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Top Ten targets

Top Ten targets picks ten World Cup stars who might just be playing in the Premier League next season.

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Baggie Boo (West Bromwich Albion fan) says...

The Portugese left back was outstanding...cant spell his name

Posted 10:29 7th July 2010

Matt Rylott says...

@ Baneet Grover. Did you watch United last season, I can't help but remind you to look at Rooneys Goal count from last season. Wayne Rooney is a superstar. So the boy had a bad World Cup, You'll be chanting his name again next season saying he's the best striker in the world. 3 guesses say your from London, Part timer... ROONET, ROONEY, ROONEY

Posted 10:08 7th July 2010

Sean Jenkins says...

well united have already brought in young talent in the form of chris smalling and javier hernandez. i do however feel that we need experience in the middle, and wesley snejder would be the perfect man. meisut ozil looks like a very promising player, but whether or not fergie wants him, is unclear. The only problem is that we are in debt and even though players are speculated to join man u, we simply do not have the money to buy them. Finally as a united fan it we annoys me how city are linked to everyone because they think they can buy players out of clubs. It is not not just about money, it is also about class. And city do not have that.

Posted 09:32 7th July 2010

Fraser Stephen says...

David's comments earlier about Wayne Rooney are crazy!! Without Rooney Manchester United had nothing last season - do you even go to Old Trafford or are you one of those "fans"? Rooney is idolised there and you see why - he gives everything for the team every game, you have just prooved that what you know about football you could write on a stamp!

Posted 09:24 7th July 2010

David Langdown says...

David michael Ismay - you are an idiot! Rooney was injured at the end of the season. Despite the injury, and being played when he was unfit, mostly as a lone striker, he scored 34 goals in 44 appearances and he's only 24 years old! He's the outstanding talent in English football and carried Manchester Utd for most of last season. With a decent striking partner he will get better and better, and unlike Capello, Fergie will shape the team around him..

Posted 09:17 7th July 2010

Ujaan Hasanat says...

I think that Mesut Ozil would be a perfect addition to Chelsea. Why sign the old man Benayoun when you can sign the future star Ozil?

Posted 04:38 7th July 2010

Chris Maguire says...

I defo think someone should look into buyin the mexico left back salciedo.i think he and coentrao were probably the best left backs in th tournment

Posted 02:32 7th July 2010

Wayne Monaireo says...

with liverpool havin little money in the transfer market i think roy should try his hardest 2 get joe cole, a decent midfielder for free, he would do very well at liverpool and would b able 2 sell riera and possibly bring sum1 else in 2

Posted 02:14 7th July 2010

Jack Pengkerego says...

clearly on here some people on here dont no very much without wayne rooney we probably wouldnt have made the champions league we do need new midfielders with the likes of snidjer and ozil in the picture would make a brilliant midfield and bring some spark back

Posted 23:56 6th July 2010

Adam Lyall (Arsenal fan) says...

marouane chamakh is gonna be like barcelonas messi he is absolutely briliant!!!

Posted 22:43 6th July 2010

David Jones (Manchester United fan) says...

Why didn't United insist on getting Sneijder as part of the Ronaldo deal?

Posted 22:26 6th July 2010

Lee Correia says...

Coentrao has been one of the best full backs this tournament. If Ashley Cole goes to Real Madrid i think he may well end up at Chelsea. Or if not he may join Madrid himself!

Posted 21:57 6th July 2010

Baneet Grover (Manchester United fan) says...

I agree with david i think its time wayne rooney leaves and man utd sign a proper superstar, he will almost certainly fail if he goes to spain anyway much like david beckham. I think suarez could be good but wont make a big enough impact still he would be a good enough player to get a few goals. Sanchez would proably be the best buy and then sir alex can buy wesley snijder to make the midfield stronger

Posted 21:40 6th July 2010

Ashley Johnson (Liverpool fan) says...

roy you better buy some footballers that can play not another lucus

Posted 20:44 6th July 2010

Ray Wooney (Manchester United fan) says...

@ David michael Ismay, it' is going to take a lot to top the rubbish you posted... you better change the sport you watch as you apparently do not have a clue

Posted 20:19 6th July 2010

Mickey Mouser says...

It bothers me all this speculation over foreign players, is'nt this the reason why England did not do anything at the world cup. I would feel better about English football if the premiership teams where looking at home grown talent.

Posted 19:25 6th July 2010

Pascal Humbernon-lynch (Liverpool fan) says...

I love Jong Tae Se and hope he will replace Wayne Rooney who is past his best for Manchester United. I also hope Liverpool buy Cristiano Ronaldo, Wesley Sneijder and the infamous Zlatan Ibrahimovic. They have the money now that Roy Hodgson is there and he is the best manager in europe at this moment. They have to win the league some time and with Gerrard at his ultimate right handed messianic self we can push towards the summits of world football once again

Posted 19:13 6th July 2010

Mark Campbel says...

Good morning sky sport once again it me mark campbell lol..ok guys lets take a look at barcelona team-the way how they play its very fun to watch so to arsenal team.i think chelsea gonna win the english league the season-barcelona for the spanish league and champion league but we all noe its gonna b tuff for them to win both because the real madrid team now they have a good coach not only good but someone who likes to win every single game lol.lets talk about manchester city smh why byin all these players frist it was robinho now he's leave which is every sad because he's a great player to watch.anyway i love watchin yall but man city need to by top defenders if yall wonna b in the champion league next season.liverpool -love torres and top players of all time are....ronaldinho -ronaldo brasil-revaldo-thiery henry-c ronaldo-messi-axvi-zidane -totti-kaka-crespo-torres-david villa-robinho-

Posted 18:49 6th July 2010

Rob Willo (Liverpool fan) says...

i think liverpool should buy forlan for 10 million because he is known in the prem an is class , an gyan is a hard workin striker who will be a nightmare for defenders

Posted 18:49 6th July 2010

Sir alex Ferguson says...

@ David Michael Ismay - Are you a scouser in disguise ?

Posted 18:48 6th July 2010

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