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Dutch masters

Dutch masters

Philip Cornwall believes England could learn a lot from Holland in light of their contrasting fortunes.

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Marcel Lakboerlawal says...

I don't agree that van Bommel is a lesser player than Lampard or Gerrard. Look at the season he had and what he brings to the team. Van Bommel is the leader of the team, dispite that van Bronckhorst is the captain, and he plays smart and has more techique than most people realise. I think the main problem with England is the lack of creativety. Most of the creative players in the premier league are foreigners. When I look at the English squad I see physical, hard working players, but no real technical player or a real player that can make a difference like Messi, Iniesta or Sneijder. Rooney comes close but he needs somebody to set him up. There is no ballance in the English squad. The Germans had the same problem and they realised they had to change their youth programm and the result what you see this world cup. England needs to change something in the education of young players or this problem will never be solved.

Posted 16:35 6th July 2010

Ben Maassen (Arsenal fan) says...

It's a team sport and if you play for your country the team should unite and be prepared to fight for each other. You can chose the wrong tactic, wrong coach and still get to the last 8 (Argentina) but the team that has the spirit, the management and the tactic right, that team wins the WC (add a little luck). England has none of the above, Holland has all of the above this time around and if they start their remaining games chasing goals they may just do it.

Posted 16:33 6th July 2010

Marco Hof says...

Well written article. One little comment with regards to Nicholas' reaction. Perhaps Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard and (mainly) Terry are not as good as everybody thinks in England. Players like Kuyt and van Bommel are not spectacular talents but extremely comfortable in possession and very tactical aware. Compare how often Gerrard chooses the 'Hollywood' pass and loses the ball compared to van Bommel. Nobody in Holland expected the team to make it to the semis. Our national press is critical because the team has been grinding out wins without the usual Dutch flair. However for once in my lifetime I would like us to lift the trophee instead of going out as the glorious entertainers. Knighthood for van Marwijk guaranteed.

Posted 15:38 6th July 2010

Nicholas Reynolds-iwuchukwu (Liverpool fan) says...

Well said and i am so sure the dutch would never have taken crocked stars Like Ferdinand to the world cup knowing he had no chance of playing. There were also no distractions which John Terry always brought to the team. The Dutch were tactifully disciplined and thats why players like Mark Van Bommel, Dirk Kuyt and Andrew Oojer may walk away as deserved world champions while better talented and gifted players like Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrarrd and John Terry can only sit back and ponder over what could have been. The teams have a purpose and passionate character which Fabio Capello never brought to the team only relying on the outdated hardman reputation that has long been confined to the history books and that he is even still on as English boss goes to show how far we have fallen and he is only there because of the money. He was worse than Steve M'claren but then England is an easy breeding ground for players and managers who just milk clubs and the public of money and walk away after their destruction i.e Rafeal Benitez. We should place a cap on foreigners to bring back the spirit and passion of the 3 lions and it should start with the Manager. Thats what Holland, Spain, Germany and even Uruguay have that we dont and is an honest reflection of where they are. Lessons for 2012 i guess without Capello for sure

Posted 12:40 6th July 2010

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