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Top Ten targets

Top Ten targets picks ten World Cup stars who might just be playing in the Premier League next season.

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Franklin Chealsea (Chelsea fan) says...

will love to see gyan in everton.

Posted 00:00 8th July 2010

Craig Podevin (West Ham United fan) says...

i wouldnt mind seeing gyan at west ham, and seeing what sky sports said today with david sullivan and misrolav klose, we're set for a good couple of signings :D only thing is, i find a lot of rumours unbelieveable :/ west ham cant afford £12m for anyone to be honest, i think more realistic targets are klose, henry and joe cole but it's going to take big contracts for them and that means we'll have to sell which i dont think i would do, i would get rid of behrami and faubert for joe cole any day, and get rid of mido, franco, ilan for henry/klose but i think theyre going to be the only big signings for us all season, west ham are better off signing one of them (klose, henry, or cole) then saving their money and spending in january on what they need :)

Posted 22:50 7th July 2010

James Altoft (Manchester City fan) says...

In reply to Sean Jenkins who says Manchester City dont have class because they are buying everyone..... Funny that as to me Man U are the club 1 billion pounds and rising in debt (Class), they also have increased they already high prices of tickets at old trafford (class). I suppose a fan from Stockport pelting Craig Bellamy with missiles was ok too. Or would you rather the best players not play in the Premier League and nobody to invest in some of europes biggest stars??

Posted 22:01 7th July 2010

J Asdsdas (Arsenal fan) says...

arshaivn was only 15 million - a bargain.

Posted 20:43 7th July 2010

Simon Hands (Liverpool fan) says...

I think these transfers would happen. Arsenal:Schwarzer, Kociencly, Gourcuff, Chamakh, Ozil, J.Cole. Chelsea:Benayoun, Kalas, F.Torres, Gerrard,M.Klose, Kaka. Liverpool:Van Der Vaart, Higuain, Hangeland, Drenthe, G.Silva, D.Murphy. Man City:Podolski, Y.Toure, D.Silva, J.Boateng, F.Torres, Gerrard, Mascherano, Milner, Agbonlahor, Carroll. Man Utd:Sneijder, Hernandez, L.Fabiano, Benzema. Tottenham:D.Forlan, L.Suarez, Odumwengie, Bellamy, C.Cole, Upson,

Posted 19:03 7th July 2010

Joe Coward (Liverpool fan) says...

@ Pascal Humbernon-lynch why do you come on here and talk such rubbish? it is people like you who give liverpool fans a bad name. Get a grip and realise we are broke and will have to buy very wisely in the summer if we are to make any progression at all. Would be nice to see joe cole but even he is too expensive! Luckily bar Chelsea and Man City most other clubs are negotiating on a shoe string budget this window with players having to move out before new can come in, but ours is still shorter than most!

Posted 17:08 7th July 2010

Oliver Beeroff (Woking fan) says...

@ Alex Oliver So no-one makes signings on the back of successful international competitions? So you mean Kleberson, Poborsky, Ferdinand, Rooney, Hargreaves were not signed on the back of successful international competitions? Or Davor Suker, Cannavaro to Madrid, Stefan Schwarz to Arsenal

Posted 16:36 7th July 2010

Franklin Roberts (Manchester United fan) says...

I`m a Man.Utd. supporter and we .Keisuke Honda and javi hernandez will do great alongside Rooney.We need to sell berbatov,carrick,ferdinand,brown,anderson.With that money you buy sneidjer and micheal bradley of USA or even K.P. Boateng in the middle.Asamoah Gyan would also do perfectly as he has a very good scoring record and a tremendous work rate,Do not buy karim benzema as for me he is poor and lazy.

Posted 15:39 7th July 2010

Nick Auzoux (Arsenal fan) says...

my arsenal team for next season: persie

Posted 15:25 7th July 2010

Alex Olliver says...

When will people learn, there are never any decent signings made off the back of either a World Cup or Euros performance (with the possible exception of Arshavin, although even his price rocketed out of proportion). Prices go up a ridiculous amount for players that dazzled for just a handful of games. It just makes no sense. Even Alex Ferguson gets sucked in (Jordi Cryuff, Proborski, Kleberson etc)

Posted 13:43 7th July 2010

Ben Aslin (Manchester United fan) says...

