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Top Ten targets

Top Ten targets picks ten World Cup stars who might just be playing in the Premier League next season.

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Nuwagaba Marvin says...

Wow, Wayne Rooney should go?? That's the most baffling statement ever, he worked his socks off last season n kept us in almost very competition until he got injured n our season was all but finished. I think it's time for Manchester United fans need to realize the situation w are in n it aint pretty. We have colossal debts which means that we can't really afford to pay exorbitant wages that most superstars demand ergo, we have to depend on raw talent, unearthed gems n until that situation changes, i don't really see how financially sound it would be, to buy players who want to be paid 120k per week. It'll take time n a couple o' years without league titles but we'll get back to the summit.

Posted 18:39 6th July 2010

Suck mi Dick (Liverpool fan) says...

liverpool need someone like sneijder or ozil

Posted 18:20 6th July 2010

Mark Campbell says...

hey wassup sky sports my name is mark campbell and i am a big fan of football which is the best sport in the world.i love to watch the spanish ,italian and english league .spainish league is my favourite league and ronaldinho is the best football player i ever seen lol - i love him so much.i think manchester united need to replace christiano ronaldo before it get too late,chelsea need to get some more top players if they want to win the champion league because i think barcelona or real madrid gonna win it.messi and ronaldo are playin in the spanish league now all eyes in sky sports news keep doing the good work guys

Posted 18:17 6th July 2010

Mat B says...

im looking for to seeing chicarito he was very good for mexico and it looks like fergie has found another star in the making. on a side note smalling also looks to be a bright prospect

Posted 18:01 6th July 2010

Mikey Connelly (Arsenal fan) says...

i think this could be arsenals time 2 shine this season as long as we can bring in some experienced players in. Man u need 2 bring in so young fresh talent to level it out with the amount of oldys they got there

Posted 17:22 6th July 2010

David michael Ismay (Manchester United fan) says...

Hopefully good men will be joining the premiership - especially Manchester United - but let's also consider who should be leaving the premiership. Sir Alex - you have mollycoddled him for long enough - time to say goodbye Wayne Rooney. His performances will have scuttled the speculative £60M from Real Madrid - maybe lucky enough to get half a million from Tranmere Rovers. His performances towards the end of Season for United were bad and Sir Alex relies on him too much - any other decent striker playing his role last season would have scored as many goals, if not more. THE MAN HAS NOT REACHED HIS ANTICIPATED POTENTIAL AND HE HAS PEAKED - HE IS ONLY 40% EFFECTIVE NOW - Goodbye Wayne.

Posted 17:01 6th July 2010

Sean Maguire says...

United fan through and through but when will media realise we have no money to buy anybody !!!!!

Posted 16:33 6th July 2010

Zahed Hossain (Manchester United fan) says...

Lille starlet Eden Hazard has already been branded the new Ronaldo, Eden Hazard Known for his raw pace and technical ability.He is the new legend he has cristiano's speed & skills and messi's dribling & ball control and ronaldinho's tecnique & vision and he is a team player not selfish.... simply will be the best at Manchester United. Sir Alex Please Please sign him.

Posted 16:29 6th July 2010

Kephers Ouya says...

Fergie. Should ensure he gets Snijder who at 25 I still believe is the best attacking midfielder in the world. He has an eye for goal, a good finisher and an excellent distributor of the ball. Man U should also get the German defensive midfield master and destroyer number one to elleviate the challenges faced in both the 2009 & 2010 seasons.Paul Scholes and Giggs must be replaced as they are approaching their sellby dates

Posted 16:28 6th July 2010

Maqsud Hussain (Manchester United fan) says...

i love wating sky sports

Posted 15:52 6th July 2010

David Seller (Chelsea fan) says...

What about that Portuguese left back Coentrao?

Posted 15:25 6th July 2010

Dan Edgar says...

Anyone West Ham aren't linked with??

Posted 15:20 6th July 2010

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