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World Cup best XI

World Cup best XI

In the aftermath of Spain's victory in Johannesburg picks its World Cup best XI.

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Larry David says...

Actually, Xavi wasn't _that_ good in this tournament. Ozil should've been in the team.

Posted 17:51 12th July 2010

John Wentzel says...

Lucio did nothing in this tournament and Arne Friedrich was miles ahead of Puyol and any other defender.

Posted 17:27 12th July 2010

Olukanmi Olusunkanmi says...

i would have preferred inesta to xavi due to his creativity in the midfield, also the likes of messi should at least make bench, bcos he is one of the outstanding player in this tournament.

Posted 16:53 12th July 2010

Alan Hitchcock says...

iniesta is the best midfielder in the world..why his he not in here? sould be the first name on the sheet

Posted 16:47 12th July 2010

Jack Baker says...

i think podolski should be there on sub instead of honda(japan)

Posted 16:15 12th July 2010

Usman Danladi mohammed says...

I think Mesut Ozil should be in the team

Posted 16:09 12th July 2010

Wael Moustafa says...

if you chossr lucio over puyol, there is something wrong, Puyol is a strong, clean, stable defender, lucio catches shirts, push, pull, do anything but clean football, watch again, inter vs chelsea.

Posted 16:09 12th July 2010

Haris Ljevo says...

Instead Neuer, Lucio, Lahm and Schweinsteiger I would put in line up Casillas, Lugano, Iniesta and Van Bronckhorst.

Posted 15:44 12th July 2010

Ollie O'brien says...

Surely youd have iniesta there he is the best player in the world and just because of his performance in the final he should be there instead of xavi

Posted 15:38 12th July 2010

Oliver Ingham says...

I think after Iker Casillas' performance last night, I don't know how you can put Manuel Neuer in there, on top of the fact that he admitted he conned the ref when Lampard scored the none-goal, also Xavi hasn't been at his best, I think the World Cup winner Iniesta would have been a better inclusion.

Posted 15:27 12th July 2010

Alex Norberg says...

Maybe a bit harsh not to pick Casilias in goal. Not a single goal conceded in the knockout-stage and couple of vital saves in the final. Included also a very important penalty-save against Chile, He should be the automatic chose between the posts.

Posted 15:24 12th July 2010

James Carrani (Manchester City fan) says...

Yes i think i agree i thought that maybe carlos puyol should be in there instead of pique . in my opinion Iniesta had a better tournement than xavi i thought he was crucial in every attack spain had .

Posted 14:44 12th July 2010

Jamie Chaffers says...

Phillip Lahm played Right Back all tournament, so personally i'd have picked Fabio Coentrao

Posted 14:34 12th July 2010

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