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Howard Webb endured a difficult World Cup final. We look at how the Premier League referee coped.

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Dan Stratford (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

I'm sorry, but I KNEW that there would be referee trouble as soon as it was Webb. Countless times in recent seasons, whether it be phantom penalties he's decided to give or whatever, he has been trouble. Still, the Spanish deserved to win, so I dont think he was RESPONSIBLE for the result - thats a stretch.

Posted 10:05 12th July 2010

John Best (Portsmouth fan) says...

At last a referee who takes some action. He did talk and warn players before the first bookings so they had no excuses. Holland - how disappointing - you used to produce "football" teams not thugs and last night you were a disgrace to the game. I only wish Webbs actions could be translated into the PL next season with even more action against the penalty area wrestling at corners and free kicks and the intimidation of refs by players at every decision made. But that is too optimistic - if any referee tried it the Fergussons, Redknapps and others would be demanding their removal.

Posted 10:03 12th July 2010

Waldo Brand (Chelsea fan) says...

First things a South African I have really enjoyed the entire World Cup experience with the awesome vibe everywhere during the tournament. I went to 2 games (including the excellent Germany vs Argentina quarter final) and thoroughly enjoyed being part of history. However, as a casual football fan (only usually really watch games involving Chelsea) I am really tired and irritated with a lot of the football that was on display during this world cup which included the final. I thought football was suppose to be a man's game? The players were diving left right and center during this world cup as if they were part of an Olympic diving team and when the slightest bit of contact took place they performed and rolled around as if their legs were cut off!!! The beautiful game this is definitely NOT!!!! Just looking at the game last night!! Yes Spanish players were fouled by an over aggressive Holland team on a number of occasions, but the way in which the Spanish players then rolled on the ground was disgusting....bunch of prima's game? I luv the way the term fair play gets thrown around in football......doesn't exist anymore.......I'll probably get crucified for saying these things, but honestly....think about it......the game is rotten to the core.

Posted 10:03 12th July 2010

Chris Clarke (Liverpool fan) says...

Holland's game-plan was to rough up the Spaniards, especially their creative midfield players. Webb fell well short of the standard required for a world cup final. He didn't apply the rules from the outset, i.e. two yellow card offences equals a red. But then again, should we be so surprised? Webb has a long history of bad blunders in the Prem. How on earth he was even chosen to go to South Africa merely shows that FIFA are no better than our FA in ensuring the best referees are at the top games. In fact the standard of refereeing in this tournament has been dreadful. There's too much politics and FIFA want to globalise the sport and refereeing as well, but if the refs aren't up to standard? Have to say the linesmen had a good final but Webb was awful.

Posted 10:00 12th July 2010

Mohammed Hassan (Manchester United fan) says...

Mr. Webb did excellent job, and i think he was the star of the final.

Posted 09:56 12th July 2010

Gary Turner (Manchester United fan) says...

Hey you lot. Get behind the Englishman. I am sick an tired of everyone bemoaning just because he's English. Webb handled that game as well as anyone could have, he maybe could have sent one of before half time but that would have heated things more. Maybe he got the benefit of no intent and therefore dangerous play carries a yellow. As for the world record for cards, what do you expect when one team goes out to cripple another, and then the other team are not going to stand for it and gives some back? Back of off Webb. you should be proud he represented our country and done a first class job in very trying cercumstances. You go try ref an Under 10's game let alone the world cup finale, your be amazed how bad you do.

Posted 09:55 12th July 2010

James Smith (Manchester United fan) says...

I thought Webb had a difficult match to referee. It's not his fault the Dutch used dirty tactics. They should be glad that they didn't go down to 8 men as Van Bommel could have been sent off after only 15 minutes and De Jong could have gone for a karate kick that Mr Miyagi would have been proud of!! It's also not Webb's fault that the Dutch missed 3 great opportunities to win the match. If Kuyt et al want to have a moan then moan at their own players for own inability to win the match. Fat Cat

Posted 09:54 12th July 2010

Chinta Rajap (Manchester United fan) says...

The Dutch did not make it easy with their confrontational approach. They were lucky to be 11 in the field at half time. Given the tempo of the game, Webb did a great job and if the Dutch feel they lost the game because of bad refereeing - they should look a closer look at all the video evidence and realise how lucky they were. Chinta Geneva

Posted 09:53 12th July 2010

Ude Blessing (Manchester United fan) says...

Well, in my opinion i think the officiating was fair enough at least for the dutch.

Posted 09:45 12th July 2010

Alec Roughley (Manchester United fan) says...

Morning all i would like to say that i thought mr webb had a very good game and does not deserve all this hysteria. whilst watching the game i was hoping somebody would have snapped van bommel what a poor player he is. only a player a father in law can love ,well done webb

Posted 09:41 12th July 2010

Peter White (Chelsea fan) says...

