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Top ten WC goals

Top ten WC goals casts its eye over the World Cup's ten best goals with Van Bronckhorst's arguably the finest.

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Roland Du toit (Newcastle United fan) says...

Suarez in the round of 16 should be included, it was an incredible goal in terrible conditions to win the match.

Posted 07:34 13th July 2010

Justus Ifeanyi (Chelsea fan) says...

They should include kalu uche goal against greece.plz I want yakubu n kaita to be punished cos dey sent Nigeria home

Posted 02:31 13th July 2010

Guzzie Helb says...

The goal scored by Maicon from an acute angle cannot and should not be consider a luck. Whether Brazillian or not, the guy was aiming for a goal which and he got it from a very tight angle. Goal-getters will take all of the opportunities he can to get his goal. Brazil didn't win the Cup de Monde, but we as fans of the Samba Boys saw the quality they are made off. Go Brazil as the world await you guys at the next soccer festival. Brazil today! Brazil tomorrow! Brazil forever!

Posted 23:07 12th July 2010

Vagster Mina (Arsenal fan) says...

Where is the robinho goal after the brilliant ramires run?

Posted 22:07 12th July 2010

Paul Thornton (Hull City fan) says...

Surely Forlan's goal against Germany or his wonder strike against South Africa should be there. Van Bronckhorst goal vs Uruguay has to be goal of the tournament though

Posted 21:04 12th July 2010

John G (Newcastle United fan) says...

How about Landon Donovan's roofer against Slovenia?

Posted 19:57 12th July 2010

Michael Villa (Celtic fan) says...

Cant Belive Forlan's Goal V's Germany Wasn't Uncluded. Its Got Too Be In Top 3 Goals Never Mind Top 10.

Posted 19:26 12th July 2010

Elliott Noble (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

How can the two free kicks from the japanese players Honda and Endo not even get a mention.

Posted 18:17 12th July 2010

Wesley Green (Liverpool fan) says...

Siphiwe Tshabalala's goal should def be on that list John. You try running at that pace & striking it cleaner... Gimme a break! And Forlan's free kick might be included yes, but the others NO! The first one was deflected in against SA & the goal against Holland was hit straight down the middle & swerved, keeper was unsighted so it had an element of luck attached to it. Great strike but not a classic.

Posted 15:34 12th July 2010

Spencer Johnson (Chelsea fan) says...

Forlan's goal against Germany must be included. Although Gio's goal against Uruguay was probably the most jaw-dropping, I think Forlan's was the most impressive.

Posted 15:33 12th July 2010

Gavin Bull says...

John Hector obviously doesn't know a lot about football!!! Tshabalala's goal was fantastic and deserves a mention. Not only for the rocket into the top corner ... but also for the slick and accurate build up. However, I agree that Forlan should be listed too. He was superb.

Posted 15:15 12th July 2010

Nick W (Chelsea fan) says...

No Forlan? He had several memorable strikes. The free kick comes to mind, that left-footed power shot in the 3rd place match was up there also.

Posted 14:50 12th July 2010

John Smith (Chelsea fan) says...

What- No Lampard againest the Germans??

Posted 14:49 12th July 2010

Alex Kyrios (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

What, no Dempsey vs. England?

Posted 13:58 12th July 2010

John Hector says...

please remove Tshabalala's goal, and put in forlan's one of many brilliant goals. Im South African, and I dont think Siphiwe Tshabalala's goal was that great.

Posted 13:38 12th July 2010

Steve Graham says...

where is luis fabianos 1st goal against ivory coast?that was amazing build up and a great finish

Posted 13:37 12th July 2010

Caine Bent says...

how can not one of forlans goals get in this list??. That's somewhat ridiculous if you ask me

Posted 12:53 12th July 2010

Sahil Oberoi says...

Quagriarella & Van Bronckhorsts were the 2 best, Maicon did not mean his goal and to think he did just because he is Brazillian is rubbish!!

Posted 12:36 12th July 2010

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