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McInally's World Cup XI

McInally's World Cup XI

Alan McInally has picked his dream team of players from the 2010 World Cup. Who makes the cut?

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Joe Heraghty (Celtic fan) says...

mvb is a disgrace he is a hacker and thats all. that comment about puyol being spains weak link your high hes outstanding.

Posted 23:02 12th July 2010

Andre Francis (Arsenal fan) says...

How you managed to leave Ozil out of this team is a mystery???

Posted 22:48 12th July 2010

Dan Hudson (Fulham fan) says...

Van Bommel a bit lucky? A bit? He should have been sent off at least 4 times...

Posted 22:07 12th July 2010

Alan What-a-wally (Manchester United fan) says...

sneijder, ozil, iniesta, villa, forlan, mueller van bommel! haha madness

Posted 21:32 12th July 2010

Kamara Ibrahim suba (Arsenal fan) says...

I support your team, but exclude Puyol and van Bomel and include Thoman Muller and Wesley Sneidjer.

Posted 21:30 12th July 2010

Allen Kinnin (Liverpool fan) says...

Here's my team: Casillas Ramos Lucio Puyol Coentrao Xavi Sneijder iniesta Muller Messi Villa

Posted 21:03 12th July 2010

Chukki Bradley (Arsenal fan) says...

can't believe no one has mentioned Mesut Ozil or Sami Khedira, they were immense for most of the tournament!

Posted 20:41 12th July 2010

Matt H (Wolverhampton Wanderers fan) says...

Handanovic - Sergio Ramos - Lucio - Godin - Van Bronckhorst Mueller - Xavi - Schweinsteiger - Iniesta Sneijder Forlan Subs Casillas Juan Lahm Xabi Alonso Ozil Messi Villa

Posted 19:58 12th July 2010

Jon Furlong (Liverpool fan) says...

GK - Iker Casillas RB - Philipp Lahm CB - Carlos Puyol CB - Lucio LB - Fabio Contreao RM - Andres Iniesta CM - Bastien Schweinsteiger CM - Wesley Sneijder LM - Mesut Ozil ST - Diego Forlan ST - David Villa with the option of swapping Muller with either Forlan or Villa :)

Posted 19:51 12th July 2010

Sam Fanara (Manchester United fan) says...

how is Ozil not in this team? he should of definitly been in it instead of van bommel. Ozil was Immense, especialy against England and Australia.

Posted 19:39 12th July 2010

Curtis Snowden (Manchester United fan) says...

Casillas, Ramos, Puyol, Pique, Lahm, Schweinsteiger, Iniesta, Sneijder, Muller, Villa, Forlan

Posted 19:35 12th July 2010

Ras Abodam (Liverpool fan) says...

no gyan??? open ur eyes next time

Posted 19:03 12th July 2010

Adam Wolf (Manchester United fan) says...

What no Wayne Rooney? ;) Seriously Sneijder over MVB, Muller (5 goals, 3 assists, in 5 games!) in for Klose. Jury's out on the RB could easily be Ramos or Maicon in there.

Posted 18:42 12th July 2010

Charles Amoateng (Manchester United fan) says...

I think Van Bommel and Coentra deserve a place in the lineup. These are my team of the tournament. Casillas Lamn Van Bronchorst Puyol Lucio Iniesta Sneijder Schweinstiger Forlan Klose Villa

Posted 18:13 12th July 2010

John Houy (Arsenal fan) says...

no sneijer,robben,maicon or pique,xavi take out klose and put robben so put robben wing villa wing and forlan centre forward and take out van bommel and schweinsteiger and put sneijer and xavi that what i call a world cup dream team !!!!!!!!!

Posted 18:00 12th July 2010

Chris Lloyd (Manchester United fan) says...

firstly mike turnbull seems like a rather cheery and optimistic person :/ forlan was outstanding for his country... deserves his accolades.

Posted 17:19 12th July 2010

Maxime Aznar (Real Madrid fan) says...

Van Bommel on the 11 select? With all due respect, this is not NFL Football or Rugby. It is CLASSIC Football, and Van Bommel proved his "worth" thanks to Webb's leniency. Van Bommel was the best demonstration of how classless some will go to get their hands on the top prize of top prizes. Fortunately, Spain did not feel intimidated by him (or de Jong, or Van Persie, or Van der Wiel and whom else I am forgetting). For the rest of the picks... I find them legitimate choices (although I sincerely believe that Lahm was surpassed by Sergio Ramos). QUE VIVA ESPANA! QUE VIVA LA ROJA! QUE VIVA INIESTA!

Posted 17:16 12th July 2010

Haig Achdjian (Manchester United fan) says...

No credit stolen from Casillas... but I think Portugal's Eduardo deserves a shout-out. Brilliant saves in many games, only conceded one goal in four games (and before the snide remarks begin, those included the likes of Brazil, Ivory Coast and Spain). with 19 saves in four games, his saves/shots on goal rate of 94% is the second best in world cup history after Zuberbuhler in '06!

Posted 17:16 12th July 2010

Gareth Ratcliffe (Manchester United fan) says...

casillas, maicon, pique, lucio, coentrao, schweinsteiger,xavi,iniesta.sneijder,muller, villa

Posted 17:03 12th July 2010

Jamie Workman (Chelsea fan) says...

cassilas, ramos, puyol, mathijsen, van bronkhurst, mueller, schweinsteiger, sneijder, ozil, villa and forlan is my team of the tournament.

Posted 16:59 12th July 2010

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