The main refereeing fault would be for not handing out more cards to Holland. The whole Dutch side came out tackling hard with spikes high. What can an official do about goons in orange who are undeterred by four or five well-earned cards? The spikes in the chest were just a symptom of a team that had lost the composure one expects (and should demand) from professional sportsmen.

Posted 09:36 12th July 2010

Elias Egwabor (Arsenal fan) says...

I believe Howard Webb did very well Netherlands should count themselves lucky that they still had eleven players on the field after the way they played the game. They were playing like it was a war kicking and also producing dangerous tackles but moreover spain were lucky to win that match honestly speaking. The foul on ella was not a foul at all he got disposesed easily so the goal stands for me but Webb did very good was well composed and looked confident in the game. Netherlands are angry because they lost is not the ref's fault is their players fault they had so many chances but they did not deliver so they should boo their players not the ref.

Posted 09:31 12th July 2010

Rajni Bhojani (Liverpool fan) says...

Even if Mr Webb or any referee on this planet had a faultless game there will still be a handfull of people and players not happy! Mr Webb did make some errors but thats my opinion, and everyones opinion will be different depending on who they are supporting. All holland fans would say De Jong was going for the ball so a yellow is fair, but all spain supporters will say it was a high foot and dangerous challenge so strait red! Well done to Mr webb overall tho

Posted 09:27 12th July 2010

Stu Scott (Sunderland fan) says...

If there was indeed any respect in the game this would never happen. Some absolutely bltant red cards that would have been sent off in the premiership but would have spolit the occasion, the dutch have little to complain about, well done referee and the lines men who made some great calls.

Posted 09:22 12th July 2010

Brad Cohen (Arsenal fan) says...

I thought he had a good game, he could have completely ruined the game and sent about 4 Dutch players off!! Van Bommel was lucky not just last night but throughout the whole tournament not to see red. I think if Nigel De Jong had committed his offence in a premiership game he would have been having an early shower to. Heitinga could have no complaints about his bookings and even Arjen Robben was fortunate not to receive a 2nd booking after kicking the ball away. I think Howard Webb did extremely well under the circumstances, the Dutch players only have themselves to blame for what happened last night. And congratulations also to Andres Iniesta, he was kicked all over the place last night and apart from a bit of retalation towards Van Bommel in ET he kept himself very composed and scored a fitting winner.

Posted 09:22 12th July 2010

Dean Henderson (Everton fan) says...

Webb is an excellent ref, he was given little choice by both sets of players (although more so Holland) who committed a series of bad fouls from the offset. Holland players should keep their complaints to themsevles as Webb should have sent of de Jong and van Bommel was lucky to last the 120 minutes.

Posted 09:21 12th July 2010

Andy Adkins (Norwich City fan) says...

The Dutch made Webbs job nearly impossible. On the one hand he wanted a flowing world cup with 11v11, while the Dutch tatics after the first 15mins, where they had been outclassed, was to distrupted the Spanish football by any means. The Dutch could (and maybe should) have had at least one if not 2 sent off before half time. I think if it had not been the final then they would have, which would have finished the final as a football match. They used similat tactics (but not as bad) against Brasil. Both linesman had excellent games & were spot on with their offsides. So dont worry Howard Webb, not your fault,you did your best. Blame the Dutch & as for booing him, just bad loosers. The right team won, but I for one are sad a Dutch team with some talented players could adopt these tactics. What happened to total football?

Posted 09:19 12th July 2010

Ged Anderson (Tottenham Hotspur fan) says...

The Dutch team were an absolute disgrace , 9 yellows and a red and how many did WEBB actually get wrong ?? De Jong should of been off for his karate kid impression he got that wrong and maybe one of the yellows. I thought he done ok in a match that must of been so difficult to referee. Full of late and bad challenges. Come on Dutch fans come and stick up for your team of YOBS, its them to blame for your defeat not HOWARD WEBB. He didnt instruct your team to play negative, ''man on man combat'' style football did he. Your players didn't perform and they let you down both with their discipline and performance. Simple

Posted 09:17 12th July 2010

Jon Smith (Portsmouth fan) says...

I thought Webb reffed the game to the best of his ability considering the so-called gamesmanship(re. cheating) of so-called professional players. Until we start punishing these players that get away with diving, swearing & general all out assault when defending/attacking a corner i'm afraid the game is always going to be about the refs decisions & not the once beautiful game.

Posted 09:16 12th July 2010

David Schofield (Oldham Athletic fan) says...

I thought Howard Webb did excellent in a really tough game to referee. I cant believe this morning all the reports about Webb's performance. Not suprising the moan and groans are coming from the Dutch!! What the hell are they complaining about?? There tactics and style of play, especially in the first half was a disgrace and they have Webb to thank that they still had 11 walking off the pitch at half time. Well done Howard Webb, shut up Holland or Netherlands whatever you want to be called. Thank god that Spain won this match for footballing sakes!!

Posted 09:14 12th July 2010

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