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The great debate

The great debate's Peter Fraser and Alex Dunn go head to head as they back Holland & Spain respectively.

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Christopher Shields says...

i thnk its spains to win. to say that spain dont deserve to is outragous . there style of play is the style we all want to sit at home and watch. go on bray wanderers

Posted 17:29 11th July 2010

Teddy Oguns says...

Its very intreating reading other peoples comments but think Spain may just shade It in the end I love the Dutch way of playing soccer But Spain have brought it to another level thanks to pep gardiola My money is on Holland I wish thym the best.

Posted 11:08 11th July 2010

Georgie Boy says...

I pick Holland to win 3 - 1 as they deserved to win this World Cup playing very good football for the world to watch

Posted 03:57 11th July 2010

Paul Collins says...

spain to win 2-0, holland are good but seriously even as an arsenal fan van persie has been useless, robbens one dimensional by cutting in. basically shut sneijder out spin win. they are lucky van bommel is playing cus he shud have had 2 red cards in both of the last 2 games

Posted 02:46 11th July 2010

Aneesh Shrestha says...

11 July 2010 is the day Spain will make the history and rule the world cuprememer the date folks

Posted 16:40 10th July 2010

Savid Nair says...

for ur info, spain reached the semi-final in 1950 and ended 4th!

Posted 14:18 10th July 2010

Moiz Sultan says...

Puyol will prove to be their weakest link.........2-0 to oranje army......

Posted 10:17 10th July 2010

Oliver Ss says...


Posted 10:11 10th July 2010

Raul Perea says...

you folks, Spain to win, deserving it and having convinced....Dutch will cry on Sunday

Posted 22:14 9th July 2010

Sylvia Chen says...

Two very, very talented teams. So hard to choose a side to cheer for, thus I won't. Nonetheless, I am thoroughly enamored with Dunn's writing.

Posted 17:38 9th July 2010

Bobby Quinn says...

did two small little bets at the start of the WC, Villa Top Scorer and Spain to WIn 16/1 and Villa top Scorer 8/1, can't see the Dutch stopping me collecting my winnings on Monday, and i have the Octopus to back me up.

Posted 16:53 9th July 2010

Kevin A says...

Adam, that is Johan Cruyff.... dutch legend

Posted 16:39 9th July 2010

Ben M says...

Spain will try to control the ball and stifle Holland as they did Germany. If the Dutch score and I think they have enough to do so I don't think Spain has the firepower up front to keep up in an open game. Holland to win 2-1.

Posted 16:15 9th July 2010

Shinovene Immanuel (Aston Villa fan) says...

Well, Dunn got it very right. I think Robben will see champions being crowned this year for the second time, simply because Spain has the quality, players at their respective positions. A single mistake, will cause Holland a tear. My prediction is 3-2 for the SPANISH. Like Dunn, Xavi also one of the few players at this have made me laugh out loud because he's so good. Iniesta comes second...

Posted 15:53 9th July 2010

Adam Warren (Arsenal fan) says...

Is that or is that not Luka Modric on the cover of this story?!

Posted 14:54 9th July 2010

Joe Duncan says...

Holland to win spain have had poor road to the final whereas Holland have killed off brazil and have cruised passed the group stages aswell Spain on the other hand might be good on paper but that isn't put onto the field their midfield isn't as good as people make it out to be and their defence is that good either. Robben will rule the wing as usual and van bommel will tank every spanish player in his way. Holland to win with a RVP goal 2-0

Posted 14:44 9th July 2010

Chris Crook says...

My heart says Holland but my head says Spain... If I was a betting man... and I am... its one of those curios games that you will often find yourself chasing value for money... on paper Spain are far superior... from the midfield up they simply ooze class players a plenty.. the dutch however have an amazing team spirit...with three workhorses in midfield in v.bommel, de jong and kuyt allowing the others to provide the sparks... however against brazil for large spells they looked completely phased... brazil kinda gave the victory to them by self destructing as opposed to being outplayed.... Spain and a better equiped brazil.. an organised brazil... I can see a 2-0 spain win.. in saying that.. if I get 3/1 odds on the dutch.. 'I'll a piece of that thanks.. haha Greed is good!!!

Posted 14:12 9th July 2010

T K says...

Spain to win. Their midfield is so good that van bommel may get sent off on Sunday night. However, if the Dutch play De Jong and Van Bommel and get in between Xavi and Xabi Alonso, they mat be ableto break it up. Villa has to have his shooting boots on though, because Torres hasn't really turned up. Pique and Puyol must not be pulled 20-30 yards apart our Robben and Sneijder will punish them. Villa to score the winner in a 2-1 Spanish victory.

Posted 13:36 9th July 2010

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