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England's got talent?

England's got talent?

Were England's players good enough? Do we need to look to a younger breed? The panel have their say...

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Charlie Venizelou (Liverpool fan) says...

I believe the problem with the england team is a mixture of bad luck and inability to play together. The players are to spread out amongst the teams in the premier league. Had a few of them played more often together rather then against each other it would generate more unity. Rooney is a different player at united because he plays with the same team week after week. He and his team mates know each others strengths and weaknesses. They practice together and learn a lot about each other. The same for Lampard, Gerrard and so on. If gerrard and lampard played in the same team they would gell together for england. The german young team have played together since they were kids. Now look at them. They play for each other and combine well together. If they were to be split up into different teams they would not be half as good. Individually there weaker then englands players, but together there superior. Look at spain, with xavi and iniesta in the heart of midfield (there main strength), the same midfield that barcelona have. England need to find a new batch of young talent and this time KEEP THEM TOGETHER in the same club team.

Posted 21:16 4th July 2010

Alexander Rose (Arsenal fan) says...

English players are overrated and too expensive...All the problems the england team have roots from this very fact

Posted 21:00 4th July 2010

Geoffrey Allen (Southampton fan) says...

Suddenly deciding our best players are not that good because of a poor World Cup is absurd: England are not the only country to under-perform at this World Cup, and the likes of Gerrard, Lampard, and Rooney have shown over and over, competing against the world's best players in the Premier League and the Champions League, that they are world class. England's problem has been that no manager has been able to get the best out of Gerrard and Lampard playing together, and the culprit has been the 4-4-2. In a 4-4-2 there is no room to let Gerrard and Lampard play their best roles: either one of them has to play a defensive, holding role, or one of them has to go out to the wing. But when you recognize that England only has 1 world class striker anyway, Rooney, surely it's obvious that the answer was always to play 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1! With Rooney up front alone, and Lampard and Gerrard free to roam creatively just behind him, making runs into the box, playing their natural games. Either that, or pick one and keep the other on the bench, as Holland are doing with Sneijder and van der Vaart now, because they are too similar. For the future, people seem to forget that Rooney is still young, that Walcott is only 21 and has the potential for greatness, that Adam Johnson has shown a level of ability few can match in his 6 months in the Premiership, that the likes of Rodwell, Wilshere, Onuoha and others are ready to step in for the over 30 crowd, and that Joe Hart shows the potential to be (at last) the next great English goalie. It's not all doom and gloom, whatever this depressing World Cup experience may suggest. Key is the England manager having the courage to pick the best players regardless of age, and having the sense to adapt his formation to the talents of the best players.

Posted 19:39 4th July 2010

Malcolm Finning (Everton fan) says...

what a load of crap tommo all your doing is protecting gerrard and johnson there well past there playing days get rid and take that pathetic excuse for a defender with them john terry who thinks he rules the nest because of who he his. Merse if you don't think the foreign players don't have a effect on our home grown talent you need to fiind another job. the problem with football in this country is plain to see the money involved is too much in germany it cost a tenner to see the big teams, what does it cost here between £25 and £ 45 stupid .i cannot afford to watch everton too much because its a round £100 pounds for the day.Personally i restrict each team to 2 foriegn players a season then you won't get the same teams winning everything and the english players will come through and eventually shine but the premier league won't let that happen ? THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT ENGLAND

Posted 18:34 4th July 2010

Matthew Bragg (Blackburn Rovers fan) says...

Blackburn's Phil Jones is the next John Terry

Posted 16:38 4th July 2010

Stephen Higgs (Manchester United fan) says...

I think there is certainly a case for following Germany's example and adding the best few youngsters with some experienced players. Quite like the look of this 11: Hart, A.Cole, Ferdinand, Cahill, Richards, A. Johnson, Hargreaves,Rodwell, Walcott, Gerrard, Rooney. With also players like Dawson, Wilshire, Gibbs, A. Young, Agbonlahor, Huddlestone and Milner on the bench. For me, the time has come for England to say goodbye to James, Green, Terry, Upson, King, Carragher, Lampard, Wright-Phillips, Barry, Carrick, Heskey. Drastic change is needed. Its not enough to keep rolling out the same players and hoping for the best.

Posted 16:32 4th July 2010

Paul Hodgson (Sunderland fan) says...

Whatever the fallout following our disgraceful exit from the World Cup and the call for a new and young breed of player to be found to represent the National team, it will nevertheless no doubt result in only those at the "fashionable" clubs who sadly will be chosen. This Country has talented footballers who would "die" for their Country given the chance, but whilst they ply their trade at Clubs like Sunderland, Aston Villa, Fulham etc they can sadly forget any opportunities coming their way

Posted 15:05 4th July 2010

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