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World Cup best XI

World Cup best XI

In the aftermath of Spain's victory in Johannesburg picks its World Cup best XI.

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Peter Mburu (Manchester United fan) says...

messi is a talent from another planet n should make it in the bench wt his assists also revise the fullbacks why pick two right backs lahm n ramos i would go for salcido

Posted 13:45 13th July 2010

Gregory Austin says...

Come on! Sergio Busquets should have been among the best midfielders in your ideal team. Always in the right position, 100% interception, superior technical skills, great passing, the guy makes it really easy.

Posted 10:49 13th July 2010

Danny Smith says...

Ozil in for Xavi, Lucio and ramos also out, and if people say messi should be in the so should rooney and torres!

Posted 10:30 13th July 2010

Ashton Villa says...

Am I the only person in the world who thought (aside from a brilliant performance in the final) Casillas was very shaky throughout, dropping crosses and spilling long range shots only for his defenders to bail him out? I recognise he didn't concede in the knock out phase but I believe that was largely down the 10 players in front of him rarley being without the ball. Maybe many people will disagree? I agree largely with the 11 starters aside from Lucio, not because he isn't a fantastic player (which he is) but because he didn't really excel expectations in this tournament like the likes of Muller did. Perhaps Juan was better? Or maybe a surprise inclusion like Tulio from Japan? Would have been nice to see Alexis Sanchez on the bench also, but I don't know who you'd drop!

Posted 08:57 13th July 2010

Robbie Moreton says...

put Rob Green between the sticks

Posted 08:53 13th July 2010

Ronan Creighton says...

None of the starting 11 or the bench play in the P|remier League... Bit of a worry!

Posted 08:40 13th July 2010

Darren Bonner says...

All Whites captain Ryan Nelsen should be named instead of Lucio. Nelson was named in a football "World Cup Best XI" picked by ESPN for defending defiantly throughout the tournament and heroically against Italy. New Zealand were the only side unbeaten at the tournament.

Posted 07:19 13th July 2010

Abdulrahman Shehu says...

i beliv Leo Messi is one of the top performer of this world cup bearing the technical disadvantage of his team and as such should at least make ur bench. He starts for me ahead of Xavi.

Posted 23:48 12th July 2010

Yousef Abkari says...

Tshabalala surely should have been given some place in this squad. South Africa were unlucky not to qualify and he was an outstanding player. Also Pique's decision making at times was poor, only back-up from Ramos, Puyol and Casillas let him off. Maybe a sneaky inclusion for the eye-catching Alexis Sanchez too.

Posted 23:07 12th July 2010

James Long says...

Some good choices although i'd have salcido the Mexican at left back. I think Perez and Lugano of Uruguay also deserve a mention.

Posted 22:58 12th July 2010

Joshua Goddard says...

RYAN NELSON was much better and more significant for NZ then any other defended. watch Italy vs NZ game if there are any doubts.

Posted 22:29 12th July 2010

Gertjan Erkamp (Barcelona fan) says...

Stekelenburg should be there at least with the subs. His game against Uruguay was not his best, but he made some crucial saves against Slovakia, Brasil and Spain.

Posted 22:20 12th July 2010

Okyere Micheal says...

cassillas was better than Manuel and INIESTA should have also been in the squad

Posted 22:07 12th July 2010

Liam Doherty (Leeds United fan) says...

disagree completely that you picked both ramos and lahm, they both played right back so make your choice, mine is RAMOS, also XAVI has to be in. his game against germany was the best of the world cup

Posted 21:53 12th July 2010

Don Nicolson says...

All the big players where there or there abouts, a couple of lesser knowns that i was impressed with where da silva and alcaraz from paraquay and jorge fucile from uruguay especially in the game against Holland.

Posted 21:49 12th July 2010

Andrew Eddie (Liverpool fan) says...

Where is Ryan Nelson?? The man single-handedly ensured hat New Zealand, the supposed minnows of the tournament, remained the ONLY un-beaten team in the World Cup! It's a travesty that he has been overlooked.

Posted 21:23 12th July 2010

Abu Hena (Barcelona fan) says...

I think messi is most effective in the position villa,his power of ball control is exellent

Posted 20:56 12th July 2010

Richard King says...

Playing as a keeper, I don't understand the hype around Iker Casillas. He has made many mistakes of the past few years, his save against Robben cannot be put down to excellence as it struck his foot whilst he had no clue as to what was happening and the other saves he made were pretty routine. One of those keepers who pulls off theatrical saves which mask problems and make him look much better than he really is. People will say well how come he has so many caps, but until he actually became captain he had very few true, consistent challengers.

Posted 20:35 12th July 2010

Shane Walsh says...

No room for maxi perreira of uruguay played better than ramos just the semi final and final like ramos!

Posted 19:55 12th July 2010

Ankit Sunny says...

i think in place of forlan iniesta should be given the preference!!!! !

Posted 19:20 12th July 2010

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