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Beauty and the beast

Beauty and the beast

The battle of football's most infamous bridesmaids concluded with the Dutch left holding the bouquet.

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Mike Baines says...

It certainly was a game to forget for many reasons and it left a sour taste in so many mouths. I was particularly worried by referee Webbs' inability to truly assert himself. It seemed as if the Dutch targeted him as much as they hacked the Spanish players. It's a great pity that a month long spectacle was ruined by the finale.

Posted 14:49 12th July 2010

Brian Aalbers says...

As a Dutch fan, it was a bit sad to see Van Bommel & De jong go crazy with the fouling, but I am a bit tired of hearing about this so called "beautiful* Spanish football. 3500+ passes through the entire tournament and 8 goals? This team resembles the defensive Italians more than total football. Ineista is a great player, but for all his possession, he made one great pass. Sneijder did more than that with 90% less possession. Spain deserved their World Cup, as they were the better team over 120 minutes, but their constant complaining, surrounding the ref, brandishing fake yellow cards and diving tarnished their brand of football just as much. Germany, by far, was the best team of the tournament. However, much like the Dutch showed us in Euro 2008 -- the best free flowing & attacking team typically watches the finals from the stands.

Posted 14:14 12th July 2010

Nausherwan Saleem says...

Agreed that Spain were dirty. But I lost all my respect for Iniesta last night. He must have dived at least three or four times the entire game, and probably should have been sent off along with De Jong, Carlos Puyol and Heitenga. It was a poor game of football and I'm sad that we are just talking about the referee more, than the game itself. I just think this is probably the last time an Englishman, for at least SOME TIME might be in a World Cup Final.

Posted 13:53 12th July 2010

Deb R says...

Absolutely pathetic!!!! Get over yourself Mr Van Bommel your team played like out & out thugs. You were lucky to have 10 players on the pitch @ full time should have been 8 yet you perceive that Holland play total football how mistaken are you - you lost get over it.

Posted 13:49 12th July 2010

Michael Bott says...

@David Robinson I'm glad someone else has said the same! My mate and I were in the pub and every time he came on the screen we'd just shout "Wooooooooooo!"

Posted 13:00 12th July 2010

John Smies says...

Here in Holland everybody is talking about the chances that we missed, and was a tough game. Personally I am ashamed of the way the Dutch played, not only in the final, but all of these WorldCup games. It was slow,rough and devoid of any creativeness. Van Persie, apart from being totally out of shape, was ill positioned as a centre forward, the tandem van Bommel and de Jong should try their luck in Italy as soon as they resort to cattenaccio football again. These two were an utter disgrace yesterday and should both have been sent off. Spain deserved to win but were not even that much better, had van Robben scored twice we would actually have won, however unfair that would have been. The whole tournament in my opinion showed very few games of high standing which were a joy to watch. I guess overall German site played some enjoyable games, but in general very, very disappointing........

Posted 11:07 12th July 2010

Chris Hogg says...

Holland had more in common with Scotland than with Cruyff last night.

Posted 11:03 12th July 2010

Paul Cook says...

Holland were nothing more than an embarrassment to the sport and themselves. No one in there right mind can stick up for them there should be no place in football for that.

Posted 11:00 12th July 2010

David Robinson says...

Is it just me, or is van Marwijk a dead ringer for Ric Flair?

Posted 10:52 12th July 2010

Ian Gatward says...

I too remember the great dutch side in 74 and 78 and it was sad to see Holland play the way they did. I can only imagine the pressure that Howard Webb was under not to produce any red cards because I think I can guarantee that if last night was a group match then certainly the dutch would have been down to 9 men by half time. If it had gone to penalties and the dutch win then that would have certainly sparked a massive debate about the result and by far the right team won but my lasting impression would be about how cynical the dutch were last night

Posted 08:28 12th July 2010

Chris B (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

A tug on Iniesta? Really Alex Dunn! Looked a little bit more like a dive, since he wasn't going to catch up with the ball, and the fact that Heitinga had let go of him well before Iniesta fell down. Spain deserving winners but come on Spain were guilty of plenty in that match too.

Posted 06:31 12th July 2010

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