of Englands Dia performance is. I hate the fact that they have caused the England team to look like a bunch of idiots. The fans should be given their money back.

Posted 12:33 3rd August 2010

Chris Ryan (Everton fan) says...

The reason England are under achievers is a much bigger issue than players being under too much pressure from the media etc, they deal with media pressure daily as part of their job. Quite simply our whole attitude to football needs addressing. Children in teams in this country play kick and run football, we are encouraged to put big children in defence because they can kick it further and let the small quick strikers chase after it and hopefully score.meanwhile in other countries they do not even use positions but everything is about retaining possesion and improving technically. I hear fans moan in this country if a ball is passed backwards we demand the ball is moved forward as quick as possible if possesion is lost at least they tried! Also professional clubs in England only want to take children that are physically strong and tall even if there are children much better technically this would not be the case in other countries. Rant over!

Posted 09:02 3rd August 2010

Ronald Shaw (Aston Villa fan) says...

England Will Never have enough Talented Players to form a top International team while we have club owners and foreign managers that with Billions to play with who only want to buy ready made international ''''stars" in the hope of "buying" our trophies. The F.A. should do their utmost to outlaw this practice and get back to a home produced team system which would almost force the clubs to have Academies for up and coming players. I am sure the talent is out there.

Posted 11:02 30th July 2010

Richard Cooper (Manchester United fan) says...

We werent good enough at all at world cup, u definately cant play gerrard and lampard in the same midfield and we didnt play to rooneys strengths its easy to blaim him, but the blaim lies with the people who failed to give him any service, and jack ''o sullivan who said " You Think He Would Have Got The Message After The Group Stage That Rooney Was Not Good Enough", even though rooney finshed top goal scorer in qualifying and setting new record of 9 goals for england in qualifying over passing lineker who had 8 you clearly dont know what your talking about.

Posted 00:07 30th July 2010

Roy Mason (Manchester United fan) says...

i am an irishman but do like to see the english team do well. the english players seem fantastic every week in the premiership when they drilled into playing a certain system, but dont have the same ability as the spanish or brazilians to adapt to a new system and play in a different role. arguably the two best players- gerrard and rooney failed to make an impact when they played a different role, and terry was even concerned about having to play on the right of a centre back insted of the left. i think that the english game has some of the best managers in the world and they manage to get the best out of these ''slightly above average'' players. i do think there is promise though in the coming years though and capello should start playing the likes hart, dawson, young, agbonlahor, walcott, rodwell, johnson, downing, etc. even if these players arent quite at international standard yet, playing these players is an investment for the future as they will gain invaluable experience now. if capello picks all the golden oldies (carra, king, james, lamps, heskey, beckham, etc.) for the euro qualifiers then in to years time, england will be back to where they are now- with ageing players who have passed it and young players who are inexperienced

Posted 18:23 29th July 2010

Mike Kemble (Manchester United fan) says...

Because of all the foreign players in the leagues, we are very short of english class. The current England squad picks itself and it shows in the way they play - or don''t play to be more accurate. Their wallets weigh them down too. England players should not be paid either, but pay for national pride.

Posted 13:40 29th July 2010

Yonulu Garcia (Barcelona fan) says...

Under 19. Spain 3 England 1. Can be 6-1 easy. Too many diference between types of play

Posted 19:00 27th July 2010

Jack O''sullivan (Crystal Palace fan) says...

England Were Nowhere Near Good Enough To Win The World Cup. Capello Brought To Many Injured Players And He Didnt Go By Who Was On Form He Went By The Big Names. He Played Gerrard And Lampard In The Same Team When Everybody Knows They Cant Play Together. He Played John Terry Even Though He Was Off Form Even For Chelsea At The End Of The Season. You Think He Would Have Got The Message After The Group Stage That Rooney Was Not Good Enough. I Dont Understand Why Heskey Was Brought And Not Bent Or Carlton Cole. I Also Dont Understand What Crouch Has To Do To Get In The Team. He Never Gets Played And He Nearly Always Scores When He Comes On. He Must Be One Of The Most Underated Strikers In England. I Also Think Joe Hart Would Have Been A Much Better Choice For Goalkeeper Than Rob Green Or David James. We Need To Get Rid Of Capello And Bring In Someone Like Harry Redknapp Or Roy Hodgson, And We Need To Bring In The Youngsters Like Dan Gosling, Jack Rodwell, Nathanial Clyne, Adam Johnson And Leighton Baines.

Posted 16:50 27th July 2010

Connor Mcgauley (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I believe that teams should look at Tottenham as an example for a true english premier league club. With such up and coming ENGLISH talent they are a prime example. Look at the players we have comnig through the ranks and on the way to the first team: Danny Rose, Kyle Naughton, Micheal Dawson, Tom Huddlestone, John Obika, jsut to name but a few. Some of these are almost practically regualrs. Can you name that amount of young english talent that plays for a team such as Arsenal.

Posted 08:25 27th July 2010

John Featherstone (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

Problems: 1) We didn''t pick in-form players, simply players who were big names. Rooney didn''t deserve a place in the starting 11, that was clear, Upson ought to have been taken off against Germany after the second goal. 2) We didn''t have a passing midfielder. Both Lampard and Gerrard aren''t passing midfielder, they''re players who run with the ball and take it to the opposition and score goals, we need at least one passing midfielder. In all honesty, only Wilshere would really work here. 3) We didn''t have enough up-front. We needed to take Bent, I''m quite certain he''d of performed a lot better than Heskey, hell - take Delfounso instead of Crouch. 4) We didn''t pick the right formation or the right set of players for their correct positions, Fabio doing things incorrectly. 5) We hyped this up, once again, too much. They''re -very- good players, but it just ends up being a burden. 6) We had a bad start. Once you get both the result and more importantly the performance of the first game, and subsequently the second and third, you simply can''t drive on with confidence - our players weren''t playing with confidence. 7) There''s never a belief we can win. Spain and it''s players believed they were good enough, they don''t say ''Oh, it''s only Xavi'' as we do with Gerrard. The players go out expecting and believing they''ll win, we simply don''t. 8) Do they care? You''d have to make a case that a few of our players didn''t really care enough, and there''s more dedicated players we might have chosen - younger players who''re eager to do well for their country.

Posted 01:13 27th July 2010

Khaleel Ahmed (Liverpool fan) says...

its the english players when they enter a major cup, they struggle to keep up with the big boys, england stuggled in the group stage against lower opposition and you dont expect them to beat germany england can not cope with pressure from media and fans and flop in major tournaments.

Posted 00:20 27th July 2010

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