England fall to classy Exiles

England fall to classy Exiles

The Exiles made sure the International Origin Series would end all square with a 32-20 victory over England at the Galpharm Stadium.

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Steven Ruddock says...

The atmosphere at the match last night was terrible. It was sad to hear England players getting booed because they play for a certain club. The mentality of some RL fans is ridiculous. They need to be able to differentiate between club and country and get behind England when they are playing.

Posted 15:05 5th July 2012

Daz C says...

The England team players are in super league action week in week out! What a disappointment. A lack of passion and shocking defence meant the result was inevitable. Stop making excuses for these players and "MAN UP"!

Posted 13:11 5th July 2012

Simon Robinson says...

The Exiles didn't need to be classy as the England team was a second string offering. I actually believe the English Knights would have put up a better fight. These games are supposed to raise the profile of RL. If McNamara keeps leaving out the stars people will not pay good money to watch it. Never mind looking for the future. If we are going to play the Exiles we need to make it serious. This contest is laughable compared to the State of Origin. I went to the Galpharm to watch this. I will not waste my money on an international again. I would rather watch a good SL game. We may as well keep playing against Wales and France. What a pitty.

Posted 12:40 5th July 2012

Stewart Ibbotson says...

7,800 crowd says it all really. The RFL need a drastic overhaul, root and branch review of all things Rugby League and who was resposible for giving the Bulls a B licence? We are a joke!

Posted 09:58 5th July 2012

Nathan Pitt says...

hodgson was mint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 09:11 5th July 2012

Howard Cadman says...

I have nothing against the report I just question the timing of holding the series. If it is necessary to those involved in the England coaching staff to arrange games of this nature, please arrange it at the end of the season. The disappointing attendance figure for the match showed in my opinion a general lack of interest shown by supporters to the nature and worthwhile of such matches.

Posted 07:37 5th July 2012

Matt Sk says...

Still nothing compared to the State of Origin

Posted 05:28 5th July 2012

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