I would love to see Sneijder in at Man Utd, he is exactly what we need in midfield and not far off the perfect replacement for the legend which is Scholes. With Nani now beginning to peak, Valencia being steady, Hargreaves and Fletcher in midfield, Sneijder would be perfect and I reckon SAF knows this! Would also like to see Zlatan in to partner the main man Rooney, yes he cost too much @ Barca and over-rated (in terms of being one of the best in the world) but he would do damage in the PL! If not, Benzema would do, anything to p*ss off Real "funded by the govt" Madrid!!!

Posted 13:35 7th July 2010

Lee Harris (Birmingham City fan) says...

To Pascal Humbernon-lynch: What planet are you on? Jong Tae-Se to replace Rooney? Why don't you get Artur Krysiak from Burton to replace Van Der Sar while you're at it? And as for Liverpool buying Ronaldo, Sneider and Ibrahimovic because "they have money now that Roy Hodgson is there" is the most ludicrous statement I have ever heard! My Blue Boys have more money at their disposal than Liverpool. You couldn't afford Joe Cole on a free transfer! Are people not getting the fact that Man U and Liverpool are BROKE?! On a lighter note, I think Blues should have a poke at signing Honda. He had an amazing world cup and I'm sure Carson would welcome a middle eastern addition of any sort, Chinese or not. He's got some loose change jangling about in his pockets......

Posted 13:12 7th July 2010

Tim Mcdougall says...

Isn't this exactly the problem with English sport (and football in particular)? England go out of the WC and, instead of looking at the state of the game in England, the PL clubs all start looking for foreign talent. Keep this up and you'll get used to watching other nations play at the WC rather than england.

Posted 13:10 7th July 2010

Chelsea Chelsea says...

@ Pascal Humbernon-lynch - what are you talking about? Why would Liverpool be getting the likes of Sneijder and Ronaldo? Liverpool fans wake up - Average team, Average Manager and Average Steven Gerrard - BLAH BLAH BLAH LIVERPOOL Come on Chelsea!!!!

Posted 12:58 7th July 2010

Donna Sale says...

I Think your missing Kevin-Prince Boateng , he had a storming few games.

Posted 12:56 7th July 2010

Vito Corleone (Manchester United fan) says...

if man utd sell rooney....there will b nothing left.....instead sell berbatov and anderson....and purchase sneijder man utd are broke and its a reality....the club should not b linked with any players....yet i see new n more audacious rumors everyday :@

Posted 12:22 7th July 2010

Rashid miran Man united says...

Wow to say (Rooney is 40% and should go?)is crazy, he is one of the best in the world, just because he didn't score in the world cup, doesn't make him a bad player. just look at your ( Messi, Torres, Ronaldo), he is the the soul of Man U, I am from the south and a season ticket holder for last few years. just watching Match of the day lol, doesn't show what a great player he is. people need to go and watch a live United match, to see how much the people love him, for all the hard work he puts in every match, and if he got injured at the end of the season last year, that wasn't his fault.

Posted 11:51 7th July 2010

David Ismay says...

On reply to Fraser Stephen - I saw 51.5 of the 54 games( inc. internationals) Rooney played in 2009/2010, either being present att Old Trafford, or watching televised matches. That gives me the right to criticise - I repeat - another striker worth his salt would have equalled or bettered Rooney's goal haul. And I would maintain that over the Season 60% of Rooney's first touches are bad or not controlled, 60% of his passing is poor and then there is his temperament. I love to see him scoring goals - and the huge happy smile that then cracks his face - great to see him enjoying himself and pleasing the fans, but his consistency is the problem I have with him. You cannot rely on 1 man to be the saviour, as we found out with Christiano.

Posted 11:47 7th July 2010

Andy Taylor says...

David michael Ismay what are you smoking? Zahed Hossain it sounds like your playing too much football manager. real life is completely different to computer fiction (even though it is a great game!!)

Posted 11:08 7th July 2010

Andy Flynn says...

@ Sean Maguire, got it spot on.. One week the press detail the scale of united's depth.. then no a lot later speculate that United will spend 25m on Sneijder or 15m on Sanchez or maybe 20m on Ozil... Sir Alex will be relying on youth next season because there will be zero transfer kitty... On a side note, 25m for Sneijder is cheap!

Posted 10:57 7th July 2010

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