Red-hot Rafa

Red-hot Rafa

Following his triumph in California, Mark Petchey thinks Rafael Nadal can record back-to-back wins in Miami.

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Matt D says...

I agree with T.Holland. why doesn't every1 get behind our own players, instead of raving about nadal, Personally I think nadal is a totally different player when he plays nadal, he knows he's gunna get beat, ( apart from the other week) c'mon Murray is passionate!

Posted 13:20 3rd April 2009

Samuel Domfeh says...

i have said here before that nadal is the new face of tennis. roger is history. why do you think roger cried like a baby after the aussie open? he did not have a choice. lets consider this, 1. nadal is the one who stopped roger from winning french open and for that matter the four grand slams. 2. nadal is the one who stopped him from breaking wimbledon record. 3. nadal is the one who stopped him from equalling sampras' record. 4 nadal is the one who stopped his run of four and half years as the world no. one. and now with nadal's current devastating form he sees no light at the end of the tunnel. bravo rafa, you make my tennis life complete.

Posted 10:45 31st March 2009

Fae elisabeth Coleman says...

Yes I agree too, Andy Murray did indeed display bad sportmanship in the Indian Wells final, especially against someone as wonderful as Nadal, what with the swearing and tantrums. But foremostly, if he had won that rally, which he finished, he would not have queried the umpire about a let etc. To continue the arguement because he was losing badly, well... talk about letting the side down... will he ever change? Djokovic and others are given a warning for smashing their rackets, he needs one for his mouth!

Posted 10:08 27th March 2009

Tim Musumba says...

Rafael nadal will go on and achieve so much success in tennis.Roger Federrer will never go on to match Pete Sampras record.I believe the us open he won last year is the last grandslam for him to win.But i see Nadal evening Sampras record and going a notch higher.

Posted 07:50 27th March 2009

Christine Stroud says...

sheer will power, guts, determination, competitive spirit, supreme talent, humility, gracious in victory as well as loss, all these qualities make Rafael Nadal the ultimate sportsman. What a shame that his clothing sponsors appear to have let him down so badly. What crass stupidity on their part that they have ditched the iconic trademark look they created for him and have dumbed down the Raging Bull's on court image. Surely they know that legions of Rafa fans are desperately frustrated at this idiotic change - and as for Rafa he's such a gentleman he probably said he was okay with it but all his dedicated followers know in their hearts that he's not comfortable in those nasty thick t shirts. Come on Nike - have a heart - bring back our pirate!!!

Posted 19:20 26th March 2009

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