Get set for golden age

Get set for golden age

The Australian Open proved that fans of men's tennis are in for an incredible year, says Mark Petchey.

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Fae Coleman says...

These two are really the greatest champions I have ever witnessed in the history of tennis. If Rafa can stay injury free, and God I pray he will, who knows what he will accomplish, besides I just wouldn't enjoy following tennis the way I do if the amazing Rafael Nadal wasn't playing, Love Roger too of course....

Posted 02:53 17th February 2009

Rob Mud says...

Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time. He's very unfortunate having to play Rafa in the french open final every year as there is no player more dominant on a surface then Nadal on clay. Sampras only got to the quarters in the french. Federers the best. He's should have won the Aussie open final but fair play to Nadal who was brave and amazing on the pressure points but the breakpoint stats don't lie. I think Federer will turn it round as its about strategy and getting it right against Rafa and once he does it'll be more slams. If Murray can beat Rafa in a slam (US Open) then I'd back Roger. I'm gonna be bold and say that Federer will equal Sampras's record at the french. After last years whooping he'll be a stern favourite to lose and the pressure will be off.

Posted 15:51 6th February 2009

Francisco Ata says...

I'm a massive Nadal fun but even so I think you can never put down Federer achievements. He is a master class, pure style, winner mind. Once said so, I think is on his falling down way as the rising Nadal (as well as other young players already stars) is taking over his place. Last year I thought he was going to recover immediately his Nº1 position, but right now I have serious doubt about him remaining at Nº2 of the ATP ranking at the end of the year. For last, I didn't like him crying at Melbourne. I think he must endure the defeats like the wins, as the great champion he is.

Posted 09:50 6th February 2009

Xander Maxwell-cole says...

Whilst I agree with David Reid that Federer is one of the greatest players because of his talent... so I shall say for Nadal who has got an amazing record at the very young age of 22. David Reid stressed that Federer is only 27 and has got a lot of tennis in him... Federer did not have 6 grand slam titles at the age of 22... Both Nadal and Federer should be respected for their contribution to the game. I believe Nadal can also beat Pete Sampras' record of 14 grand slams with time... More grease to both of them... Well done guys...

Posted 22:25 5th February 2009

Detola Osindero says...

Well said...i see nadal cruising past the 14 grand the number of grand slams won more special than with the four grand slams? cos i still think, if fedex doesnt win french open..he isnt the among the greatest then.

Posted 17:10 4th February 2009

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