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Howard Webb endured a difficult World Cup final. We look at how the Premier League referee coped.

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Ajith A b (Manchester United fan) says...

He might have made the right calls but, he could have dealt with things in a different way. 3 cards in 15 minutes does create an atmosphere of animosity. He needs to talk to people before dishing out cards. On a high profile game like this tempers are likely to flare but he was the man who had to take control and ensure that players play football. While in books he might not be that bad, as a referee he failed miserably to take control. Poor choice by FIFA when they chose him to officiate the final.

Posted 09:12 12th July 2010

Shaun Campbell (Chelsea fan) says...

I thought Howard Webb had a good game. Holland played some of the dirtiest football i have seen in a WC final. They were lucky not to have De Jong sent off in the first half for the GBH. The challenge on Alonso was a disgrace. Howard Webb showed real restriant and tried to keep the match 11 vs 11 which is commendable but the Dutch sure made it hard for him to do that. He did miss the corner before the Spanish goal but overall i thought he did well. If he hadnt shown as many cards he would have been lambasted for not being in control of the game. He could easily have sent of De Jong and Van Bommell for their reckless challenges. I think Dirk Kuyt needs to watch the game and see how many awful challenges his team made, maybe then he will change his opinion that the referee 'cost' them the final. His team cost them the final by constantly fouling the Spanish players. Spain were the only team playing football yesterday and deserved to win.

Posted 09:11 12th July 2010

Lee Tarn (Newcastle United fan) says...

I personally think Webb did a good job, he should of in all honesty booked more players and how holland didnt end up with 9 or less is completly beyond me, van bommel has to be one of the dirtiest players i have ever seen and could easily of been sent of in nearly every world cup game he played. i think the only criticsm he will get will befrom dutch fans who are blinded by loyalty to see that they had 11 thugs on the pitch rather than the normal group of world class players we had seen in the earlier games of the tournament.

Posted 09:07 12th July 2010

Nikhil Baskaran (Arsenal fan) says...

I thought Webb did wasn't an easy game for him The only real mistake he made was at the end when Holland should have had a corner and Spain went on to score at the other end. I guess should have done something about the imaginery cards being handed out by the Spanish as well.That is something which also has to be stamped out.

Posted 09:06 12th July 2010

Victor Gill (Leeds United fan) says...

Holland should be ashamed of the way they played. From the kick off they set off with some of the worse sportsmanship ever seen in a world cup. Howard Webb performed admirably with regards to the tackles and cards. He was in error on the corner decision though. The Dutch fans should have been booing their own players for such a mindless attacking attitude towards the Spaniards, notwithstanding the potential serious harm they could have inflicted. I hope their sporting body look into this and take the team to task.

Posted 09:04 12th July 2010

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