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Thanks South Africa

Thanks South Africa

Ed Chamberlin reflects on the World Cup's ups and downs and looks ahead to the Open Championship.

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Preggy Shanmugam says...

thank you fifa for believing in sa and the african for the final it definitely was a boring game compared to the other finals.i was very happy to see countries like , england , brazil , argentina , france and the disgusting italians go out o the world cup due to there bad prepararions and lack of development in their domestic leagues. ayoba to the four semi finalists who displayed fantastic football and the fans were duely obliged with the best teams in the final.congrats spain and netherlands. ayoba

Posted 07:50 15th July 2010

Nick Baker says...

I've avidly watched every world cup since 1974. For me, this was not a great one. No disrespect to the South Africans, who are wonderful people. But that stupid ball, which is typical of FIFA's mindset these days - i.e. lets put a gimmicky ball out there, it may well produce some lucky goals, at the expense of true skill. I've never seen so many poor long range efforts in my life. Remember the great 30 yard efforts of previous world cups? They were always something you waited for. This time we had people shooting from all over and mostly missing by a mile. Ok, that gvb 40 yarder was great, and there were a couple of Japanese freekicks but Forlan aside you can't say anyone actually mastered the ball. Typical FIFA, always fixing things that aren't broken, and ignoring the obvious things that need attention, like goal line technology, or true fans being ripped off for tickets, hotel rooms and flights while fat cats lap up the hospitality and corporate troughs on offer while the game goes on behind them. Very Angry.

Posted 02:38 15th July 2010

Siya Mncube says...

Its a nice to feeling to hear you guys loved our country and our sad moments were exit of bafana i just imagine what it would have done for our country,as for argentina,brazil,italy,england i thought these were giant footballing countries but then soccer you learn everyday.It was really specially of Mandela to show up after the mishap at home.,,,now my dream is coming to England and watch Arsenal play man utd/chelsea at Emirates then see Kagisho Dikgacoiplay at Fulham...Ayoba

Posted 14:55 14th July 2010

David Eaton says...

The World Cup is over and to be truthfull it was not the greatest of tournaments although the South Africans deserve a great deal of praise for giving the world a trouble free, safe and well organised event (apart from the ticket chaos). There were a few memorable matches, some cracking goals and one or two players who seemed to rise to the occasion. But the one lasting memory will be the way the England team struggled to get going and eventually went out with a whimper with their tails between their legs. On reflection the tournament was there for the taking and beside what people are saying if England had turned up with the team that had breezed through the qualifications they may not have won the tournament but they would have certainly done some damage. Unfortunately this may have been a lost chance they may never get again although concentrating on winning the European Championships and using this to take them into the World Cup is probably the only way England could win the tournament one day.

Posted 11:01 14th July 2010

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